I-90 East of Seattle closed – Too much snow.

Almost two feet of new snow.

The road closure took place this morning, 11  Jan 2020, at 1:30 AM

Now here’s the ski area beside I-90 bragging about all the snow.

Good afternoon folks! Our snow dances seemed to have paid off. Continuous snowfall yesterday and throughout last night have provided the hills with almost TWO FEET (60 cm) of new snow!

Farther north, highway 2 was closed for avalanche control, chains required:

Bellingham: !0F, Monday night, snow later in the week .

Monday night: chill factor, 5F (-15C)

Thanks to Oly for these links

“Here, Bellingham residents, lick this steel pole and tell me how heating your house with natural gas causes global warming,” says Oly.

3 thoughts on “I-90 East of Seattle closed – Too much snow.”

  1. Global warming has much to do with the particles that the earth is bumping into in space. Not much we can do against it. We just have to endure with what we are thrown. The earth is spinning against electrons. Just look at the planet Venus and its temperature. It is spinning the opposite way of the other planets, explaining its much hotter temperature. Notice that Venus has a near constant temperature.

  2. From their web site 1:58 PM Eastern 1/12/2020
    Alpental Top 23 °F 11 mph

    5 ” Since 5am
    6 ” 12Hr
    27 ” 24Hr
    55 ” 48Hr
    230 ” Season Total
    152 ” Base

    55″ in 48 hours seems like a good bit of snow…

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