Hurricane Irene – 6-10 inches widespread heavy rains – Most impactful in decades

25 Aug 11 – Hurricane Irene could strike a devastating blow to a large section of the East Coast, says this article in the Washington Post.

Irene appears headed towards the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions this weekend — areas that haven’t endured tropical storm-force winds and rain in years.

“Not only are severe impacts likely for coastal regions from the Outer Banks of North Carolina to New England, but interior sections of the mid-Atlantic, including the Richmond, Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and Philadelphia may also experience major effects from Irene.”

Irene could be most impactful hurricane for the east in over 4 decades, say Joseph D’Aleo and Joe Bastardi of Weatherbell Analytics

NOAA’s Hydrometeorological Prediction Center stated this morning:

[Irene] potentially could be extremely destructive with massive disruptions to society and commerce along its entire track with very high winds/storm surge/ocean overwash/beach erosion/sound and bay side coastal flooding and extreme tide potential. Widespread heavy rains in the 6-10 inch range will be common with greatly increased inland flood potential.

The governors of Maryland and Virginia declared states of emergency on Thursday and the U.S. Navy sent dozens of its ships out to sea from their southeastern Virginia bases.

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2 thoughts on “Hurricane Irene – 6-10 inches widespread heavy rains – Most impactful in decades”

  1. It appears that Irene has weakened to a cat 2 this morning and shear has increased over the system. It might not be a strong as expected.

  2. Irene certainly isn’t an impressive hurricane. IR indicates that cloud tops continue to warm, evidence that convection/thunderstorms are weakening. The latest HRD wind analysis shows that there are almost no hurricane-strength winds in the western 1/2 of the circulation. Although with its large size, heavy rains, high tides and strong gusty winds certainly will be a concern in the path of Irene.

    Moderate wind shear continues over Irene, and some drier air is evident around and to the W and N of Irene per satellite-estimated precipitable water and water vapor.

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