No ice age for 1,500 years – Accompanied by photo of GROWING glacier

Current CO2 levels mean an increase in ice volume “would not be possible,” says this article on Reuters, while at the same time showing photo of a GROWING glacier.

This article is way off the mark.

Perito Moreno Glacier

High levels of carbon dioxide mean the next ice age is unlikely to begin for at least 1,500 years, writes Reuters correspondent Nina Chestney.

“Officially, the earth has been in an interglacial, or warmer period, for the last 10,000 to 15,000 years,” says Chestney.

Analysis suggests that the end of the current interglacial would occur within the next 1,500 years, Chestney continues. However, current CO2 levels of 390 ppm mean that “an increase in ice-sheet volume would not be possible.”

“The world is forecast to grow hotter as greenhouse gases continue to rise, increasing threats such as extreme weather events and sea level rise. Delays in curbing emissions growth are putting the planet at risk.”

“The period between the end of an ice age and the beginning of the next is typically about 11,000 years due to a natural cycle related to the Earth’s orbit,” says a different article (this one in the Telegraph), which goes on to admit that the last ice age ended 11,600 years ago and that “the arrival of another already appears overdue.” (Italics added.)

The study was conducted by academics at Cambridge University, University College London, the University of Florida and Norway’s University of Bergen.

The Reuters article (at least the one on Yahoo) is accompanied by a photo of Perito Moreno glacier, the largest glacier in Patagonia.

I wonder if the editor realizes that Perito Moreno glacier is growing?

I wonder if Nina Chestney and the “academics” realize that sea levels are declining?

I wonder if they realize that glaciers are growing in India?

I wonder if they realize that glaciers growing in the Rockies?

Or that glaciers are growing in California and Washington state?

So much for the contention that “an increase in ice-sheet volume would not be possible.”

So much for rising sea levels.

I’ll stick with their admission that “the arrival of another (ice age) already appears overdue.”

See entire article:

Or see:|main5|dl2|sec3_lnk3%26pLid%3D126098

Or see: ck-next-ice-age.html

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22 thoughts on “No ice age for 1,500 years – Accompanied by photo of GROWING glacier”

  1. I am sure that world’s major governments are aware of what is ‘really’ going on with the weather. They have been using the AGW movement to gain greater control over the lives of everyone in the world. They have been promoting the AGW movement in order to foster the development of new taxes upon us all. It is a well orchestrated movement designed to ‘redistribute the wealth’ of the U.S., Canada, Australia, Europe, Etc. to the third world and Emerging Powers such as China and Brazil.

    The entire AGW scam was designed as a method to restructure the global power paradigm. Misleading millions of people in the hopes that they will die off is all part of the grand plan.
    So yes, the real power brokers, the Bilderberg Group, knows exactly what is ‘really’ going on.

    • this is the one year anniversary of the flood deaths in Qld australia.
      part of the reasons areas flooded was the total obsession that it wouldnt rain much in future, and the refusal to lower dam levels to be able to slow the inflows coming down, or to even allow dams to be built..
      while they continue this idiocy, they aren’t taking ALL weather options into account, so when we cop big rains or severe cooling, we’re screwed.
      now as well as a Flood levy(cos the govt is incompetent and we must cover rebuilding) we now have the carbon Tax due to bite us deeply as well.

    • I visited the Nisqually glacier a couple of years ago. I talked to the park rangers, who admit that the glacier is growing. The National Park Service has even posted signs saying that the glacier is advancing.

  2. It looks like Solar cycle 24 has reached it’s peak and not even half the way it should have been? If so it means then by 2014 we will be right at the bottom starting with a period similar to the Maunder Minimum.

    • WUWt has a discussion on solar peaks etc as of yesterday, some good info there esp by Vuykevic. a “solar” fella.

  3. There is another sutdy that says that year 2012 will be one of the warmest, something like 2010.
    Still, solar activity is low for a considerable amount of time and the forecatst say it will remain like this for decades.
    I remember a documentary from NG, where a scientist said:”the last ice age came in a warm autumn day”, i think that is what is going to huppen, when? nobody can say that for sure.

  4. Hey Iceage Bob, you should check out on YouTube, he has some amazing facts about Post Glacial Rebound.

  5. the NYTimes blurb was even sillier, they got a few to quote on it.
    hansen..his reply was basically the eaths screwed till we all die and it can recover from humanity.
    he’s such a eugenicist:-)

  6. 1. Co2 is not a climate driver
    Past ice ages came with much higher Co2 levels than we have today.
    2. Even if our CO2 emissions would have an effect it would be temporary and insignificant on the long term time scales that bring us ice ages and the relative short interglacials. We are now burning fossil fuels for 150 years and will do so for another few centuries.
    Besides that our contribution to the global CO2 budget is minor, only 5%.
    The volume of biomass and life on this planet determines the CO2 levels.
    That’s why during an ice age CO2 levels go down to 180 ppm = less biomass
    3. The reality is that our climate is determined by ocean cycles and our sun.
    4. David Archibald, an Australian professor found a few years ago that there is a relationship between the length of a solar cycle and global temperature.
    Setting the average solar cycle length on 11.5 years, every year beyond this average causes a cooling by 0.7 degree Celsius.
    There are indications that Solar Cycle 24 is going to last 18 years.
    This means that we will see a cooling in the NH over the next decade of almost 4 degree Celsius with big consequences for agriculture.
    The wheat belt will move south about 400 km and growing seasons will grow shorter with less crop output.
    5. During periods with low solar magnetic activity there is also an increase in seismic and volcanic activity.
    A Pinatubo like eruption, a once every 50 year event taking place during the colder climate regime cold have a similar impact on agriculture as the 1816 event when the eruption of Tamborra triggered the year without summer causing global crop faillure.

    With ample food stocks and the current population levels wide spread famine is expected.

    Global Warming never has been a problem as populations have flourished during the warmer periods.

    It’s global cooling that destroyed civilizations in the past and if we continue to throw the money out of the window to fight a non existing threat our civilization will be heading in the same way as the Romans.

    Busting the current AGW doctrine and replacing the current political establishment in control should be our first priority if we want to secure our future.


    • Wrong on one key point;it won’t be all of civilisation only the western component. As the west taxes itself out of world competitiveness the eastern bloc will be “laughing all the way to the bank”.

    • It’s mainly the Northern Hemisphere that suffers the most snow and ice during Ice Ages. The extreme Southern hemisphere as well but the tropics stay pretty much the tropics.

  7. Ice Age = Very very Bad for 7 Billion humans – probably in excess of 3 quarters will likely die from the turmoil that will result as food crop failure increases – we’ve made no preparations for this possibility.

    So I cheer “greenhouse” gases with their ability to keep us toasty warm – if they stave off another Ice Age well terrific.

    Problem is they can’t and won’t.

    Forget CO2 and its miniscule contribution – if Ice Ages occur despite the “best efforts” of the most powerful “greenhouse” gas of all – good old H2O vapour then nothing on Earth can stop an Ice Age.

    I hope humanity blame the AGW crowd when some disaster related to cold happens – if we had ANY BRAINS AT ALL we would be developing ways to farm to guarantee food availability in cold weather urgently. I’m sure any methods developed could be applied to warming.

    Instead our leaders are running around moronically crying “wolf” and proclaiming our scientists can achieve the “holy grail” of impossibilities – control the weather.

    AGW = moronic alarmism not seen since Chicken Little.

  8. No ice age for 1500 years? How convenient for the global warmers. They would feel cheated out their chance to tax and regulate us all to death if an ice age were to happen in 1500 days. Poor babies!
    The ice age will happen when it happens like it or not. Just be prepared to survive when it happens.

  9. Probably no more than 1% of literate humans have seriously considered the scenario of the end of the interglacial. There are no written contingency plans. If it happens, you are on your own.

    • Your right!! Everytime I talk about to friend and family they curl up in a ball and dont want to think about it.

  10. R. de Haan is correct, CO2 levels follow, do not lead to, temperature[climate] changes.
    Cold ocean waters hold more CO2, similar to: an open can of soda pop in your fridge will hold its fizz a lot longer than one at room temp. Polar ocean waters is where some of the ‘excess’ CO2 ends up once an ice-age kicks in.

    And just to confound the warmers: Do they realize that a not insignificant amount of CO2 is constantly being released by Limestone and other sedimentary rocks as they erode and weather away??

    Think of all the exposed limestone around the world and the surface area represented! I’d be willing to bet that Carbonaceous lithic erosion puts more CO2 into the atmosphere than does human activity.

  11. @ Frank

    The Bilderberg group had in their 2009 meeting? an agenda item about “Global Cooling – How to manage” which they stated as referring to the GFC.


  12. When I was young the paradigm was this:”it will warm until the arctic stays open all winter, loading the northern hemisphere landmasses with too much snow to melt in spring, the increased albedo of our planet will start the next ice age over night”.
    There WILL be one massive storm that will start the next ice age, simply by changing our planets reflectivity. Another item: this interglacial period had a wierd start, about 15000 years into the the warming something massive hit the North American ice sheet with enough force to put the planet back in the ice age over night. Wonder if the wierd start will mean an abnormal finish?

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