I think you’ll enjoy this short video

The Kiffness – Sweet Corona (Sweet Caroline Parody)


7 thoughts on “I think you’ll enjoy this short video”

  1. Ive probably heard worse…maybe;-))
    liked the little message pay to not sing at the end
    I actually did that to carol singers one yr
    dont sing, just take the money and go;-))
    (it wasnt that they were that bad…but my dogs didnt like it at all)
    Id like to see My Sharona also rejigged
    it was a popular song in Aus in the 70s, stuffed if I remember why? it was
    and yes read the comments;-))) lol
    lots of others had the same thought

    • When I clicked on the link I got a message that the video hasn’t been made available in my country (USA).

      • If you click on the picture at top it shows up.

        To get any original music you might have to do a search on Youtube. Basically, I killed an hour or so this morning after searching “carona parody” … watching this one this morning. Quite a few good ones (including the Bee Gees which you posed later).

  2. ps theres a ripoff of I was only 19 on youtube
    its a signin to view and I refuse to allow the gurglething to have my ID and phone number for obvious reasons
    NOT their business!!!

    • Laurel, might be where you are searching from… I do my searches on Firefire in a private window with DuckDuckGo

      Still… sometimes it will ask me if I want to “subscribe” (which I never do) but also I often get a request that says ” Did you know…
      There’s a new YouTube Music web player for desktop!” I always say I’m not interested, and then it lets me bypass that by checking “no thanks” … then it takes me where I want to go without requiring any info. Sometimes you just have to play around a bit to figure out how get on websites without putting your info in….

  3. I call it the Corona Beer lockdown and Corona Beer depression, as in drunk politicians that created it.

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