Huge earthquake to devastate Pacific Northwest – Video

Huge earthquake to devastate Pacific Northwest – Video

Some of our viewers may see Seattle and Portland destroyed in their lifetimes, says reporter Shepard Smith.

If you or someone you know lives in or near that area, you will want to watch this.

We are positive this will happen, says Smith, reporting on Fox News. “Frankly, if I lived right now in the Pacific Northwest, I’d be considering moving. Seriously.”


The New Yorker ran a “stunning” article this past weekend warning of “The Big One,”  says Smith. A huge and devastating earthquake will strike the Pacific Northwest, Smith warns.  “It’s not a question of whether, only when … And it’s long overdue.”

It will strike, and it will be bigger than the 9.0 that struck Japan in 2011.

Most people don’t realize this, says Smith, but we’re talking about 30 times the energy of the San Andreas fault. We’re taking about the worst natural disaster in the history of North America.

We are positive this will happen, says Professor Michio Kaku, a theoretical physicist and best-selling author.

The Juan d Fuca plate is trying to slide under North America, but it’s stuck. When if finally moves, it will create a 700-mile-long wall of water – in some places up to 100-feet high (the height of a ten-story building) –  along with whatever is in its way, like houses and dump trucks and schools. That wall of water will inundate the the Pacific Northwest coast.

“Our operating assumption is that everything west of Interstate 5 will be toast,” says Kenneth Murphy, who directs FEMA’s Region X, the division responsible for Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Alaska

“The region will be unrecognizable …. That’s Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, Eugene, Salem (the capital city of Oregon), Olympia (the capital of Washington), and some seven million people.”

FEMA expects that nearly thirteen thousand people will die in the earthquake and ensuing tsunami. Another twenty-seven thousand will be injured. On top of that, the agency expects that “it will need to provide shelter for a million displaced people, and food and water for another two and a half million.”

How soon could this Armageddon occur?

It could happen tomorrow. Unfortunately, such earthquakes occur every 240 years on average, and since the last one took place in 1700,  the Pacific Northwest is overdue.

Yes, that earthquake took place in 1700 exactly. A magnitude-9.0 earthquake struck the Pacific Northwest at approximately 9 pm on January 26, 1700, according to seismologist Kenji Satake.

The huge temblor triggered sudden land subsidence, drowned coastal forests, and generated a wave half the length of a continent. “It took roughly fifteen minutes for the Eastern half of that wave to strike the Northwest coast,” says The New Yorker article. “It took ten hours for the other half to cross the ocean. It reached Japan on January 27, 1700.”

During such subduction-zone earthquakes, the receding tsunami carries huge torrents of land off the continental slope, leaving a permanent deposit on the bottom of the ocean, The New Yorker article points out. By counting the number and the size of deposits in each sample, scientists are able to determine how much of the zone has ruptured, how often, and how drastically.

By drilling into the seafloor, those scientists have determined that the Pacific Northwest has experienced forty-one subduction-zone earthquakes in the past ten thousand years.

Divide ten thousand by forty-one, and you get 243, which is the recurrence interval – the average amount of time between earthquakes. Counting from the earthquake of 1700, we are now 315 years into a 243-year cycle.

It is easy to see why Shepard Smith is concerned.

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  1. The Sky is falling! The Sky is falling! Chicken Little was right! Run for your lives.

    Yes, there will always be earthquakes, but they greatly exaggerate damage to Portland and Seattle. Major populations centers are a long way back from the coast.

    • Ahem. Seattle is located right next to Puget Sound, and is a major port city. That is because Puget Sound connects to … (wait for it) … the Pacific Ocean. Now, if you get a 100 foot tsunami generated off the coast you’re going to get a massive amount of water coming through the Juan De Fuca strait and into Puget Sound. Whether or not the tsunami that would then hit Seattle would still be 100 feet tall might be debatable. But the only safe bet would be that it would do significant damage.

      Furthermore, a lot of Seattle is built on old landfill. That’s not going to provide for any stability at all during a major quake.

  2. It will be ugly when it does happen, whenever that may be. Large PNW cities (Vancouver, BC; Seattle and Tacoma WA, Portland, OR) are all constrained by topography. Lots of water and hills equal lots of bridges, tunnels and elevated roadways/heavy rail/light rail. And horrible traffic on a good day. Add to that a brittle utility infrastructure routed around, along and through those hills, roads and bridges, you can see the concern of the FEMA folks.

    At a presentation I attended about 15 years ago on this topic (not much is really new in the New Yorker article), a Washington State Emergency Management representative stated that a subduction zone earthquake would knock the U.S. into a deep recession, possibly a depression. It would take a generation to recover in the PNW. For further reading, check out Cascadia’s Fault …, by Jerry Thompson, and Full-Rip 9.0 …, by Sandi Doughton.

  3. please, do not trade global warming for ice age, like now, tomorrow. In case you have doubts, it ain’t any better.

    And then you quote Michio Kaku. Really?

  4. Let me get this right. The planet is cooling and has been for 4.5 billion years’ish. This cooling is causing it to shrink. The shrinking is forcing up mountain ranges and causing millions of earthquakes and tectonic shifts. Shouldn’t we be trying to keep the planet warm to prevent this shrinkage? If a tiny movement of part of a single plate can cause such massive devastation, then reducing CO2 and cooling the planet will only speed things up? Oh wait a minute! Isn’t this region pretty darn hot most of the year (thinks winter olympics etc)? If tectonic plate theory were set in stone, then surely the coolest parts of the planet should have the most earthquakes due to the higher level of cooling?? Or have I missed something? Damned logic!

    • The cooling and thus shrinking-earth theory was debunked years ago when we realised the Earth is full of tectonic plates that move about and that the Earth is not shrinking. At a subduction zone the lighter oceanic crust moves under the denser continental crust – it’s got nothing to do with the temperature of the atmosphere.

    • Did you forget the tag? Major cooling since formation done, Check. Crust formed, Check. Interior still molten, Check. Slow upwelling currents in the hot plastic mantle is what drives Plate Tectonics, Check. Planet not shrinking!, Check and done.

  5. Did they mention the 13 dams that were built before they knew there was an earthquake of such size and scale? Not only do you have to survive the earthquake, desperate and trapped people and landslides, you also have to watch out for massive flooding caused by broken dams!

    Oh and our rodents DO have plague here. You want to escape the Mini Ice Age… DON’T GO TO OREGON.

  6. For Fox to report this and come out with such strong comments is really stunning. It’s not often we see a news reporting agency actually do their job and warn the public of potential dangers and if we paid attention this is far more than a potential disaster.

    Even the guest didn’t pull back when asked pointed questions regarding his own thoughts and concerns. Neither would move there at this point.

    I’ll bet insurer underwriters are sharpening their pencils on this one.

    The thing that stuck out was the seriousness of both Shepherd Smith and his guest. This is a done deal. It’s going to happen. The named communities are doomed. Matter of fact, hands down. Everything west of the I-5 will be totally destroyed by the quake and tsunami back wash.

    If people do not pay attention to this>>>>>


    • Craig: Insurers are definitely looking at earthquake policies. At the condominium in Kent, WA, where we formerly had a unit, the earthquake rider premium went up ten-fold when the policy was up for renewal. In addition, the deductible was double all available building reserve funds, so the board of directors dropped the coverage. Same story at my sister’s condominium in Woodinville, WA.

      More importantly, residential repair and replacement will be sequenced after critical projects, like utilities, transportation, schools, health care, and demolition (“red tagged”). Just “yellow tagged?” You may need to get by for a couple of years before your house is repaired.

  7. between this one…and the one down in the sth east another spanish sort of name?san something? up from the gulf of mexico
    both massive faults with priors for extreme damages.
    the middle zones look more attractive.
    if anyones relying on FEMA? after the prior showings of theirs I sure wouldnt
    always always have food water med suplies and a bug out bag for all in the family handy .

  8. FEMA, DHS etc are doing major military style exercises in some cities. They simulate mass casualties and evacuations. Emergency-food supply companies have received huge orders and I wonder if all this is preparation for a mega-quake.
    It would seem rational to warn people and direct them to be better prepared themselves.
    Here in Australia few people even carry a First Aid kit or fire extinguisher in their cars and I’d guess it’s similar in the USA. We have a culture that makes Lemmings look quite smart.

    • FEMA, DHS are doing mass exercises probably because of any pending economic collapse..when the american people will riot! Nothing with earthquakes..they couldnt care less as long as the ruling class (global elite) are safe.

  9. Robert, is posting article links on random threads still the best way to get them to you?

    A New Zealand court ruled that Kiribati man Ioane Teitiota, 38, was not facing persecution but noted that people affected by climate change could potentially be recognised as refugees.

  10. Okay.

    The fact that the last of “these earthquakes” happened more than 300 years ago proves (beyond a reasonable doubt) that they don’t happen like clockwork every 243 years.

    Maybe, for reasons other than historicity and periodicity, the next one will happen tomorrow, or not for 10,000 years.

    And if we abandon every place on earth where something bad might happen, we’d have to abandon every place on earth.

    So, let’s just evacuate Washington and Oregon now, just in case this earthquake might happen someday!

    And the San Andreas and Hayward faults? Let’s evacuate California!

    • That’s what I was thinking. Plus, I get the impression that folks in that part of the world don’t really want their population to increase. They’d probably rather people stay away.

  11. Sigh… Alarmism like that found in this article doesn’t do anybody much good. While it’s certainly possible that the Cascadia fault could suffer a massive rupture along its entire length, it really isn’t very probable.

    Further, the article posits severe tsunami damage in places where it just isn’t really possible… Seattle and Portland.

    I think that the author forgot about that little bunch of hills we call the Coast Range. Even a 100-foot tsunami isn’t going to make it past those. Yes, the coastlines will be devastated, but in the big cities the damage will be primarily direct impacts of the severe shaking.

    Scaremongering, like that found in the article, is more counterproductive than helpful.

    • “Further, the article posits severe tsunami damage in places where it just isn’t really possible… Seattle and Portland.”

      Both Seattle and Portland are on large rivers. They are the northwest ports of commerce, where the ships meet the rails.
      A 100 foot wall of water will devastate there ports along with all there neat houseboats.
      This will be bad, really bad.

  12. Obama: “It’s Bush’s Fault”
    Al Gore: “Global Warming, see I told you so….”
    Enviro-nazi’s: “*^@&ing SUV’s!!”
    Vladimir Putin: “HA!”
    meanwhile ….
    American People, Sending Money and help….

  13. I read the article mentioned and my spouse and I have changed our minds about moving to Seattle. Having seen photos and video of what Subduction quakes can do, no thanks!

    Anyone wanting to know more about this can profit from reading the following books :

    “Cascadia’s Fault” by Jerry Thompson
    “Full Rip 9.0” by Sandi Doughton

    • I’m sorry Ken, I’m not feeling well today so I think I misunderstood your post to mean that you were rejoicing the thought of two destroyed cities for the purpose of realigning a state politically, hence the ‘Yich’ reply… Instead I should have interpreted the comment for what it really was – an observation that losing these cities would exactly simply that. My apologies.

      I think other cities that are still very Liberal in nature could survive, like Eugene, and likely a lot of Portland & Seattle refugees would mix into surrounding conservative regions.

  14. Alarmist TV Journalism 2015. It’s what they’re not talking about that makes me curious. Well, it’s Shepard Smith after all. Go figure.

  15. It’s interesting to note that some people will become convinced by ocean core samples that foretell the regularity of earthquakes in a given area, yet they will ignore evidence from ocean core and ice core samples that shows we are probably past due for another major ice age.

    These same ocean core and ice core samples also show that warming PRECEDES the growth of CO2 in the atmosphere by about 800 years, but once again this evidence is routinely ignored by the alarmists.

  16. for the article:

    Hey guys, there are earthquakes in almost every state. Move out of your state now!!!
    All PacNW states have volcanos. MOVE!!
    All Norther states were subject to last ice age. MOVE!!
    All southern states were once under water. MOVE!!!
    There was once a meteoroid strike that caused some massive extinctions worldwide. MOVE!!!!!


    I expected better from Fox News.. though, not from Shep Smith.

    • Well, I worked with death data (in public health) for over 15 years and I can *promise* each and every one of us will… die once, from something!

  17. Glad we’ve still got a great barrier reef – even one devastated by climate change.

    Of course I’m joking about the climate change BS – if coral is so sensitive it can’t take less than one degree in temperature change in over a hundred years it deserves to die due to climate change – even though coral is strictly a tropical animal !!!

    • Coral is used by the doomsayers not because it is a sensitive animal, but because it is not a mobile animal. If a volume of oxygen deprived seawater moves into Coral territory, it can’t just move on to better climes. It has to tough it out, or die. It can and does grow back.

  18. Hey it seems cyclical happening on average every 240 years…which is funny because this coincides with the same solar cycle that brought us the Maunder Minimum… Imagine that decreased solar activity leading to increased geological activity. It’s all connected that part is easy to derive, the hard part is how and why. I wouldn’t live in the Pacific Northwest anyway right now even before this report. The whole Pacific Rim is part of the Ring of Fire and its a really active zone so it’s just prudent to use your head when thinking about where to settle.

  19. Been known since at least the ’70s that I know of (quake section of my Geology class at UC).

    Yes, it will happen, and maybe tomorrow.
    Or just as likely to be in 100 years from now.

    Factoid: great Quake in japan about 9 years after the 1700 quake. The two sides seem synchronizd. That argues for “soon” as Japan had a 9 just a few years back.

    Or might take another 200 years… stochastic processes. ..

  20. They say the lady is pregnant and long
    overdue , maybe she is just over-wait ?
    The space aliens will save us !
    Keep watching that tv set , and your brain will melt .
    Shep could sell used cars if he wanted to .

    • The problem is that too many people have a 2 minute attention span and need to be entertained and medicated constantly.
      If a prediction is not fulfilled almost instantly before their very eyes they will believe nothing except the hooey that comes from government and the MSM. That is what we are up against.

  21. I speculate that the illustration behind Mr Smith
    is very much over-simplified as the rock is under compression
    and strain from a variety of directions in that area .

  22. Cognitive Dissonance – it may be true and it may not be but they have everyone so bushwacked noone knows. Hey mainstream TV that will keep the “weather/earthies ” going ….. I would say this is a blatant No S Sherlock or its a hoodwink, either way its fear mongering.

  23. Magnitude 4.0 earthquake rattles San Francisco Bay area

    SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – A 4.0 magnitude earthquake shook the San Francisco Bay area on Tuesday and spooked residents, although officials said there were no immediate reports of serious damage or injuries.
    The quake struck around 2:40 a.m. local time and was centered just outside of Fremont, some 30 miles southeast of San Francisco, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.
    A series of about a dozen smaller quakes followed, with magnitudes ranging from 1.0 to 2.7 through the early morning hours, the USGS said.
    Fremont is near the Hayward Fault that could deliver a 7.0 range quake. Unfortunately, there are hospitals, colleges, and many homes along the fault zone including UC Berkley. I am about 70 miles north of Fremont, and didn’t feel a thing.

  24. 13K deaths and was it 47K injuries seems rather conservative and implies that the 1 million collapsed buildings might only result in one death per eighty building collapses or so. It also seems to imply that 6.94 million people are going to get themselves east of Interstate 5 in the 15 minutes after the buildings collapse from which almost all had escaped uninjured.

    Am I missing something?

  25. This of course is very sobering. But I wonder why it’s news now? The Pacific NW has known about this possibility for a long time, and has been preparing. Schools run drills, there is an early warning system in place in many towns (granted, the warning will be short.) Slow news day or something?? Scheezh……

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