Huge amounts of snow and ice blanket the north

Huge amounts of snow and ice blanket the north

“The sheer magnitude of area covered by ice and snow is quite impressive,” says meteorologist Anthony Watts.

“It’s a useful image to show to “I read the headline only” alarmists who believe that the North pole is either burning up, missing most of its ice and snow, or both.”

This is via the Canadian Ice Service. It shows a polar view looking down at the North pole which is a composite of several days worth of MODIS views via NASA Goddard to create a Composite of the Arctic image.

You can see the full image here, and click the image again to zoom in on it.

Thanks to Don Brown for this link

“If the grand solar minimum ( mini ice age) is supposed to start in the next few years and it is going to get worse than this, then god help us all!” says Don.

14 thoughts on “Huge amounts of snow and ice blanket the north”

  1. For years I’ve been asking those who are terrified of “global warming/climate change” the simple question -“just how much snow and ice do you really want?”

    This image of the northern hemisphere should satisfy even the most deranged of them you’d think. Imagine that this is less than ~15% of the ice and snow in the world with the vast majority in Antarctica and you’d have to wonder about the sanity of people who’d worry themselves to death over this.

    On a different note, Australian local governments have conducted waste recycling for many decades and “recyclable” items are placed in separate bins for collection. The products are collected by type and palletized. From the various collection centres they were shipped off for processing – or so everyone thought !

    Some months ago China refused to allow any more Australian “recyclables” into China. The bottom fell out of the “market” and now local authorities are wondering what to do with the rapidly accumulating mountains of worthless “product” !

    The cynic in me thinks these products were never really recycled at all – they were just shipped ~8000 km away and probably burnt !

    • As was the UKs recycled plastics and scrap cars, all stuffed in empty containers and shipped to the Far east.
      The same with CO2 producing industry, the CO2 is still produced, but elsewhere, the problem with exporting complete industry off shore the jobs never come back.

    • I live and farm in the Great Lakes region of southern Ontario, Canada. Our land is just a few miles east of Lake Huron. By this date, we would normally be on the land. This year, there is still snow in patches and along field borders. It will likely be early May (at best) before we start planting.

      To me, this is a stark reminder of how close to the edge we are when it comes to climatic condition. Our land is very productive, but that will be moot if we lose several weeks of frost free weather to a cooling climate.

  2. Are we really sure the North Pole is in the right place? It looks as though it must have moved if it’s supposed to be in the centre of the amount of snow and ice which is shown!

    (Am I kidding or not???)

    • Your comment makes sense because the magnetic N. Pole is actually moving towards N. Asia. Could this affect the accumulation of ice in the geographical region of the N. Pole?
      Inasmuch as electric currents in the atmosphere may affect its dynamics I think this could happen.
      Some studies have shown that previous periods of strong cooling of Earth’s climate were preceded by a wandering of the magnetic N. Pole, similar to what is happening now.

    • N. Asia has more continuous land mass than N. America. If the center of cooling of the N. Pole moves (displaces) to N. Asia, the entire hemisphere (and consequently the entire planet) would have a tendency to cool down.

    • Yes indeed it has. At the very least it started 2014 and possibly when global warming stopped 14 years before that. If you go by the sun spot cycles the change might have started at the peak of SSC 22 in 1990. From then onward the sun spot cycle peaks were lower and lower.

  3. Looks like a good Glacier Base to me. First Lake Huron will have Ice over Summer. Then As this sinks in each Season and moves further and further South, The Great Lakes will be next to follow suit.

  4. Take heart; humanity got through the last glacial period, which happened thousands of years before humanity invented the current Christian god.

    • Yes, with 12,000 individuals according to DNA research, which is a lot more rigorous in its science approach and results than Climate data doctored propaganda.
      12,000 different individuals are just about at extinction levels so very, very lucky to survive to 7 Billion. Humans have only done this though technology, and the use of energy. Now the Luddite Greenies which to remove all those advantages and return the population back to 12,000, via disease, starvation and war as well as a Glacial advance into the bargain.
      Perhaps we should inter the Luddite Greenies and an immediate danger to the Human race in the Polar Bear National Park and see which specie survives and prospers. The Davis Straight Bears look very fit to me.

  5. Did Paleolithic peoples in the Norhthern Hemisphere use “fossil fuels” to help melt almost two mile thick ice sheets? Obviously something else was the cause of it.

  6. This can’t be true as Al Gore told us way back in 2007 that the arctic ice cap was doomed and would be completely gone within ten years.

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