Last Little Ice Age began with a bang

Corresponded with a period of strong volcanism AND with low sunspot activity … and here we go again.

Baffin Island - Courtesy Wikipedia

“The Little Ice Age, a centuries-long spell of cold summers in Europe and elsewhere, began suddenly late in the 13th century,” writes journalist Devin Powell  inScience News.

“A string of volcanic explosions may have set off this change in climate by belching particles that reflected sunlight and allowed Arctic sea ice to reach epic proportions.”

“This cooling wasn’t gradual; it was an abrupt shift,” says Gifford Miller, a paleoclimatologist and geologist at the University of Colorado Boulder.

When Miller’s team carbon dated moss entombed in the ice on Canada’s Baffin Island, they found “two sudden advances of the snow line that killed off the vegetation: a sudden cold spell between 1275 to 1300, followed by intensifying cold between 1430 and 1455.”

Enter the volcanoes

“The second half of the 13th century had the most volcanism of any period of the past 1,500 years,” says Alan Robock, an atmospheric scientist at Rutgers University.

Polar ice samples have revealed a series of eruptions: an especially big explosion somewhere in the world in 1258, and three smaller ones in 1268, 1275 and 1284.

Bingo! Look at those dates! I’ve been yelling for years that a sudden increase in volcanism could drive us into an ice age almost overnight.

Now here’s the proof.

Enter the sunspots

More ominously, and something that Miller and his colleagues may not have noticed, is that both periods of cooling occurred in sync with low sunspot activity. Those two periods of low sunspot activity are known respectively as the Wolf Minimum and the Sporer Minimum.

Sunspot Grand Minima

When you get to this page, click on the graph again to make it even bigger:

Can it be that low sunspot activity triggers volcanic activity on earth? I suspect that it does.

With sunspot activity now at a 100-year low – and forecast to go even lower – can there be any question as to where our climate is headed?

Start stockpiling that food!

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  1. Thanks a lot. This is really great information.
    I have read that methane is very big nasty greenhouse contender and more and more methane is escaping
    Today i read an article saying that greenland surface ice sheet are melting in very great proportion as per data of nasa satellite.
    I read this on globaldisasterwatch.
    I would like to know, with more earthquake activity may be in small magnitude in and aroud alaska.
    Will this lead to very big amounts of methane escaping.
    And if this happens can this bring a big sudden drastic climate change?

  2. Check out the link: NASA Strange Sudden Massive Melt Qoute “You literally had this wave of warm air wash over the Greenland ice sheet and melt it,” NASA ice scientist Tom Wagner said Tuesday.”

    Although not unprecedented (it last happened 125 years ago and generally happens every 150 years) this ties quite nicely with the ocean surface temperature map you posted a couple of days ago showing the absence of a warm gulf stream off the west coast of Europe but a massive warm water mass stretching up around Greenland where it is normally warm.

    Coincidence? I think not! The jet stream has been doing crazy things, swinging wildly north-south around the globe and solar activity influences its behavious significantly of course! Solar activity is very low right now, volcanic activity is high. As you note many times in your books, this combination sets us on course for the next ice age, which could come quicker than anyone (except for you and a handful of others of course!) could ever have predicted.

    • The greenland icesheet thaws to an extent each summer in the northern hemisphere,at that lattitude summer goes by fast. An instant melt of greenlands icesheet would mean 20 to 30foot sea level rise and I guess a mantle rebound that would trigger mega earthquakes instantly around the world. I know this earth rebound in Ont,Canada its called the Algonguin dome..the ground is still rising after 10thousand years,since the last continental glacier melted.The odd quake and tremor is felt in huge areas the odd year here with no fault lines.The icesheet/its weight long gone,so imagine greenland icesheet vanishing in one day. The world will shake,if that massive snow pile melts and the low coastal areas around the world will be swimming or retreating to high ground.

  3. I am fully on board with the cooling, but by what mechanism do you see low sunspots promoting vulcanism?

  4. There’s a touch of deja vu about this one. The concurrence of increased volcanism and decreased solar activity is either a coincidence or it is significant. If it is the latter, then I think we can take it that the volcanism did not cause the decrease in solar activity. Looks like solar-terrestrial magnetic field influences.

  5. It is not the low suspot activity that causes additional seismic and volcanic activity. However what caused the sunspot activity to decline also causes the additional seismic and volcanic activity.
    The explanation is complex. There are significant lags in the process that induces the low sunspot activity that co-incidentally slightly increases the movement of the tectonic plates – hence leading to the increased seismic and volcanic activity.
    Also when the sun goes quiet then its magnetic field gets weak. The weak magnetic field allows more protons and electrons (and neutrons if they are travelling fast enough) emmitted from other constellations in the galaxy and from the black hole at its centre to penetrate the solar system. These can hit Earth at speeds close to the speed of light and a number of sub-atomic particles are then created. One of these particles is a muon, which is like a very heavy electron and because it is also travelling at close to the speed of light general relativity theory permits it to be able to travel many kilometers before breaking up into other particles. (Its half life is 1.5 microseconds). Muons penetrate Earth’s surface and have been detected many kilometers underground. They weaken some calderas of volcanoes (it depends on their chemical composition). So the increased tectonic plate movement and weakened calderas create the conditions for more volcanic activity.
    Cosmic rays are always hitting Earth. During times when the sun’s magnetic field is strong muons created by these rays hit Earth at approximately 1 per square centimeter per second. But there are a lot more at higher lattitudes than near the equator (because the tropposphere is much thicker nearer the equator). So when the sun’s magnetic field is relatively weak (as it currently is) and the sun’s short wavelenth radiation (as it currently is so causing a partial collapse in the thermosphere, ionosphere and a reduction in the ozone layer) there is a proportionately big increase in muon activity at higher lattitudes.
    The sun’s activity is influenced its planets. When the gas giants line-up in the right position in their orbits (near line of nodes) they exhert their gravitational forces on the sun in one direction which creats additional torque (due to its rotation) and this slows and can virtually stop its own orbit around the centre of gravity of the solar system. As Neptune’s orbit takes 165 years and in many of its orbits it does not line up with the other planets sufficiently or in the right timing in the orbit these effects on the sun happen rarely. The sun was sufficiently affected by a major planetary alignment from 2004 to 2010 that its orbit was disrupted. Earth got into the same line-up several times during that period and so got affected by the same gravitational forces and hence additional torque forces that were affecting the sun. Also concurrent alignments of Mars, Venus and the moon helped to cause additional disruption to Earth. The disruptive torque forces on Earth cause friction deep in the mantle and this appears to slightly increase its temperature hence reducing the friction which slows tectonic plate movement.
    So you should look upon this as just part of the slowly evolving solar system. Its happened thousands of times in recent millennia and it will happen thousands of times in future millennia. Its just part of Nature!
    The problem with much of mankind is that it doesn’t want to understand how the universe is evoling or the lags involved. Many would much prefer to create a scare campaign for their own political ends than face the truth of mankind’s existence, which is accidental and will be short-lived in galactic terms.

    • Thanks for your interesting comment.
      This explanation based on the influence of planetary torque on the angular momentum of the Sun (solar inertial motion, SIM) is really interesting and I believe has part of the truth, but I also believe there is more involved in the variation of solar radiation than what this theory proposes.
      For example, you said that solar radiation seismicity and volcanic activity vary in opposition and this is really observed to some extent, but if you look at the data about very strong quakes from USGS
      it shows the peak of seismicity of the XX century (between 1952 and 1964) happening during the very strong solar cycle-19, which is arguably the strongest cycle of the last century.
      Also the eruption of Pinatubo (VEI6) at the peak of the very strong cycle-22 goes against this idea.
      My point is not that there is no correlation, I believe there is, but it cannot be explained by relatively simple models like SIM.
      I believe a more complete explanation must include a redefinition (re-modeling) of the magnetic fields of the Sun and the planets, probably similar to what the Electric Universe model proposes (not necessarily the same model).
      There is probably a connection of solar radiation with the interstellar field around the solar system that is missing in the majority of our present models describing the Sun.

  6. These guys seem to like volcanism vs its solar mr! I would also go with the solar proton flux theory as suggested by Brent. Sorry tho mate dont believe in black holes (search super compact objects and near black holes, brown holes in the astrophysical literature, HBN 1992 onwards) thats another “standard paradigm” pushed by the scientific elite for the purposes of funding.

  7. I have been thinking a lot lately about our present situation happenning right now. Commen sense approach tells us what most believe. Uncommen sense tells us something all together different. Robert has that uncommen sense we see in leaders once in a generation. He has made me think out of the box. Where is the thinnist crust on the planet? Well, of course it is in the oceans. Where is the most volcanic activity happening now? It is in the oceans. the oceans start all of our problems first. The new more abundant volanic activity happenning in the ocean is heating up some parts of the ocean. As I see it, the slower if not stopped gulf stream is going to be the deathnail of us all due to the volcanic activity heating the waters where they normally arn’t. This causes extreme weather patterns causing extreme weather to happen. Wow, isn’t that happenning now? The way I see it this winter and the ones beyond will progesively get colder and the climate will turn colder quickly due to this effect. As robert was saying, stock up your food now! We may not have much time or food later!

  8. A D BAPAT, don’t worry too much, you will find this news item is discussed in full at
    Greenland Ice Melt every 150 years is ‘right on time’
    Posted on July 24, 2012 by Anthony Watts

    Many expert commenters explain that this is a recurring event, only affects the surface of the ice for a few hours and is nothing to be surprised at. Alaska has recorded record low temperatures this season, so probably even less methane than usual.

  9. nasas contradiction of itself is funny, sure the greenland areas had a melt, not UNprecedented as stated above like so much else its Cyclical.
    and the damn ice is 2 MILES thick, so the headlines more than a little misleading by Nasa.
    dont think we need fret re sea levels etc etc, if some IPCC greentard git wasnt stirring the possum not one soul would be fretting..
    seriously, if you didnt cop mediated brainwqshing re weather daily if not hourly, would you be any the wiser? and would you be worried at all?
    weather changes and we adapt. you get a flood one year you take steps to mediate loss next time, your crops die , you plant other crops.

  10. The point is increased geological activity is always associated around solar minimums. That is what matters.
    I say the reason behind this is due to spurts of solar activity within the prolong solar minimum ,which when they happen, result in a jolt to the earth’s magnetosphere,which is enough to effect earth’s core, (due to the sudden jump in the solar wind with it’s charged particles entering the earth’s atm) enough to make the unstable plates become just a little more unstable.

    Remember most of the geological activity is present AROUND the solar minimum, not in the dead of the solar minimum.

    • Interesting, I tend to agree with what you said, but what about Pinatubo? June 1991, VEI6: at the peak of the very strong cycle-22?
      I believe there is a relation with great seismicity too.
      That period was the lowest point of strong seismicity of the XX century.
      I think this had an effect on the strength of the eruption.
      If this is correct, then the recent strong EQs of Chile (2010) and Japan (2011) would prevent the immediate occurrence of any VEI 6+ eruption for some time.

    • excerpt:
      “The Yuga Cycle doctrine tells us that we are now living in the Kali Yuga; the age of darkness, when moral virtue and mental capabilities reach their lowest point in the cycle…”
      I agree with this part, if you think of how much stupid nonsense has been told as if it was “science” it becomes very obvious.
      The present extreme materialism of our society also fits well in the above description.

  11. I hope the “New Dalton” Minimum is appropriately renamed the “Landscheidt Minimum”.

    Dr. Landscheidt’s pioneering work in the 1980’s and 1990’s opened the door to predicting El Nino’s, X-Ray bursts, and how the planets control solar climate which in turn controls our climate.

  12. Everyone seems to think (Piers Corbyn too last time I checked) that we are entering a new Dalton Minimum.

    What worries me is the almost clockwork precision of magnetic reversals/excursions and large glaciation periods. See

    The only question is how do we get all this water and precipitation to not only get a full blown ice age but to account for stories like 40 days or rain in the Noah flood myth?

    Leads me to think that NASA et all are not telling us everything they know.

    Climate change is occurring on nearly every planet in the solar system as well as the Sun behaving weird.

    One possible way for an influx of water might be a combination of the magnetic reversal and water coming form outer space.

    Water from space seems ridiculous at first thought but so is a start surrounded by water.

    [b]Herschel Finds Old Star Surrounded By Water[/b]

    [i]CW Leonis, a star some 500 light-years from Earth, has become a recent hot topic for scientists, who have long known it to be surrounded by a shroud of water.

    The star, twice as massive as our Sun, has been looked on by Europe’s Herschel space telescope as an old giant star wallowing in a “˜steam bath’. [/i]

    Who knows what lies outside our solar system, vacuum or thick material?

    Whatever the cause we know the results: Ice Age, Magnetic Reversal, Mass Extinctions.

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