I smell a big fat commie rat manipulating the language

“Our first Ah Ha! moment is to realize that “right wing” means exactly nothing.”


Here are excerpts from an E.M. Smith article entitled

Socialism, Utopia, Workers Paradise

Here are excerpts from an E.M. Smith article. I think you might enjoy it.

Our first Ah Ha! moment is to realize that “right wing” means exactly nothing. It’s a catch all for “collectivists don’t like it” and they don’t like the history of Fascism being scored on their side, so they’ve pushed it over here on the “right wing” too and drug Nationalism along for the ride to assure you get both Italy and Germany assigned to “not us over here on the left!!”. So what IS now counted as ‘left wing’?

Our major clue here is to discover that whenever you see the word Social as a modifier, suspect fraud is being done to the modified word. Also, watch for the ‘redefinition rebranding’ game being played. It may not be 100%, but it is a very fruitful clue.

OK. conclusion time: “right wing” and “left wing” are entirely useless terms with the possible exception that “Left Wing” is consistently used by the Socialists, Communists and other Marxist Collectivists at least since the time that they shoved the Republicans over into the same (propaganda driven definition) side as the reactionaries and Monarchs.

Basically, I “smell a big fat commie rat” at work manipulating the language.

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  1. Well in a world where people don’t even know the meaning of the word “Fascio” the confusion begins.

    Fascio is an Italian word literally meaning “a bundle” or “a sheaf”, and figuratively “league”, and which was used in the late 19th century to refer to political groups of many different orientations. A number of nationalist fasci later evolved into the 20th century Fasci movement, which became known as fascism.

    Now surely that makes the bundle left wing?

    Like for example N.A.T.O. ????

    Or, as you said, “commies”.

    TPTB run the right and TPTB run the left, and Jeff Rense has an excellent talk about T.P.T.B.


    • The symbol goes back to the Roman Republic and Empire. It predates the hammer and sickle. All legal politics today is leftist.

  2. So according to you the Nazis never manipulated Language. I suppose they never burned all those Books either! The Far Right is equally as bad as the Far Left and to say it isn’t is completely delusional.

  3. The terms Left and Right come from the French. They refer to the left bank and right bank of the Seine River in Paris. The artists, poets and socialist activist lived on the Left Bank and the merchants, church leaders and government officials lived on the right. Thus conservatives became identified with the Right (bank) and Liberals, socialist became identified with the Left (bank). I thought everyone knew this.

  4. Really, this isn’t all that complicated when you talk about right wing and left wing people! If the positions you are taking are correct, then you obviously are in the “right” wing. If the positions aren’t among those that are “right,” or correct, then they are those that are “left over” and thus are “left wing,” Where is the complication?

  5. You are correct. Left and Right mean nothing. In governance (to govern means to control) you either have self-government, that is zero control by others, especially a nation/congress/leaders/whatever, or you have varying degrees of control. Think of a scale from 0 to 100%. All governments are over the 50%. None have achieved 100% although many would like to. A dictatorship is a dictatorship whether you call it left or right, they are closer to the 100% control point than a nation that leaves its people alone except for those who would violate the rights of others. Unfortunately, we have no such nation, and especially not the United States, the biggest jailer (in numbers and per capita) in the world.

  6. Back and forth to the fourth turning ! Polarity flips every 40 years-generations-. History repeats with watershed events. 160 years is a full cycle. But it’s fractal

  7. Just a question: does “Social” as a modifier include Social Morons?

    Only asking, because I seem to run into an awful lot of them these days. 😉

  8. another way to look at this is the anchor analogy. Imagine an anchors shank, and then its palms on the crow arm. one to the left and one to the right. as you move up to the top of the shank away from the crow arm you find a populace that is self reliant and able, libertarian to a manner. As the populace mentality moves back down to the crow arm, they become dependent, they blame others for what they think they can’t achieve, they form mobs so theft for their benefit can occur. as the populace moves down the shank the crow arm grows. it either grows left and you get socialism/communism or it moves to the right, where you get nationalist socialism/ communism. You cannot have our bill of rights and be on the crow arm. the two cannot coexist.

  9. in America, the right historically has always been about living at the top of the shank. Individual rights. That is different from Europe where the right was just another brand of the mob. But in modern times, the right in America has some of the characteristics of Europe’s right.

  10. My Grandad trained to fight Marxists during the Archangel Campaign in 1919.
    My Father, his brother, and a host of other family members fought National Socialists and Imperial Japan during WWII.
    My uncles fought Marxists in Korea.
    My cousins fought Marxists in Vietnam.
    I trained to fight Marxists in the 80’s, but only ever got to fight Islamofascists.
    Fighting dictators and Marxists is kind of a family business.
    The way things are going here at home, my sons might have to carry on the tradition.

  11. Noam Chomsky had a good turn of phrase: Manufacturing Consent.

    Totalitarians of all stripes use these techniques. And yes, the only real meaning of “Right Wing” and “Left Wing” is that assigned to it by people who want to manipulate you to gain wealth and power.

    It’s much more accurate to speak of Totalitarians vs. (actual, philosophical) Democrats (vs. the political party). Or perhaps Centralists vs. Decentralists, or Libertarians vs. Control Freaks.

  12. Hi Robert,
    I recommend reading The 5000 Year Leap A Miracle That Changed the World by W. Cleon Skousen. It explained so much to me regarding 28 Principles of Freedom. Without these 28 principles of freedom people will never have peace and prosperity. Basically, our U.S. Constitution is a miracle!


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