IBD Poll Shows Trump Up 2 Points – Other polls show him far behind

Are the polls, in either direction, honest? I dunno.

Do some pollsters call only certain areas? If they called only 202 area codes (the D.C. area) I’m certain their results would be different from the 214, 469 or 972 (Dallas) area-code results.

Do they do such a thing? I dunno. What I do know, is that I’m getting sick of the whole damned mess.



8 thoughts on “IBD Poll Shows Trump Up 2 Points – Other polls show him far behind”

  1. Poles should be used for slinky exotic dancers and brave fireman, as well as for marking the northern and southern tips or our planet.
    Polls are political tools used to encourage or demoralize a particular demographic. They are not scientific or accurate in anyway.
    I pay attention to the first type.
    I rigorously ignore the 2nd.

  2. Both a lie,too many people from all colors and walks of life say so. Believing the msm on this would be like everyone who reads here would wake up tomorrow and believe in AGW. Still only know of one killery sign. One thing I realized back in 88 when I realized Agw was a lie, mainly because the Clintonistas were running on it, just take every thing the US. gov.says as a lie and go from there, Sound familiar?

  3. The majority of the polls are either conducted by or commissioned by the Major media. What else do you need to know??

  4. I feel the same Robert.
    The only thing that matters are the polls in the swing and narrow states and then you don’t know the population polled.
    I am hoping for a Brexit style election where people who have been silent on their vote turn out en masse.

  5. They day of the Brexit vote the polls had “Stay” ahead by 10 points and they lost by 6. What are the odds of a 16 point swing in less than one day? Almost zero.
    What are the odds of the pollsters getting the result their owners wanted? Close to 100%.
    Vote early, vote often 🙂

  6. Since the Electoral College is complicated, it’s possible to win the election and not be President, so a close election can really go either way, or maybe there’s something to the other polls. Hopefully the fix the Electoral College some day, or maybe they will graduate.

  7. I would not listen to any BS putting down Trump!! The hell with them – I’m sure he’s well ahead. They are just trying to discourage you with their lies and make conservatives stay home on election day. Just go out there on election day and vote Trump!
    Ignore EVERYTHING else!

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