Huge HUGE girder-placement machine – Video

Huge HUGE girder-placement machine – Video

What an incredible “Star Wars” machine!

Nothing to do with the climate, but I was so impressed with the sheer audacity of this machine that I wanted to share it.

Thanks to Stephen Bird for this video

“Why the west hasn’t got a hope in hell,” says Stephen.

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  1. Perhaps the U.S. spending $1 trillion on a war in the Middle East and a military budget that sucks up 50% of the U.S. gnp, upside down trade agreements, and countries including China that do not honor their trade agreements, may be the reason the U.S has been falling behind.

    • look to your leaders..the prior and the last 8 yrs specially
      I dont see China not honouring trade deals, of what do you speak?
      rather usa seems to be in debt TO China and was even muttering about defaulting on Tbills some time back
      and if you reckon its bad now?
      the new yuan for gold and NOT to usa$ traders are due to kick in along with other BRICS and Eu related deals
      the billions made as middleman for all oil and other cash/funds transfer/purchases are about to come to a screeching halt.
      and frankly the rest of the world is pretty damned happy about that! 😉

  2. Considering the piece of garbage bridge the Chinese built here in the Bay Area I am not worried. Thing is only 5 years old and already its falling apart.
    Give me a thousand American union steel workers over this gadget any day.
    It is pretty audacious though.

    • Really, if made in U.S. all is well? The Big Dig tunnel under the bay in Boston is crap. It leaks, and the ceiling tiles had to be replaced because the panels were attached wrong. Oh, and it had delay after delay, and cost over runs after cost over runs.

      If we hire U.S. workers and contracter who are often as crappy as some of thier Chinese counter parts, at least we keep the money here.

    • oh how wonderful…NOT!
      so if they keep taking the jobs that people who dont fit into offices and unis can get and do..and the govt is reducing benefits /apprenticeships are rare/and skills are rare..some a**hole decides to send a few more lowerclass working men to the scrapheap to save a buck?
      wtf? we got 25% youth unemployed they need some work to keep em fit n off streets and yet theres no work for them?
      nah let some dude do it by machine
      same as the small income people got in rural areas once a yr picking grapes etc all gone to machine ;-(

    Dear Robert,
    Again on this occasion, what I am going to tell you, is not about GLOBAL COOLING, but it is definitely to do with GENETICALLY ALTERED CROPS. Something very strange has just happened in our garden, which I have put on my website. I have already sent the information to a genetics expect here in Scotland, as what we are seeing in our garden should be impossible!
    What is it? See on my website how that POTATOES that we planted in our garden 6 weeks ago, are growing some sort of strange TOMATOES, on stems hanging down on the stalks of the of the potatoes. I have never seen anything like this, and I know that many scientific people go on your website. If anyone can explain this strange phenomenon, how a planted potato can yield tomatoes, my wife and I would very much appreciate it. Here is the LINK on my website:-
    I will post more photos of this strange phenomenom shortly. If potatoes planted in the ground can yield tomatoes, what is next? I bought those potatoes in LIDL, and would have normally have eaten them, but they were budding, so I put them in the ground, and 6 weeks later they have produced tomatoes of a strange kind!? Has to be some sort of GMO abberation. WHAT will GMO’S do next to our crops?

    • about 3? years ago they released a cross spliced potato/tomato plant
      spuds below ground tomatos above
      and they were released for global public sale
      the 2 plants ARE RELATED as solanum species so splicing one to other wasnt hard or requiring GM tech.
      you might have managed the progeny doing what they didnt expect
      screwing with Ma Nature tends to have those “unexpected outomes”

    • IN ANSWER MY QUESTION:- For those who are curious about the seeming ability for tomatoes to grow on POTATOES, someone wrote to me about this rare phenomenon of “POTATO FRUITS or BERRIES”:-

      Potato fruit
      Here’s something I haven’t seen before in my, uh, six years of growing potatoes: green, tomato-like, walnut-sized potato fruit. Bob hadn’t seen ’em either, in 40 plus years of farming. I hit the web for education.

      These are genuine fruit, but not that common. Usually, potato flowers just drop off. When fruit do form, they’re more likely found on certain varieties, like Yukon Gold. This year, there were fruit on just about every Chieftain plant, here and there on the Kennebec, and none that I noticed on the Yukon Gold…

      Each fruit contains 300-500 seeds that don’t come true: planting them doesn’t result in the same potatoes as the parent plant, there’s lots of genetic variation. Potato breeders plant out thousands of seeds, check out the results, then keep replanting the most desirable potatoes for many years or so to get new commercial varieties—apparently, this is the way new potatoes are bred.

      Meanwhile, it apparently only takes only two seasons and one generation to breed genetically stable new potatoes, so for the small farm or home garden, as opposed to the big potato breeder, this seems like a viable way to go. Harvest seed one season—you can hand-pollinate to cross two varieties—plant out the next and select your favorites. Those tubers should be stable and ready to go, you just have to build up a quantity, which takes another season, unless you need hardly any at all!

      And, the fruit are poisonous, rich in solanine, not for eating (potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and tobacco are all members of the “deadly nightshade” family, all prone to having toxic parts). Interesting! Since they suddenly appeared this year on two varieties, I’d guess it was about the weather!

      Inside the potato fruit

      SEE MORE on mty website:-

    • The two plants belong to the same (Nightshade) family and are genetically close to start with. It is possible to graft the two creating a chimera that produces both tomatoes and potatoes without any genetic engineering. Also, potatoes occasionally produce berries that look rather like tomatoes, which sounds like what you have – not GMO. However, do not eat those berries; like the rest of the potato plant they can contain toxins.

  4. Neat way of building a box section bridge but not as stunning as claimed. The British designed Millau Viaduct is something else again given its height. There the roadway box section was constructed at one end and then pushed out across the columns.

  5. Treehugger had this video a while back, with the inquiry as to why the U.S. doesn’t have something like this in order to quickly build high-speed rail systems across the country.

    I had to counter that the ONLY reason why it’s possible in China is because the government owns all land, doesn’t have to conduct elaborate and expensive environmental reviews, doesn’t have to adjudicate property disputes, etc. A totalitarian state that owns everything can build whatever the hell it wants. America is nothing like China and God help us, I hope it never will be.

    Needless to say, my comment was admonished despite speaking the truth because I wasn’t “green” enough in advancing such technology to solve our transportation issues. I realized then that TreeHuggers are rabidly religious about the environment and will never consider facts over emotion.

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