Huge winter storm targets 39 states

A mammoth winter storm affecting every state east of the Mississippi River left a trail of school closures, flight cancellations, power outages, downed branches and travel headaches on Wednesday.

While the Central Plains saw the bulk of its snow overnight, cities including Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York and Washington were getting the worst of the storm on Wednesday.

Forecasts called for several inches of snow for parts of Virginia,Nebraska, Minnesota, Wisconsin and the central Appalachians, leading to dangerous conditions for more than 200 million people.

5 thoughts on “Huge winter storm targets 39 states”

  1. I saw warning for that early am aussie time
    though crossed my mind that its evening things up a bit
    all the people bragging it was so bad getting their turn.
    mean while in aus we are all praying the latest cyclone stays lower down and doesnt add to the misery of the flood victims up nth and inland.

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