I think the idea of reparations is insane – Let me tell you why

Francis Xavier Felix (Handsome devil, wasn’t he.)

My great grandfather, Francis Xavier Felix, who was born and raised in Quebec, emigrated to the United States in his late teens to early 20s. Francis was so opposed to slavery that during the U.S. Civil War he voluntarily joined the Union Army* to help free the slaves. Unfortunately he was injured during his service.

Francis never owned any slaves. So why should my tax dollars go to reparations?

As to my great grandparents on my mother’s side, they emigrated from Ireland and Scotland to Canada in the mid 1800s, I assume as a result of the great famine. They never owned any slaves. And they didn’t emigrate to the United States until the early 1900s, long after the Civil War.  So why should my tax dollars go to reparations?

In the same vein, my wife’s great grandparents emigrated from Scotland and Scandinavia to the U.S. and settled in Minnesota in the late 1800s, again, after the Civil War.

In other words, absolutely none of my forebears, nor my wife’s, ever owned any slaves. So why should our tax dollars to reparations?

I think the idea of one man enslaving another is reprehensible. I also think that using my tax dollars for reparations is insane.

What about you? When did your ancestors come to the United States?

If your forebears arrived here after the Civil War, why should your tax dollars go to reparations?

Isn’t it just a little tad racist to be charging us for something that none of our ancestors had absolutely no party to?

  • Just for the record, Francis Xavier Felix enlisted in the Civil War from Worcester, Vermont and was a Wagoner in Company J, 11th Regiment, Vermont Volunteer Infantry or 1st H.A. He was mustered into service on 1 Sep 1862 under Capt. Robinson Templeton and assigned to Vermont Brigade 2, Division 6 Corps of Washington D.C. The regiment was under the command of Col. James M Warner.

About a year-and-a- half later, around February 1864, Francis was injured in a fall from a load of hay that he was moving from Washington D.C. to Fort Bunker Hill. It is not known if he participated on any of the battles in which his company fought, namely: Spotsylvania, Virginia, 15-18 May 1864; Cold Harbor, Virginia, 1-12 June 1864; Weldon Railroad, Virginia, 23 June 1864, and Opequam, West Virginia, 21 August 1864. At some point he lost the use of his arm and was sent to Howard Hospital, Washington D.C. for two months and was then sent to the Slan General Hospital in Montpelier, Vermont. He was discharged from there on 1 Jan 1865. His injury caused paralysis and atrophy of his right arm.

As a final question, if my great grandfather was injured during the Civil Was while trying to free the slaves, am I not owed reparations myself? (In case you missed it, that’s meant to be sarcasm.)

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  1. Stinking scumbags!! Just more liberal BS and extreme insanity by the communists hell bent on destroying this country! Everyone is sick and tired of these lazy sons of bitches not wanting to get off their ASS and live off the hard working white man! There will be a war in this country and we will take it back.

    • Agree with you word for word.
      My Father (born 1932) and his siblings grew up in a level of poverty that people today cannot imagine. What he and his family endured haunted him his entire life. It also spurred him onward: military service, plus hard work along the way, helped him get through college, then through veterinary school. The ragged, dirty, little boy from the oilfield broke the cycle of poverty- as did all six of his siblings- by honest hard, hard, work. There is no telling how many people he and his business partner helped, or at least tried to help, move forward from similar situations.

      I’ve known plenty of people over the years who had similar backgrounds- or worse!- and have succeeded at whatever endeavor they put their hearts to achieving. NONE of what they accomplished happened through laziness. NONE of what they accomplished was the result of taking from others.

      At some point, the ‘producer’s are going to shrug off the responsibility for a while and give the ‘takers’ the opportunity to fully realize what they’ve taken for granted.

  2. I have a similar pedigree, but it has been explained to me that is irrelevant. Since I am white, I have clearly benefited at least indirectly from slavery, so need to pay up. To do otherwise is racist, or so they say.

  3. I know I’m directly male lineage from Capt. John Cessna who served in the Revolutionary War from Bedford, PA. My ancestors moved into solesbery, in, diamond Cherokee, IA; Coleridge, cedar, NE; Fruita, CO; Santa Maria, CA where some still live and I’m in Huntsville, AL where my son is the last male descendant in this line.

    No one owned slaves, quite a few military service. My Grandfather (born in Coleridge, NE had my father and uncle in Fruita, Co before moving to Santa Maria, CA where I was born, served in WWII and Korea where he was awarded the Bronze Star. My father was in the National Guard during Vietnam.

    My family has done nothing but serve this nation and go out and cherish its founding principles.

    I don’t think the whole woke reparations outlooks sits well than with those who have been fed a victim mentality by the race baiters who use their circumstance to show how bad blacks have it, they move out of those neighborhoods, get married before having a child and stay married and they do the same if not better than other races.

    The commy Democrat left wing whackos want division, they create in order to tear the 95% normal folk who just go about their day.

    People need to reach that breaking point and say no more control that isn’t based on the founding principles we all grew up with, enough!!

  4. In addition to our never owning slaves the current recipients never were slaves.
    Include me OUT.

    • The fundamental truth of genetics is that every individual is a totally unique and chance combination of genes, resulting from a random shuffle of the gene pool of his species. Chromosomes from my mother and father are split and swapped and spliced in each of the billions of my sperm, and similarly, in the eggs of my mate a mixing has occurred. Our children are just Nature’s roll of the dice. Once an individual has flourished for a while, the blueprint for him is torn up and discarded forever, even if he is a combination that would typify a more advanced organism. Evolution works to change the gene pool not to change the organism and not to change the collection of organisms at any moment that constitutes the species.

      The idea that in some sense we are reincarnations of the people who happen to appear in our genealogical trees, and are entitled to their assets or burdened with their liabilities, is merely a ‘gas-lighting’ trick.

      • the presently supported idea that past stresses continue influencing generations 3 or more times past that?
        oh FFS!
        yes starvation will make the progeny of that woman/man likelier to have health issues like booze abuse give FAS small headed/ weird kids ,ditto stress adrenaline while in utero, results in behaviour and temperament issues in the kids
        but the utter loopiness of saying its affecting 6th gen on way way way removed genes.. descendants?
        calling for a reality check on that
        thats a HUGE issue here in Aus where shiny white never been bush types are”claiming their heritage” along with a shitload of govt handouts, and being ever so vocal about the hardships that descrimination..huh? caused them
        if they didnt wave their lil “im black” flags and rave on not a soul would begin to see them as other than the priveledge(roflmao) white they appear
        and here in Aus the DO get priveledges they seem to manage to ignore over porr whites who get very little if anything like that amount of help for housing education health etc
        and my mums family was the aussie version of poor white trash here 1930 depression born lots of kids in family little work lots less food or money and they managed to survive it all, only losing one child even with the polio etc.free settlers didnt mean they had anything but their labour to sell and survive, not all were well heeled..
        Patrick white wrote the aus version of grapes of wrath in a way
        Tree of Man..depressing as hell but brutally honest in its story

  5. My family came here in the early 1900’s, My Mom’s side may not have ever even heard of the civil war till they got here.
    If anybody should pay, how about the families of the former slave owners, they may still be rich from it and the families of the ship owners in Rhode Island that brought them over here in the first place. (that last bit of info is from one of my very old history books. Slavery chapter.
    Of course we all know which political party ALL the slave owners were part of.
    And its only been around 3 months since they cheated their way into the White House! What Next?


    “It’s completely unacceptable for either the government or the private sector to impose upon you the requirement that you show proof of vaccine to just simply be able to participate in normal society,” he said at a press conference Monday.

    DeSantis said such passes were unnecessary, and he expressed privacy concerns over large corporations’ handling of vaccine data. “You want the fox to guard the henhouse?” he said. “Give me a break.”

  7. My family on both sides came to the USA between 1915-1918. They never owned slaves either where they came from… in fact it could be argued that my father’s family from Poland WERE slaves, however the “white privilege” version called serfs.

    If you look into it though… serfs were part of the deal if a landowner sold their land the serfs that were tied to that land were part of the financial exchange. Also, serfs were not allowed to marry unless their “Master” allowed it and there was a thing where on the wedding night if the local “Lord” so chose… he could have first dibs on the virgin bride. Sounds like slavery to me!

  8. Francis Xavier Felix (Handsome devil, wasn’t he.)… Looks and sounds like he was a straight shooter with guts to me.

  9. Reparations have nothing to do with sanity, commonsense, justice or anything else.
    They have to do with gaining and holding power.
    That’s all.

  10. every point above is valid! saw that some fool state did say theyd pay..theyll be very sorry very soon Id say
    wonder if the councillors pensions are locked up away from being stolen for this?
    if ANYONE should be paying reparation(not really at this stage in time) then ALL the old families like the bush clintons rockerfellas rothschilds and the rest,a huge swath of the present senate and others whos ancestors did get filthy rich from their owning the land n slavewages paid to WHITE and blacks should pay up. funny how the Po’ white trash didnt even get a hovel or food supplied but the negros did?
    Id say theyd have just as much right to claim

  11. I believe that we can understand this issue only in the light of what ex-KGB Juri Bezmenov said: That this is in fact a cultural and ideological attack on America. Blaming good old white americans for slavery – even though these were the very people who fought against and ended slavery in the world – its not only upside down – it’s down right evil agenda. Why don’t they focus on Arabia, where there are slave markets to this very day? Well – because – it is not about slavery: It is about the destruction of the cultural heritage of Americans and the British, and Europeans in general. There is no other explanation, in my humble opinion.

  12. I`m Irish, so being some of the first slaves,
    actually indentured,
    (which was worse than slavery)
    We should also qualify,but we would refuse it
    I guarantee,because we always have had real
    work ethics and pride in ourselves

    By the way,I hope most are aware,the uncivil war was not about slavery,but northern corporate aggression. Unfortunately Lincoln
    was murdered before he was able to send
    them back to where they originated. He despised the species

  13. 3/4 of my ancestors were here before the civil war. Some distant ancestors were here long before the Pilgrims. My grandmother’s parents came over in the early 1900s.

    I have antebellum ancestors that were slave owners in Virginia. So what? That’s ancient history.

    One civil war era non-slave owning 3rd great grandfather had moved to Iowa from Tennessee because he couldn’t compete with the owners of slaves who hired their slave out to others. When he and his oldest sons tried to enlist in the Iowa volunteers, they were turned away for “being too southern in their beliefs.”

    While history after reconstruction hasn’t been kind to the freed slaves and many of their descendants, the social inequities that may still exist are not going to be fixed by reparations. The whole idea is a product of some peoples’ misplaced social guilt.

    • I don’t have a dog in this particular fight, so my disinterested take is that yours is the wisest comment here.

  14. My ancestors were enslaved by the Romans.

    Then the Africans would cross the Mediterranean Sea, assault Southern France, and takes White Slaves back to African.

    Where is MY money?

  15. Several of the commentators have described their opponents as communists. This seems old-fashioned because we have been brainwashed for the last couple of generations to think that only lunatics fear a communist takeover. Yet I believe that is exactly what we are seeing throughout the Western world. The elites, led by the bankrupt bankers, have abandoned private enterprise for the policies of Stalin and Mao.

    • the new socialism is communism by any other name
      and our unis are full of them from the 60s onwards theyve gained power BY MISeducation of our kids
      some bimbo on ABC radio show here yesterday arguing the bidets great green new deal is what aus should follow
      nearly threw up

  16. None of my ancestors were in the States until well after the Civil War. Secondly, many of my ancestors’ fellow immigrants from the same countries were also discriminated against. So I see no reason for me or any in my family to pay for reparations for something for which we had nothing to do.

  17. The whole idea of reparations taken from people who have never had slaves and given to people who have never been slaves is repugnant. If this idea is forced through, I think the blacks in America will endure such long-lasting enmity for this egregious act that even many who have all their lives supported and upheld black causes will turn against giving their support any longer. All people, in general, hate injustice, and reparations by people living today for slavery that ended 156 year ago, is the epitomy of injustice. Those who are championing this atrocity need their heads examined, and deserve the scorn of thinking men and women.

    • Wayne, I think you have hit the nail on its head. Another give away by virtue signalers. My only solace is that I won’t have to live with this time of insanity to see its known result. Science has been silenced, justice has been trampled and the underdogs have been enslaved. I hope my children and grandchildren will see the revolution to it’s conclusion and overturn this rabid frenzy of ignorant hypocrisy.

  18. My mother’s family settled on a land grant from William Penn. They left Germany to escape religious persecution. Father’s family was driven out of France by religious persecution before 1700. My mother’s grandfather fought in the Union Army in the Civil War. I never owned a slave, nor profited from any form of human trafficking. I don’t owe anybody anything for slavery which ended 90 years before I was born!

  19. Grandparents on Dad’s side immigrated in 1930, from Norway.
    Dad served in WWII.
    Wife did not immigrate here until 1990.
    Nobody on Mom’s side ever owned a slave to our knowledge.
    In fact we had multiple relations that served in the Union Army during the Civil War.
    Fact is reparations aren’t about that.
    Reparations are about getting and keeping power.

  20. I am of Welsh descent, 2nd Generation American.
    For many generations the Irish took Scot and Welsh slaves.
    St. Patrick being the most famous.
    My demanding reparations from the Irish should be in order.

  21. Someone once said that things happened in the American Civil War that couldn’t have happened in other wars. The same could be said of most wars, I suppose, to one degree or another. But here’s one to ponder:
    My great-great uncle served in both the Confederate and Union Armies. In some cases, captured Confederate soldiers could sign a statement that they did not support the Confederate cause, and were forced to join the Confederate Army against their will. They could then be inducted into the Union Army. Of course whatever their true feelings, there was a great incentive to do this, as soldiers were treated much better than POWS. I doubt that they were ever trusted for front line service, and were probably kept in rear support positions, and probably pretty menial ones at that. Nevertheless they were Union soldiers. So, which side would his service count on? Do his descendants owe reparations, or not?

  22. I feel a lot of sympathy and empathy for your family Robert , but this is in this case besides the point . The true truth in life is that you can never , not in any case . make the children responsible for the misdeeds of their parents . For instance the daughter of Stalin ,who murdered 10s of millions , was given a free pass upon her wish to settle in the usa , if I am right . No reparations , no nothing even when she had profited as a child from the power of her father . Each person is responsible for himself from his birth and whether your father or mother was a slave does not matter . The only thing you need to take care of is not becoming a slave yourself !

  23. My Canadian relatives and ancestors never had slaves of any race either.
    Is there a statute of limitations on slavery?
    Being white does not mean that one owes allegedly oppressed groups anything.
    Maybe we owe ourselves liberation from criminals , anti whites and extortioners.
    That I think makes sense.
    As for slavery it was a doomed institution any way as mechanization and technology would have made slaves obsolete.

  24. I suggest that all reparation money collected should buy free transport for all descendants of slaves back to their countries of origin. Imo blacks in the USA are privileged compared to those living in Africa.

  25. Are the recent immigrants from west Africa to USA supposed to get reparations also?

    Maybe many of their ancestors were the one who captured the slaves for sale.

  26. I believe the powers that be prefer to keep us arguing among ourselves rather than turning our attention where it belongs…the mismanagement of our nation by the greedy ambitious twits that dwell in D.C.

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