Huge Snowfalls in Australia

With a super storm dumping on Australia’s ski slopes since Wednesday, the country’s ski areas have reported more than 60cm (2 ft) of snowfall over the past three days.

22 Aug 2020 – Most of the resorts open are in New South Wales.  They include Perisher and Thredbo, which both reported 25cm of snowfall in the last 24 hours having reported 10cm and 15cm, on earlier days.

Perisher now says it has had 65cm so far and is base depth has passed the metre mark for the first time this season and is approaching 1.5 metres (five feet) – a good stat for Aussie ski centres.

It also reports more terrain open than any other ski area on the planet at present.  Nearby Charlotte Pass has reached 80cm

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6 thoughts on “Huge Snowfalls in Australia”

  1. and Victorian slopes are empty due to lockdowns requiringno further than 5km from home travel still and for 2 more weeks
    resorts owners are pretty Pd off

  2. From an earlier comment by Deon from S.A. “all of the government[s] falling for a mythical pandemic.” … I think, as it turns out now, that “the one world governmnent” / herd management rancher ‘Devils’ round table only became more evident with the vaxx agendas Cecil Rhodes, Henry Wellcome (Wellcome Trust – Boer War/WWI vaccines), Pilgrims Society, Porten Down, Pirbright, 5 Eyes…
    Michael McKibben and Douglas Gabriel (everything)

    … and the Devils still ain’t drowning

  3. Oh My God! I hope I die soon with 9 stories of snow smashing into my house!
    My AC is blowing out warm air!!


    I want an ice age tonite!!!

  4. 2C here this morning, in rural SE Queensland. It would be snowing if we had any precipitation at all….

    • Holy Moses, that’s near freezing. But isn’t your winter down there? Wouldn’t late August be about like late February in the north?

  5. I just got a Kestrel 5500 weather meter about a week ago. And just as I thought, the official temperatures for my city in Utah, are on the high side. According to, accuweather, wunderground and a few other web sites the highs have lately been in the 90s, usually mid or upper 90s Fahrenheit. I have been comparing and they are usually two or three degrees higher than they should be, which is a bit over one degree Celsius to one and a half Celsius! Just yesterday the high temperature was listed officially at 97F but I only showed 94F on my Kestrel, which was in the shade on my porch. I also take into account the fact that I’m 200 feet higher on a hill than the city center. My housing development is also large enough to have a heat island effect as big as the downtown area of the city I live in, so I’m disregarding that. The temperature lapse rate in 200 feet would be .72F/.4C lower but to tell you the truth, I’m not absolutely sure the temperature report locations for my small city are all actually down in the lower downtown area. I’m only assuming. I got a Kestrel 550 because it has density altitude and other measurements of interest to pilots. I also have other hobbies that make it nice to have, not just flying. A Kestrel is considered a very accurate and professional weather meter. Lots of meteorologists carry one.

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