Huge temperature drop for Denver

“I looked at the forecast today (Saturday, 5 Sep 2020) for Denver, CO and noticed an extreme drop in temperature coming up,” says Reader Jack Hydrazine.

“On Labor Day, 7 Sep 2020, the high temperature is expected to be 91 degrees F (32.8C). On Tuesday, 8 Sep 2020, the high is expected to be 37 degrees F (2.8C) and the low will be 27 degrees F (-2.8C) with 4.1 inches (10.4cm) of snow on the ground.”

“The following days are forecast to be 52 degrees F, then 65, 79, and 83.”

10 thoughts on “Huge temperature drop for Denver”

  1. According to forecasts we are going to hit mid 50’s F next week in central Texas. Don’t recall lows that low in 25 years of living here. I also don’t recall an August with as many clouds, and we got more than normal amount of rain. Seems consistent with GSM predictions, as does the global flooding and hail events.

  2. That’s just living in mountains for you. I saw weather change from +23C to -7C in 24hrs back in February 1990 in Switzerland.

    Wind changed from a warm south westerly, to a cold north/northwesterly. Sunshine replaced by a blizzard.

  3. And meanwhile in California and Arizona the monsoon rains have been nonexistent and the duration of the intensive heat wave is almost unbelievable. And is this all not one more sign of impending ice age? Too much rain in some places and too little in others.

  4. That is what happens when the jet streams dips south. It brings cold arctic air with it. It’s happened before and it will happen again. I live in Arizona and it’s been brutally hot all Summer down in the lower elevations and even in the not so low elevations. We could use a jet stream dip down over Arizona to give us a chill.

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