Ice-Age Maps

Ice-age maps for North America and other parts of the world.


Extent of Glaciation in North America

Solid line: Approximate extent of glaciation during the last ice age.
Dotted line: Approximate extent of previous glaciation.

Above the black line, the area was covered with ice.
Below the line, people could have survived.

See other maps (including Europe) here:

2 thoughts on “Ice-Age Maps”

  1. This reminds me of an article I read in Nature magazine, I believe it was either 2002, or 2003. The content was about the ice age cycle of 10,000- 10,500 yrs. The theory was that we were in &/or nearing the end of the thaw period; data used was from analyzing the polar ice cap, radio carbon methods, etc. They predicted the re-freeze period to start again sometime between 2010-2050 range. Based on that article data and what Piers Corbyn has identified to thwart Global Warming/Climategate, I am confident that we will see major changes over these next 1-5 years. We had floods and a small regional earthquakes off of MA coast and Rhode Island. I believe Piers Forecasts apply to us here in New England, we are almost aligned with England -(notice how Global warming has become “climate change” since it has been cooling, combined with Major floods & disasters!) I have not forgotten how “seasonal” the weather used to be. Winter cold, Summer hot, Spring/Fall were gradual transitions between seasons. There were actual cycles with a once & a while spike/drop in them. Now my area goes from 70-80 degree days last week, 50-60 degree F nights, and now we are in freezing. Next week, it will probably be 60 again. It is the sun, I have been watching STEREO (NASA) and other solar wind/surface monitors, something new & big is happening Since beginning of 2011, based on comparison to past data. I have been intrigued by this since a hike in Taunton MA in an area known as Rocky Woods. You can clearly see the glacier etches in large rocks, and smaller different type rocks pressed into the larger boulders. It reminded me of hiking up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, but there are no mountains here….The recent floods in New England uncovered more of these rock surfaces, almost like it happened before, and is starting again. If more of us studied and “listened” to nature you would use your basic instincts combined with scientific facts that are out there to see that a big change is underway NOW!

  2. I’ve believed an ice age was coming for decades now, and Robert confirms my worst fears. Thanks for providing all this info to us! I’m wondering what the habitable zone would be if glaciation does happen. I understand it can happen very quickly, and I’m sure the habitable areas probably would be fairly far south of the glaciation. How much of the country would we lose beyond the actual glaciers? Would any new land arise if waters were locked up in ice?

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