Hundreds of 911 calls – No response for 9 hours

Stranded motorists launch class action lawsuit.

16 Mar 2017 – Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard has launched an investigation into how hundreds of motorists ended up stranded overnight on Montreal’s Highway 13 during a blizzard.

Police received a call at 6:08 p.m. Tuesday that a tractor-trailer had jackknifed across the southbound lanes of Highway 13, leaving no way for traffic to pass.

And although stranded drivers made more than 300 calls to 911 for help, it took until 3:30 a.m Wednesday before police and firefighters began helping to move the stuck vehicles.

Premier Couillard has formally apologized to people who were traumatized or injured as a result. However, lawyers say they are launching a class action suit against the government on behalf of 500 persons they say were affected.

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12 thoughts on “Hundreds of 911 calls – No response for 9 hours

  1. They all suffered “discomfort, stress and anxiety.” Is that so? I’m not clear how I could sue anyone for discomfort LOL.
    What the hell are they gonna do when the ice age gets here and buries them under 9 stories of snow per day? They’ll all die horribly!

    They better get used to it fast!!

  2. Sad event, realy…
    5 men went on the roads only to face a
    White, cold death in their cars.
    In other news…
    Nature dosen’t care of our comfort,
    Its ours to make sure we dosen’t loose it
    To a carbon” trade market. ”

    Sorry if my english is bad,
    Patrick, from Québec, QC.
    Hope for the Best, prepare for the worst.

    • Well Patrick, your English is a lot better than my (non-existent) French!

      But since you obviously believe things could get a lot worse where you live… what are you planning to do about it? Have you considered trying to immigrate to a warmer place? (If you do that, I would start working on it now… and not take the illegal route).

  3. more snowflakery really
    they chose to be ON the roads in a bloody storm!
    with numbers like that they could have shared cars to keep max bodywarmth and assistance to each other.
    poor police n road/rescue workers cop so much and they risk their lives to save people who frankly seem like they werent worth the time or risk by their attitude!

    • Agreed! It really makes no sense… and every place I lived where blizzards were possible, they always had warnings that people stay off the road except in emergencies. Don’t know if that system works the same in Canada… but I suspect it does. Those people should have at least known to keep an emergency storm kit in their cars (extra warm coats, sleeping bags, water, food, toiletries etc).

      Occasionally though a blizzard can come totally unexpected. I recently read a really sad book about a terrible event … the Children’s Blizzard. About a blizzard that came totally unexpected (back in the 1800s in the Midwest US)… and several hundred children died in it, when their teachers sent them home early. Back then kids either walked or rode a horse home… but temps dropped very quickly and little to no visibility. These were mostly kids whose parents had immigrated to the US from the Nordic countries (mostly Norway and Sweden I think) … so it’s not like their families or the teacher didn’t know about bad weather. But no “modern” way of predicting storms or communicating the hazard then and it was a very abrupt storm.

  4. The truck drivers that apparently “refused” the tow would have been ticketed in many parts of the US. Effectively, by refusing the help they “improperly parked” their vehicles. My sister, who has a class 1 license received just such a ticket in Idaho when her rig jack knifed in snowy conditions and she didn’t even refuse help.

  5. In this day and age, the lawyers will win them some money. As defendants in a class-action suit, it won’t be much. Their PM is a wuss, if he cowers before these kinds of low-lives. Weather is Weaather and bad weather is a pain anyway. It’s hard to sue God.

  6. These people haven’t heard of the saying “you can’t fight city hall”. Their only recourse is to fire him.

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