Huge lava eruption in Iceland – Videos

Geldingadalur Volcano Eruption (May 15, 2021)

The lava fountaining episodes at the active vent at Fagradalsfjall continue pretty regularly. Now the episodes and the intervals between each eruption are shorter than before, with the fountaining phase lasting for 1-3 minutes, and pauses between each episode about 3-4 minutes long.

Lava jets are just a bit shorter in height than previously, but wider at the same time. The fountains generally reach 250 meters in height in average during the strong sustained phase, but sometimes can reach 350 meters in height during the most energetic episodes.

The construction of a wall to prevent lava flowing in Nátthagi began yesterday.

Lava Cliff Crashes

Huge burning lava rock crashes down.

Filmed by Gutntog just below Storihrútur mountain, Fagradaksfjall Volcano, Iceland. May 15, 2021.
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7 thoughts on “Huge lava eruption in Iceland – Videos”

  1. Good I hope it gets 1000 times bigger and eventually hits the USA. It’s time for our end. Plus magnetic reversal would help.

  2. I’ve been watching this eruption since it started, first with Baby Bob the fissure cone, then Flo (next inline) and then it just kept going and going and growing like Topsy and is now a long line of shield (I think that’s the right word) cones that can still come on line, but the one currently showing activity (like 1300 foot high ejections of magma) is at the current end.
    Don’t know where it’s going, but it is growing and growing, and since it sits on the mid-Atlantic ridge, which is spreading apart, I do believe that there is much more to come.
    You don’t get a sense of the scale of these shield cones unless you can see volcano tourists (teensy-weensy people) moving around to get photos of them.
    It is spectacular, to say the least, and shows exactly how little power we have over this planet – NONE.

  3. Iceland started building 2 earthen berms to try and prevent the flowing lava from going down steep ravines and entering a long flat valley that leads straight to a major highway, power and internet cabling, and then the ocean. They built a western and eastern berm.

    The lava came up and over the “eastern wall” on May 22 and started pouring down the ravine and in to the valley. I’m guessing that they will start working in the valley now to build up a much higher wall.

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