How quickly will the Netherlands change from one of the richest into one of the poorest?

What is the formula for suicide?

How quickly will the Netherlands change from one of the richest into one of the poorest?

Frederik Wisse

What is the formula for suicide? The Dutch main stream media , left and “progressive right’ , and the government nowadays here has a simple solution for this problem :

1.  Ban natural gas .

2. Put 50% of the farmers out of business .

3. Tax CO2 output and drop it to 0% within 30 years .

4. Tax all air travel especially holidays-traffic .

5.  Curtail all economic activity based upon idiotic bureaucratic EU-regulations lacking all democratic control . The George Orwell state has started here its implementation .

You will not believe this is all happening here right now . The government has sneaked the laws for this through Parliament here and guess who are the biggest supporters of this coup on our population ? The Dutch Royal Family , which is living of a yearly pension of roughly 300 million euros .

We shall see how quickly the Netherlands will change from one of the richest into one of the poorest . Already TATA Steel is taking the consequences and moving its ultra-modern steel mills outside of Europe . Eastern European politicians are already rubbing their hands and prophesying the demise of western Europe as the Germans are moving on next to the same track as the stupid Dutch apart from a slight difference : Germans are used to more hardship and adapt faster to new realities .

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  1. The elite’s plan to collapse the West and form the new One World Government from the ashes is working better than anyone could have expected. Soon people will be standing in line to trade their freedoms for food and security. Open Borders and Climate Change are just 2 of the many tools being used to accomplish this.

  2. At least the Dutch will enjoy ice skating on their frozen canals in their longer and colder winters. Skating is free. But how will they heat their houses?

  3. What is the formula for suicide?

    For Holland and all European based nations suicide starts with being racially open minded and liberal especially when it comes to allowing miscegenation and nonwhite immigration. Nation and race are one. Lose one and you lose the other. Given the current state of affairs and in the light of the cooling climate the peoples that created the modern world are at severe risk of extinction… Once we are gone it is back to the stone age for everyone.

  4. Seems like first world countries are in a race to the bottom. Every other day I read some bit of news even more incredible than the last. Some of the crazier conspiracy theories are less crazy. “Global mind control to eradicate 2/3rd’s of the population” ???

  5. As quick as UK, see Quotation: “Companies that fail to act on the climate change they cause will be axed from the stock exchange, under radical Labour plans.

    John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, pledged his government would ensure firms are “pulling their weight” to tackle the “existential threat” to the planet.

    And he warned: “For those companies not taking adequate steps under Labour they will be delisted from the London Stock Exchange.”

    Vowing to “rewrite the rules” of the economy to benefit workers, Mr McDonnell also insisted curbing the climate crisis would be “Labour’s overriding priority” if it wins the general election.”
    It is not about climate change, it is about who is controlling the world. That politics arose right after the so called banking crisis 2007 in which bankers weren’t punished for their crimes but bailed out. A bad idea. As it is put into the mind of people, almost every day: either the multinationals and banks or the politics rule the world. To that objective by misleading people was the goal, also stimulated by the UN’s IPCC. Now politicians c.s. are in the winning mood as fear is dominating the mind of people. Be prepared for social unrest as soon as foodprices are getting up caused by worldwide crops damage. P.S. The so called liberals in NL aren’t liberal they even weren’t capable of thinking through the way markets function otherwise they would have thought about education and healthcare as non-market sections of society. Now they turned into Green for political reasons: maintaining political power. To my opinion it is more or less like a Green Communism

    • Benefiting workers up to a certain point it is a good thing.
      One doesn’t want to go broke doing it but on the other hand having workers who cannot have a decent life on one income or buy your product is counterproductive.

  6. Thank God, that we have an General Election next year, The “Rutte” goverment is not as popular as it thinks as is all those “Green Plans”. As the normal people see what it is going to cost them personally, their votes could change. (I hope). I know that my vote will go to an party that will stop this idiocy.

  7. 34 years ago in a refugee camp in Belgrade Yugoslavia I had to choose from four countries which were offering me political asylum:
    *United States.
    Useless to say that coming to the US was the best decision of my life. And by the way I came here LEGALLY and I voted for Trump and I will do it gain, and again, and again! (once every four years:-))

    • Thanks for speaking out! I’m glad you got the chance to come here and glad you did so legally.

      Both sides of my family (all grandparents) were immigrants and all came to the US legally. My father’s side from Poland and mother’s side from the Azores.. all around the early 1900s.

      I’m afraid that the US is heading down the same path as the Netherlands… it’s been doing so for some decades now unfortunately.

      It’s hard to be sure where it all started, but I suspect the “woman’s” movement (and I am female) to get women out of the home and the kids into day care has a lot to do with it. The kids were then in the perfect position for the education system to take over their upbringing… and that is in perfect alignment with the “Rules for Radicals” and Marxist ideology.

      It is frightening to me to see what has happened to young people today, the Millennials who think they know it all (or the generation after them, which may prove even worse). I have met very few young people who have even a clue about life… and now they are being put into positions of power. The dummying down of the world via “Common CORE”, etc.

      Makes me glad I”m 69, that my only child had no kids of his own (tho he’s raised a stepdaughter) and neither I nor my family will probably won’t live long enough to see the worst of it.

    • Well done for your courage and initiative, Adoni! As a Brit, many of us too still see the US as a beacon of liberty and (relative) sanity compared to our sad old continent.

  8. The biggest polluters in California aren’t gas-powered vehicles or cows that fart; it’s the waste generated by Californians and most of them are Democrats.
    NASA finds that Californians’ trash emits far more methane into the atmosphere than cattle ranches.

  9. Number 3 is quite interesting. Zero output of CO2. This would eliminate all humans and animals since we take in oxygen and put out loads of CO2.

    • Indeed. Most ordinary folks still have their heads down in their daily lives and haven’t really cottoned on yet to what is being prepared for them. Our future depends on how they react when they do realise.

  10. Emancipation –> Humanism
    Humanism –> Socialism
    Socialism –> Bankruptcy
    Bankruptcy –> Anarchy

    Diversity, Equality, Emotion rather than Rationality are all elements of Soggy Humanism, which is the enemy of Stability and Survival.
    Add to that Religious Freedom and Ideology, and you have the End of Civilisation…

  11. Emancipation –> Humanism
    Humanism –> Socialism
    Socialism –> Bankruptcy
    Bankruptcy –> Anarchy
    Anarchy –> Dictatorship
    Dictatorship –> Revolution
    Revolution –> Emancipation

    And the whole mess begins from the top again.

  12. The participation of the Dutch Royal Family in the CO2-caused Climate Change hoax is further proof that the hoax is not leftist at its core— instead, the hoax is an agenda of the wealthy elitist establishment, a way to consolidate their own power and restrict the masses of the population to serfdom.

    • from memory the dutch royals are into the club of rome/davos etc they dont have to worry about their comfort and they dont give a stuff about anyone elses. ultragreen tinged bit like good old bigears in the uk
      he means well..but hes still an idiot.

  13. It won’t be long before immigration, legal and otherwise, starts flowing the other way- INTO Russia, Eastern Europe, Asia, South America, Mexico…

    • If a major glaciation is setting in and confirmed everyone will be trying to get closer to the equator…

      • My thoughts precisely. I certainly wouldn’t expect revers immigration into the “Nordic countries” all those Millenials are so fond of.

    • Hollywood have a good history of telling us what will happen. The film “the day after tomorrow” is far closer than anyone seems to think. The planet will freeze and like in the film refugees will go south.

      • snowpiercer comes to my mind.
        you only have to watch the first minute.
        …the rest is medium, ( not so good, in my opinion )
        but i will not say the next phrase without a
        SPOILER ALERT !!
        it begins with
        ( some sort of gas ) released by planes
        to get rid of ” global warming ”
        ..and it backfired by snowballing earth.
        right. just everything is OUR FAULT, again and again..

  14. Holger
    Your list is representative.
    The key is where history is now?
    My suggestion is that we are not in the “revolutionary” slot, but that it should be changed to “Popular Uprisings” against authoritarians.
    Which could lead to another great reformation.
    Best followed in England with the culminating event being the “Glorious Revolution” of 1688.
    I’m an optimist.

  15. It is mostly the EU and Australia that is on this path. Africa, India, and Asia have decided otherwise and that is where most of the human race lives.

    • Very true. It’s fascinating and schizophrenia-inducing to read about how nations like Vietnam and India are throwing up new coal fired power stations every week in a rush to industrialize, and the weenies in the West are talking about “zero CO2”. You have to go back to the Cultural Revolution in China to witness this level of hysteria and collective insanity. I do work in education, however, where the insanity is at its highest.

  16. 1. Ban natural gas .

    2. Put 50% of the farmers out of business .

    3. Tax CO2 output and drop it to 0% within 30 years .

    4. Tax all air travel especially holidays-traffic .

    5. Curtail all economic activity based upon idiotic bureaucratic EU-regulations lacking all democratic control . The George Orwell state has started here its implementation .

    Welcome to California.

  17. Governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed.
    Sound familiar?
    Stop consenting.
    Do not simply resist.
    Preferably through peaceful means.
    But like JFK said, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.”

  18. As a Brit ex-pat who has lived in the Netherlands for sixteen years, I can assure readers that basic premises in this piece are somewhat off-key.

    I am informed by a senior technician responsible for energy infrastructure that the gas supply system is currently being upgraded in preparation for a switch from Dutch to Russian ‘natural gas’. The reliance on external sources is due mainly to the fact that local extraction has resulted in earthquakes that have seriously damaged residencies in ‘gas-winning’ areas.

    There is a major problem in a small country such as the Netherlands that over produces bio-products that threaten increasing environmental damage from huge quantities of animal waste. Immediately after world war two, diary and other bio-industries were hugely expanded to feed a nation devastated by war and intent on rapid recover. The current size of the Dutch farming industry is an unbalanced anomaly. Any responsible administration would seek to change this situation.

    The Dutch are noted for their pragmatism, adaptability and technical expertise. An agreeable solution will eventually be found to accommodate farmer’s needs and re-develop land management in this tiny country to avoid the burgeoning effects of over-production of animal products.

    And as far as the EU is concerned, Dutch wiliness and adaptability will always seek to use any dominate power to its own economic and political advantage.
    Yes, the Netherlands is over-regulated. But a recent survey defined 86% of Dutch residents as being happy and contented with their lives. Can that be said of most western countries?

  19. Well meaning people in government make decisions based on their limited knowledge or facts they were taught as truths that are not true, Not allowing free enterprise to decide economics you have no correct decision making process. Green energy occurred prior to the production recovery of fossil fuels. Atomic fuels are the most cleanest, cheapest option but are “emotional” and have a huge fear factor.

  20. If atmospheric CO2 falls from its current level of 420ppm to anything less than 150ppm then all plant life would die followed very quickly thereafter by all animal life: birds, fish, insects and mammals ..including the human race, leaving the Earth a barren, windswept, rock-strewn wilderness devoid of all life.

    CO2 is lifegiving and so we need more CO2 in the atmosphere not less for even at today’s low level of CO2 this CO2 is having a miraculous greening effect on the whole planet. Google NASA and greening to see what NASA have to say on the greening effect.

    It is said that those whom the Gods wish to destroy they first make mad. Governments of today would seem all to be mad in trying to reduce life-giving CO2.

  21. Looks to me that California and New York are trying their darnedest to follow suit. But, no country, civilization or society goes on forever. Governments eventually ruin everything good and mainly because they are control freaks and they make promises that they can never keep. The need for taxes and more taxes eventually destroys everything. It even happen to Rome.

  22. Money, Money Money for the people that can’t actually produce anything, so they get money for pure fabricated bullcrap.
    Reality is that we live in a ball, hurling through space at thousands of miles per hour, and simultaneously revolving around a ball of fire, which is also traveling through space, not knowing where it came from , or where it’s going.
    In the ball we live in, there are volcano’s than can and will erupt periodically, earthquakes,and even turning of the axis.
    Then we have IDIOTS that think that we, as pitiful, insignificant dwellers of this ball , can make a difference, by passing “laws”.
    Enjoy the ride, and quit worrying about things you obviously have no control over.

  23. This is agenda 2030 being pushed in the U.S. and overseas mainly in developed countries that use lots of resources. More on this elitist plan to enslave us: and

  24. If we eliminate all fossil fuel in the world and turn our civilization back to the Stone Age the effect of it on the global average temperature will be about 0.14 degrees Celsius.

    • As Nolen Cox says
      “Atomic fuels are the most cleanest, cheapest option but are “emotional” and have a huge fear factor.” and you Deb appear to be displaying that overly emotional fear.
      Look at the facts and find out exactly how many people died of the Fukishima event (not the Japanese government mandated action after the event that endangered more lives) — the results will surprise you as they are not what you appear to believe!
      The only problem at Fukshima, missed by the engineers (with government agreeing), was the likelihood of a much larger than anticipated Tsunami occurring. Therefore if you are not in a seismically active coastal area, Atomic power is the way to go. Build the nuclear plant EXACTLY as the Fukshima one and there would be no problem — I would gladly live right beside it!

  25. Someone should remind the Dutch Royal family what happened to the French Royal family when they drove the French peasants into poverty and starvation.

  26. Ahhhh, but who is in control of this global phenomenon? Who is the central force driving this global movement. Do we really believe the world has just happened to have all these situations appear at one time all with the same goal and agenda w/o a controlling entity? Are we so shallow? NWO, is driven by whom? Global education of children regarding climate and “doing for the common good” is being promoted by whom? Who called for ALL world leaders to meet in May to agree on a global education program of our children? Any clues? Who manages controls or owns the majority of the worlds telescopes? Who has recently called for a policy of population reduction? Who has recently called for the need of a One World governing body? Want the answer? The Vatican. These are facts that have been in the news. Pay attention to this my friends. Every time one major entity takes control nothing good unfolds. Look ate the South African nations and economy. See their problems. Look into the South American countries and the people fleeing communism, poverty, violence and government corruption. both Vatican influenced.

    Regarding weather, in this website we all know weather happens in cycles. The question should be, what have i done today, this week and this month to prepare my family? If you have no answer your need to to start. I can share factually our weather IS colder and it’s harder to grow crops. I’m dreading having to buy feed for my livestock. It’s going to go through the roof. It becomes especially difficult when one cannot grow their own. in my case it’s becoming more difficult, so we are reducing our herds.

    I encourage folks to look with an open mind at two different yet connected situations. 1. Political including Rome and their activities and 2. Prepare in every way you can for cold weather. Think Cold and Grand Solar Minimum.

    Eventually these two situations will come together. The result will be catastrophic for many.

  27. The globalist-communists put us as it seems on the Big Switch, the timemachine. Ready to be switched whenever the Elites feel like it.
    It is clear in general they want population reduction so
    they planned to put the rest of mankind into the Dark Middle Ages. A promise and wish made by the Zionists.

    And here is the thing.
    Every time when there is a voting manifesto, mankind is flocking towards voting booths to put sheepisly an affirmation to its own downfall controlled by the Elites.

  28. The easiest discussion about alternative energy is for some people quite simple.
    Avoid fossil fuel and other normal God-given of energy sources needed to live a normal life?
    You do not believe it. by installing nuclear power installations.

    Why is nobody discussing the output results of nuclear power?
    Too painful and so true. Nobody knows where to go with nuclear waste. So put it into the ground, out of sight, and everthing is fine. Except when a disaster is happening with that kind of reactors.

    Somebody mentioned Fukushima. Quite right to do so.
    Is it not remarkable there is hardly discussion about the destruction of the Pacific Ocean by continuous pumping / dumping of contaminated cooling water of the destroyed nuclear installation in November 2011 in Fukushima/Japan into that Ocean?

    No, otherwise people would stop eating the fish caught from that Ocean. Which is bad for business. A life is a life, no problem when destroyed by that kind of “pollution”.
    The facts and consequences given by the japanese government are dishonest for not to alert the world about the dire situation.
    Up till this day the contaminated cooling water is still full running into the Pacific Ocean.

    Again, Big Business is pushing the world to use their products to produce nuclear power energy while their are other clean and cheaper way to produce electrical energy for everybody.
    But the lobbies block these facts. And governments been lobbied? Well, we know the by what means they go all along with the lobbyists.
    Wind- and solar power? Forget it. Pollution without morning.
    It is unknown how to break down and “recycle” old or damaged windturbines. There is no way it is possible to recycle this stuff.
    Pollution to power two. Solar panels is also a problem.
    And electricity is becoming dearer and dearer. Very good for the Producers, bad for the consumers.
    IMO, this alternative energie like climate change is a hoax.
    But do not tell your neighbour while he/she is convinced it is the right way. Where there is no smoke, everything is fine.

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