HR 127 – A Blatant Attempt at Fascist Control

Do we really want an ever more tyrannical government?

For many residents of Amsterdam, the German invasion of May 10, 1940, came as a shock.

“We were trapped,” said Lena Herzfeld, “along with one hundred and forty thousand other Dutch Jews.”

“Unlike France and Belgium, which were placed under German military control, Hitler decided that the Netherlands would be run by a civilian administration,” writes Daniel Silva in The Rembrandt Affair. “He gave the job to Reichskommissar Arthur Seyss-Inquart, a fanatical anti-Semite who had presided over Austria after the Anschluss in 1938.”

“Within days the decrees began. At first, a benign-sounding order forbade Jews from serving as air-raid wardens. Then Jews were ordered to leave the Hague, Holland’s capital, and to move from sensitive coastal areas. In September, all Jewish newspapers were banned. In November, all Jews employed by the Dutch civil service, including those who worked in the educational and telephone systems, were summarily dismissed. Then, in January 1941, came the most ominous Nazi decree to date. All Jews residing in Holland were given four weeks to register with the Dutch census office. Those who refused were threatened with prison and faced consfiscation of their property.

“The census provided the Germans with a map showing the name, address, age, and sex of nearly every Jew in Holland.

“We foolishly gave them the keys to our destruction.”


I quote the above passage from The Rembrandt Affair to show you just how insidious the very thought of a bill such as HR 127 can be. Allow such a Nazi-like bill to pass, and a cascade of new Fascist orders is bound to ensue.

To own a gun, you would first need to pass a background check. (If you believe in freedom, or have ever attended a freedom rally, would you be allowed to pass such a background check?)

Then you would need to pass a psych evaluation. (Since I don’t believe in the global warming hoax, would I pass a psych evaluation? What about you? What other politically incorrect attitudes could be used against you?)

Then you would be required to pay -, who knows how much? – for 24 hours of training.

Then you would be required to purchase an insurance policy issued by a government agency at a cost of $800 per year. (What reasons could they manufacture to render you uninsurable? What’s to keep them from doubling the cost of the insurance any time they like?)

What will happen if you violate this blatant attempt at fascist control?  A minimum – minimum! – fine of $50,000 and, get this, 10-15 years minimum in jail.

This is insane and completely violates our 2nd amendment.  We need to completely annihilate this bill!

Yes, the above is exactly what the bill proposes.

Meanwhile, they want to allow more and more felons onto the streets while defunding the police.

You can see the proposed bill in all its gobbledygook glory for yourself right here:

25 thoughts on “HR 127 – A Blatant Attempt at Fascist Control”

  1. What these lunatics will do is find out if you’re a Republican. If you are, you might be labeled as a terrorist – which means you have to turn your guns in LOL

    • if you don’t turn in your gun within 30 days, they’ll have Seal Team 5 come to your door to take you out.

  2. Don’t let this happen. In the UK we used to have unarmed police and quite a lot of legitimate gun owners. Now we have a large number of armed police few legitimate gun owners. We have gun armed terrorists, more knive crime than we’ve had for decades.
    But worse we’re giving up rights and freedoms on a daily basis

  3. So, a poor person will now no longer be able to defend their family. And down the rabbit hole we go, “where logic and proportion are sloppy dead”.

  4. guns, what guns?
    Tell me the name of the user and the serial numbers of every gun used this weekend in Chicago ,and maybe then do DC, and Philly, and then go pound sand.
    it’s not a rheostat, it’s a switch. one of those spring loaded breaker switches, and it’s getting damned close to the point of the spring snapping it closed.

    • Yeah well, I’d like to help them out, BUT, unfortunately I lost my AR-15 rifle in a boating accident in the river 3 years ago!

      Just saying…………………..

  5. imagine if you changed “owning a firearm” to “being an elected official” and the part where it says “looks like” and you replaced with looks like “nasty piglosy”, “bitch romney”, etc. and every time they “proposed or voted for a law which violates the constitution”, they face the same penalties…

    hmmm… maybe we need a law like that first.

  6. another fun fact – the legislation says “all of the data collected will be made publicly available”. so i guess privacy laws will become meaningless as well… hopefully the political elite will have their data made public first…

    • making it publicy available makes it SO easy for the crims to target homes with weapons they want, and dont want to pay for!
      in Aus after the bullshit event in tassie they did this to us
      oddly(or not) regd guns on record supposedly only AT police servers private, were being stolen not long after theyd been registered
      and the only way to know who had what was via that supposed safe site registry.
      yes the sellers had name n address but they didnt know where storage was(coulda been at a gun club or elsewhere on other properties etc)

  7. Had we had the right and the duty to bear a gun in Holland Adolf Hitler would have never dared to conquer Holland . It would have saved many jewish lifes .Look at Switzerland that he did not dare to enter for the same reason . Even after WW2 the possession of weapons stayed forbidden in holland , a consequence of the stupidity of the communists and socialists in their association with the fascistic corporatisticdutch royal family . This is making holland prone to a new fascistic takeover under the guise of the Covid”pandemic” by followers of the Klaus Schwab New World Order ! A Utopia was promised where the average citizen-slave has no possessions is totally government controlled and will be happy . My personal view : Just as happy as the jews in WW2 ?

    • As Patton was quoted as saying “We fought the wrong enemy in the “good war”
      It was the commie bolshoviks we should have taken out. The same ones who control the money systems now
      Just frikkin try to take my guns. There will be
      more than my corpse being hauled away.

    • It is the Jews that imposed gun control in the Weimar republic before the NSDAP came to power. Gun control is a feature of democratic and Marxist government especially ones run by Jews and Freemasons. It is the nature of the beast.
      Under the laws of war civilians do not have the right to use force of arms to attack occupying’s forces unless they are under the authority and leadership of responsible military leadership and are in some way uniformed and identified as irregular forces otherwise they are criminal terrorists and can be dealt with on that basis. That is why the unorganized militias must rally around responsible civil or military authority like a county sheriff or national guard officer. Partisans in WW2 were not always under a responsible command structure or identified as legal combatants and were dealt with as terrorists as were those deemed to be in solidarity with them hence the executions and reprisals.

  8. Why would anyone here who is mostly interested in Ice Ages be concerned about gun laws? I thought this was a follow the science lib friendly site.

  9. Nothing new. We have had this in South Africa for decades. It was a way to disarm whites. Many firearms handed in found their ways to criminals via the police. It obviously reduces risks for burglars and farm-terrorists, not to mention plans by the government to expropriate our property and assets without compensation.

    • Most legal gun owners do not commit crimes, BUT they do have the means to resist Tyranny. There lies the crux of the lust for gun control.

  10. Absolutely correct! It’s not about guns, but about absolute totalitarian control over the people. Guns, threaten the ‘states’ ability to herd you into the box cars for the one-way trip to a re-education camp!

  11. The first thing totalitarians do is disarm the public. It makes it much harder to overthrow a tyrannical government.

    And, by the way, there is no left and right politically in the traditional sense. Think of a scale going from 0 to 100. on the left is 0, no government, or self-government. On the right is 100, total government. All present nation-state governments, including the U.S., are well to the right of 50 on that scale.

  12. Also, “to govern” means “to control”. How much control to you need by a politician or bureaucrat?

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