Hundreds of barns collapse in Italy

At least one million farm animals in danger of running out of food, says this report out of Italy.

More than ten thousand sparrows, finches and other birds along with deer have been victims of bad weather, and the tragedy on farms is continually updated between the dead cows, sheep, horses, rabbits and chickens, because of hundreds of barns collapsed.

The new wave of snowfall and frost is threatening at least one million farm animals in danger of running out of food because the snow is hampering feed deliveries.

In addition, farmers are throwing away the milk because they can’t deliver it to town.

The cold has dramatically reduced dairy cow production by an average of 15 percent … and has “reduced by 4 million gallons per day that are lacking in the cheese and Italian tables”.

The animals consume more energy (eat more) to defend against the cold, while reducing the yield. This behavior even applies to hens, who lay up to 20 percent fewer eggs per day.

The big chill has also caused many abortions among sheep. FOT.html

Thanks to geologist Mirco Poletto in Italy for this link

4 thoughts on “Hundreds of barns collapse in Italy

  1. Indeed, similar things are happening elsewhere in Europe also. In the Netherlands, the first ten days of February have brought record cold weather not seen since 1956 and 1963.
    According to the weather predictions things should get milder in the coming week, but if I have to believe Piers Corbyn and his SLAT (Solar Lunar Action Technique) there is more cold weather in store for us.

  2. its a sad indictment on the modern farming style.
    before, people grew as much on property for saving for winter feed, they should have massive haystacks for bedding and shelter as well as feed use. as well as stored grains and silage.
    now its buy in and carry more stock than your land could supply feed for.
    pity its the poor helpless animals that are paying the price for this hubris of ours.

    if europe wants the bloody sparrows back however, I can airmail a few hundred from MY ceilings gladly.

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