Hundreds of UK motorists stranded on coldest March day on record

Police battled to rescue hundreds of motorists trapped in their cars by snowdrifts (several feet of snow in parts of South West England) after a day when temperature never rose above -5C.

About 1,000 vehicles were stuck on the M80 last night and had to be cleared by the Scottish authorities this morning.

About 100 vehicles were also stuck in snow on the A303 at Ilminster, Somerset, where police and rescue teams were deployed.

Coldest March day on record

Britain was also warned gas supplies could run out as record low temperatures led to a surge in demand
Yesterday was the coldest March day on record with temperatures not rising above -5.8C in Okehampton.

The country was enduring the coldest day in March since records began in 1959.

Ten people died in the so-called “cold snap,” which affected the whole of Britain.

The Met Office has put England under an unprecedented red warning for snow, amid concerns that up to 1ft 8in (50 cm) could fall in the South West.

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“Next year should be fun,” says Stephen. “These idiots continue to believe this is just ‘weather’.”


7 thoughts on “Hundreds of UK motorists stranded on coldest March day on record

  1. SO….who is shipping food around? How are the delivery Trucks doing?

    How is this going to effect every single crop across the ENTIRE British Isles?

    Who is going to work? Who is going to get behind on their bills, rent, credit cards?

    What is going to happen to the States tax income when nobody is spending, working or going anyplace?

    Now imagine 2-3 solid months of this….like, next year?

  2. so the poor police had to risk their lives for utter cretins who just had to…go driving in the well warned of dangerous conditions..
    beggars belief

  3. And now the UK is beset with water shortages in the wake of the ‘big thaw’. If this county can’t cope with three days of relatively mild snow and ice without the infrastructure completely falling apart and the people crying out for help, how can we hope to withstand a GSM? They’ll be killing each other for a tin of beans before a week is out. Welcome to the UK.

  4. Dear Robert, Thanks for this excellent article, and many others here on your website. It would seem indeed that to the authorities, and especially the BBC, that what we have just experienced in the UK with ‘7 days straight of snowing/ heavy snowing’ and sub-zero temps in March, is merely an abberation from the norm, and it is ‘historic’ in that we personally shall never see it again in our lifetime. Such is their attitute. I live Eastern Scotland, in the countryside, and everything just.. STOPPED overnight last Thursday through to Sunday. The supermarkets were closed, most of the shops, shools, main aiports were closed. I personally have not seen weather like this in the UK since 1963 when I was but 11 years old living in England at the time in Durham. I have some fantastic photos which I could send you of blocked roads and paths, with 7 feet snowdrifts which were a hundred feet wide etc. Now today Monday 05/03/18, we are told there is a ‘BIG THAW’ and it is the end of the crisis.
    One question is, why is the temperature still so LOW, even if it is now raining. Here it is but 1-2C, which is certainly not mild for March. Temps at this time of the year should be around 8-10C. This last week we saw temps down to minus 15C and it was subzero for at least 4-5 days with heavy snow. THAT IS NOT NORMAL!? This winter I counted over 30 days of FROSTS! I think that the Climate is shifting much colder, before our very eyes, although I dread the thought or another week like last week. We had to stay home and fortunately our electricity didn’t go off, as happened to 10s of thousands of others in the UK. We prepared in advance and had enough food, but if the weather had continued for yet another week, we would have been in trouble. EUROPE is still caught in the grip of the ‘BEAST from the EAST’. I think that the big question to ask is: What caused the ‘HOT RISING AIR CURRENTS’ over the Arctic some 2-3 weeks ago that in turn caused the ‘Beast from the East’? Have you noticed how stupid the ‘Global Warming’ camp are. They are getting frantic and shrill, and stating that ‘Global Warming’ will mean hotter summers in the UK and colder winters. I haven’t seen any hot summers for years, and last summer was too cold! They want to win with Global Warming no matter what LIES they spin! Pathetic really!

    Best Wishes,


  5. In part it’s the vehicles but also that the drivers haven’t got a clue how to drive in the conditions

    A very high percentage of the UK car population is leased. Lease companies only put summer tyres on them – mainly for cost. I got held up numerous times in the snow by rear wheel drive cars stuck, or sliding all over the road, on very modest inclines.

    On top of that there’s the decision whether the journey was really necessary. Heaven help us if we get a repeat of this next year.

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