Humanitarian crisis evolving in Greece

Refugees don’t have adequate shelter for the cold.

Parts of the country have been hit by more than a meter (three feet) of snow and temperatures as low as -18C (-0.4F) and roads and communication lines are out of action on several islands.

Most of the tents and prefabricated houses don’t have electricity and running water, as the pipes are frozen.

See video of the incredible conditions:

Thanks to Kingbum and Argiris Diamantis for these links

“I know it is Russia Today,” says Argiris, “but they show us the news our “free press” Dutch MSM is hiding from us.”


8 thoughts on “Humanitarian crisis evolving in Greece”

  1. Looks like the Dutch need their Brexit vote to the turf out the Socialist Metropolitan Elites from grovelling in the AGW slush fund trough, political power and from the press.
    Most of Europe is affected by the same group think, of a Green Socialist Mind set, they care more about having open borders, and trashing the lively hoods of very low payed ethnic majority workers in attractive countries like Germany and the UK than building a better economy, or fully educating the existing low paid workers who are already in place, and have no hope what so ever of improving their lot.
    I notice Germany has imported 900,000 economic migrants over the last 12 months 97% of them are male and under 25, with the majority from the Middle East and politically opposed to the secular democracy’s within Europe this will only stir up trouble in the very near future once they have their EU passports.

  2. nothing wrong with RT at all
    far more actual news there than msm shills.
    as for tent city..well I wouldnt expect any running water even before snows
    meant to be temp NOT comfortable enough to stay in.
    sooner they ship em home the better.

  3. A commentators asked for Tree line data.
    It just so happens:
    California’s History of Mega Droughts
    September 16, 2015
    tags: california, Drought
    By Paul Homewood

    You will no doubt have seen the above graphic already. It shows that the current drought in California is not exceptional by any stretch of the imagination.
    We know that rainfall levels in recent years, though low, are not unprecedented as far as the 20thC is concerned.

    But, of course, one factor in determining the severity of drought is temperature. To put recent temperatures into historical context, it is worth revisiting the work of V C La Marche & V Markgraf, both experts on past climate.
    As shown by HH Lamb in “Climate History and the Modern World”, they studied the height of the upper tree line in the White Mountains of California.

    Their data shows just how much higher the tree line was in the Middle Ages, and before, and therefore how much higher temperatures were.

    The reality is that California has been hotter and drier for much of its recent history.

    Notice the dryer period for the Glessberg Solar period upto the 1930, and the same dryer portion for Sc20 during.

    The graphic showing the Swiss and Austrain Alp tree line shows the same downwards trend as the headline tempreture downward trend for each of the warm periods since the Minoan peroid. Oops! in around 1000 years fron now the trend line will have reached 0C.

  4. It is nice and warm in sub Saharan Africa. Perhaps transportation can be provided. Give the bill to George Soros and Barbara Lerner Specter.

    • Rather not, we have enough illegal immigrants. Let Soros & Co. pay for mass transportation to the U.S. They caused the refugee problem by stirring up the Middle East.

  5. Have no fear, Greece will figure how to take from those that have heat and give it to those who don’t, after all, one must be “fair”.

  6. Physical salvation for the European white man just might be a byproduct of some kind of ice age that prompts our racial competition to leave and also prompts the culling of those among us who subvert and pervert our societies to the point of our extinction.
    When things are prosperous and pleasant it is easy to be an anti white genocidal liberal and spread all kinds of destructive lies because no one else gives a damn about survival because it is assured. Take away the certainty of survival and the next meal and all the sudden what one stands for or believes is a matter of life and death. Everything that undermines the survival of a people will be treated as a criminal or enemy action and you will have the burning of witches, homos , heretics and their fans for coming back with a vengeance and it won’t be hard to find them either. They have all come out of the closet since the 1950s.
    Heretics in my view includes the economic and political as well as the religious types. Like the ice age cycle everything else has cycles. One would be well advised to take into account social and political cycles and conduct oneself accordingly.

    Historical Cycles: Are we doomed to repeat the past? –

    Little Ice Age, Big Chill (Climate Documentary)

    The Dark Ages – History Channel

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