Hundreds dead – MSN enthuses about “Wacky & Wonderful Weather Phenomena”

Villages buried under 4-5 meters of snow . … and MSN writes of “Wacky & Wonderful Weather Phenomena.” 140,000 trapped by snow – Death toll rises past 550, people tunneling through 15 feet of snow to get out of their homes, hundreds of barns collapse in Italy … and MSN writes of  “Wacky & Wonderful Weather Phenomena.” Unbelievable.


I took this screen shot so you could see it for yourself. This headline ran all day today.

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  1. editors at MSN are brain dead, but don’t think for a moment the rest of us out here are. I come from a farming family, and I really fear for the animals, and crops. What are we going to eat, each other, don’t think I am not serious, check out what happened in St Petersburg during second world war, when no food available.
    I agree with you Robert, major problems on the way.

  2. no IQ, no Empathy, no bloody idea! = MSM

    they really do walk among us , as the joke goes, thing really isn’t the least bit funny.
    using the words wacky and wonderful while so much death and disaster is the outcome…leaves one wondering if famines/drought/pestilence in poor places(and coming to Eu) could be described as Family entertainment?

  3. … at the end of the war when USSR got Ukraine .. they cleaned the country of food, valuables, animals.. leaving the people with nothing.. and YES.. as thousands starved to death .. they ate each other and their children … be aware, be prepared .. know and help your neighbor … blessings
    [ps. the chosen ones did not endure the plight of most of the people]

    • This is why i preach so much on prepping and networking with like minded people. The collapse is coming but we can get though it if we work together.

      Be safe! Be prepared! Be ever vigilant!

      Between natural disasters , rising fuel prices, food prices, inflation, crime, soon to be food shortages ( due to colder than normal weather , and
      transportation problems ) then the fuel and food riots… time is almost up
      to get even your basic supplies ready and a plan of action. Equally as
      important is finding other like minded people you trust as close as possible
      to you. There is strength and safety in numbers. So check the below links to
      find those close to you and network

      Prepare by making essential preparations for yourself and your family to not just survive, but to thrive, if and when things get very difficult:

      Prepare food, water, clothing (especially for growing children/grandchildren) & shoes, fuel, essential drugs & medicines/vitamins, toiletries, medical supplies, guns, ammunition (when you run out, your guns are useless, and if you don’t have enough, you can’t keep your skills honed, so buy plenty), specie (gold & silver), and other essentials. If you have the resources, acquire enough for friends, relatives, neighbors, and other peers.

      Get your house in order, if it isn’t already. Prepare temporally and spiritually. Ensure that you will be part of the reason that God will side with us, because we’ve chosen to side with Him!

  4. My relatives in Montenegro are somewhat cut off; not the ones in Hercegnovi, but higher in the mountains, and this is the kind of drivel we can expect? Bozhe moi!

  5. I agree MSN is sick I wounder how they fell when most of the poor people lost love ones in this freeze took MSN to court sued them to hell thats not funny I pray for the 140,000 people trapped for more help it tells you man has no control over natures wraft she is in control we are nothing it we have to respect natures power to survive and when it brings the coming ice age Billy boy Gates with all his money not protect when natures wraft comes knocking his door then we can have the last laugh with his knob froozen in the air

    • Hold on John… Don’t go mixing Tripe into this! I like Tripe and would hate to see its good name sullied by association with the AGW Agenda! LoL

  6. Wacky and wonderful? Are they crazy? They should come in some village in Marche region and then probably will change their minds.

  7. What should be noticed and of some concern is the tendency for elitists and misled common folk to rejoice at the death toll in places like europe… I am talking about the death toll among ordinary people who are not doing anything worthy of death but are caught in a situation that is not their fault. Example getting buried in 4 meters of snow.
    In my view criminals and perverts and their fans for are expendable but the demise of innocent people is unfortunate and tragic. Just something to keep in mind as we experience the end of the recent interglacial period.

  8. Heck all these mainstream media are sickos’s – that’s why I never watch any news networks on TV ever again.
    Kill Your Television – and stick with for REAL weather news.

  9. MSM will put any information or news reporting that debunks global warming. They seem to be very quiet about what is going on around the world weather wise. As far as Bill Gates being a humanist he wants to reduce the world’s population down to about 500 million people, He is also one of the largest shareholders in the evil Monsanto along with George Soros.

  10. the same kind of weather cycle as in Medieval times that came from all the Roman industry….I wonder what the dinosaurs did to bring on their weather problems.

    • Dino Flatus! Similar to the Bovine Flatus from California Dairy Cows. LoL

      A couple of years ago they tried to ban dairy cows in California due to the alleged Bovine digestive gases contributing to “Global Warming” by increasing “Atmospheric Greenhouse Gases.”

      You can’t fix STONED either..!

  11. People dying in the cold is being spun out so badly. In any other situation this sort of BS would not be acceptable.
    Global warming is not just a scam anymore for me. Its a humanity free zone.

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  13. Not just unbelievable, Robert, bordering on criminal.

    By the way, Kenneth Lund, I got rid of TV two years ago and have not had one moment of missing it. Don’t even ask me what the latest shows are. Don’t know, don’t care.

  14. “Wacky and Wonderful weather phenomena”. “Wacky” because their failing computermodels are falling apart before the reality. “Wonderful” because “useless eaters” are freezing to death. The AGW psychopaths have a way with words.

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