Hypocrisy Rules!

Man-made global warming is known as Anthropogenic. But is it? And is it really getting warmer?


Hypocrisy Rules!

Lyn Jenkins

Man-made global warming is known as Anthropogenic. But is it? And is it really getting warmer?

Global warning was not anthropogenic in the Mediaeval Warm Period, circa AD 1000 when the Vikings farmed Greenland.

Nor was it so when the Romans were in Britain. They left here in AD 410 , having grown grapes in what is now Yorkshire in Northern England. That cannot be done today. Too cold.

Temperatures are really trending down!

The Arctic area snow mass on LAND is mainly on Greenland.

One thing is sure, the level of the Adriatic in Venice is similar to where it was 300 years ago. Look at the water levels around the Venice churches built in the 1700s.

The Adriatic is open to the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, so the sea will find its own level.

So why is this happening in the U.K.?

Diesel/Petrol manufacturing of cars will be banned in 2030, in favour of electric vehicles[EVs] .

Check gridwatch.co.uk and note wind-generated electricity for UK.

It averages 6000MW and can be as low as 95MW under High Pressure. The UK is small and narrow compared to US. So one large high over UK covers most of the country ,which is much less than 250 miles in width in most places. So most wind turbines stop!!

There are 40 million vehicles in UK. If 30 million become EVs of the size of Nissan Leaf[ one of the smallest ], they would need a 5kW charge for 8 hours to fully charge the 40kWh battery, to drive 150 miles a day . That totals 150,000,000 kW = 150,000 MW.

So if 30 million EVs average just a quarter of the mileage…..37.5 miles a day ……they would still need 150,000MW for 2 hours each day for just a partial charge, would they not?

The UK also needs 55000MW for homes, offices, factories ,hotels, HOSPITALS etc , in winter.

So where is this 205,000 MW going to come from once we shut fossil fuel power stations? We have moth-balled our coal power stations……..but they have been needed since January 2021 in cold spells when the wind has dropped.

Meanwhile, Germany has a lot of solar energy and wind turbines in the North……. but note how much reliable German electricity comes from hard coal and filthy brown coal [ lignite] to make their tens of millions of diesel/petrol cars for export to the world, including the Guardian readers and greenies of the U.K. !!

Enter “gridwatch templar, Germany ” into Google to find out the truth !

Hypocrisy Rules!

18 thoughts on “Hypocrisy Rules!”

  1. There will be a run on fossil fueled
    vehicles starting 2/3 years before the they’re phased out. Make sure you plan well ahead if you want to keep driving. The priced of used vehicles will also escalate as the driving public move to keep a 2nd vehicle to extend their driving freedom.
    New vehicle sales will probably drive many manufacturers out of business too. Economic chaos is certain.

    Let’s see how many countries actually enforce this EV fantasy. Governments which sprung the idea will certainly disappear before then along with their dopey politicians.

    • yeah seeing it coming
      grabbing a wreck with a spare engine and useful body parts is my plan for my jackaroo
      dont forget tyres either as theyll be harder to source as the EV toys use smaller wheels etc and bigger older tyres will get scarce AND even more expensive too.
      I have land to store stuff I feel for those in cities and flats etc who just cant manage that

    • Used vehicles are going up already – money printing by US – and I have 4 pre 1980 trucks that can withstand EMP’s and Solar storms…IF I live that is!!!!

  2. Don’t you know hypocrisy is the “in thing”? This applies not only to “climate change” but just about everything else including the “pandemic” and now the “new normal.” We live in a world of absolute hypocrisy! A few years back I came across some research by an anthropologist that proposed that humans are devolving and I chuckled. I no longer chuckle now as it may very well be true! We can now only hope for a magnetic polar shift as a means to save some of us from the psychotics that rule over us. Sad that humans had so much potential and that we have now been reduced to mindless sheep full of hypocrisy and stark ignorance! Why we don’t even realize that we have been and still are being played like fiddles by the “powers that be” which, by the way, are VERY evil and dark powers. I would offer a bit of hope in that we would catch on but, frankly, I now think it is even too late for that.

  3. If more people get the jab there will be fewer drivers and less need for electricity to charge the cars up…. Green energy has a price tag and that is death.

    • Ask a Greenie how he is going to Farm with an EV! The look you get will be one of two things – Preposterous poppycock look OR oh I didn’t think of that.
      Actually a third – Farming … what’s that? I thought everything came from a Market!
      These people will stave first!

  4. No, no! The objective is NOT to let everyone have a personal vehicle!

    It’s so simple! Reduce everyone who lives in a city or town to walking or biking or taking the trams, and have groceries delivered, and while we’re at it, end the entire business with municipal sanitation plants, because it’s much better to just throw the night soil into the streets… isn’t it?

    (Do I have to put in “sarc”?)

    Back in the Regency Period, summers in England were quite warm, unless there was a nasty weather front that brought in really, really cold weather and froze the Thames. Then Londoners were treated to Frost Fairs on the Thames. That was around the same time Napoleon decided to invade Russia with 600,000 troops. The Russian troops retreated, laying waste to everything to keep him and his army from seizing any of it. By the time Napoleon reached Moscow, a large portion of his army was dead and gone. And in this particular case, when he began his retreat, the weather turned bitter cold, horses were dying along the wayside from cold and lack of fodder, and the remaining troops were just as bad off. By the time they left Russia, he had barely 100,000 troops remaining and many more died of exposure and starvation.
    This is a little over 200 years later: it’s coming around again. In my area, the normal daytime temps should be in the mid-60s to mid-70s and night temps in the upper 50s. The wildflowers like mayapples should have blossomed already and the various trillium species should have come and gone by now, but they are only just now starting to blossom and it is mid-May, NOT mid-April. Glad I am that my camera’s software date-stamps my images, so I don’t have to guess. Even the geese are hatching late for this time of year.

  5. While it is hypocrisy, That is too soft. It is lying and propaganda, not just having incompatible beliefs. Of course, they have always used the MSM to push it, like the failed Invasion or Afghanistan (to get the opium flowing again), JFK, RFK, MLK (whether you think he was a bad man or not), Gulf of Tonkin, all the invasions in Latin America/Caribbean, and that’s only a fraction of the lied and propaganda that the MSM provided, none of which were to support “Democracy” and “peace”, just more cannon fodder of the people who actually support democracy and peace.

  6. hypocrisy writ large with eeyore musk promoting bitcoin then going all “special” over the power used to produce it. never mind the drain on the power for his crap cars OR the fuel and waste on all his dud rockets etc

    • Gerard, the capacity is expressed without the hours. If you don’t have the capacity, the hours are meaningless and the system/grid crashes. This will be an interesting experiment in the UK.

  7. And in addition to the battery cars the UK government wants to take gas as a fuel for heating. At least a few articles are appearing in the legacy media questioning how the stupid lying oaf Johnson’s Net Zero but then to anyone with a functioning brain there have been huge holes in this policy.

  8. I don’t know why are we worried about this green thing.
    I autumn all greens turn brown…..they turn brown in my colon also.

  9. And the oil companies, what will be their future? What are they for?
    If the biggest Brazilian Oil company closes its doors (Petrobras), what will be the consequences?
    If the biggest company in your country closes, It will change your life, city, country?
    Who needs to survive, the Earth or you?

    • Yes Martin! I’mm surprised the oil companies do not point out the idiocy of EVs for which the electricity simply does not exist in the UK.
      Put simply, the electricity needed by UK EVs is the replacement of ALL THE ENERGY currently sold to motorists by Shell, BP, Esso, Amoco, Texaco et al. It is common sense that if EVs WERE a success, that UK sales from all these oil companies will plummet almost to NOTHING!
      Their current UK sales for petrol [gasolene] and diesel must be absolutely MASSIVE![ Anyone got that figure for the UK ?]
      So if the UK had 30 to 40 million EVs[ we have 40 million vehicles in UK]……..we are ELIMINATING all that oil based fuel!
      So why aren’t the big oil companies not pointing out the fallacies of the UK government mathematics?
      Just check out Gridwatch.co.uk or Gridwatch.templar.co.uk and you will find that UK wind energy only AVERAGES 6000MW . That is absolutely PALTRY compared to UK diesel and petrol usage!!


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