Ice Age “News” is Wrong–It’s Coming Sooner Than Later

The assertion that “an increase in ice-sheet volume would not be possible” is a lie. Just like all the other lies published about global warming by the IPCC and all the others that sought to profit from the hoax.

Ice Age “News” is Wrong–It’s Coming Sooner Than Later
By Alan Caruba

When you consider the millions of words published as “news” about global warming, a massive hoax based on the theory that an increase in the Earth’s levels of carbon dioxide (CO2), a minor atmospheric gas (0.0380%), it boggles the mind that reporters for a respected newswire, Reuters, would still be writing utter rubbish about it.

Just as the “news” about global warming was demolished in 2009 and again in 2011 with the leaked emails of the conspirators behind the fictions of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the main agency behind the hoax, on January 9, Nina Chesney of Reuters London Bureau, reported about a paper in the journal, Nature Geoscience, that the “Next Ice Age not likely before 1,500 years: study.”

The paper claimed that “Concentrations of the main gases blamed for global warming reached record levels in 2010 and will linger in the atmosphere for decades even if the world stopped pumping out emissions today, according to the U.N.’s weather agency.”

The U.N. does not have a “weather agency.” It has a propaganda agency devoted in its own words to “climate.” The two are not the same. Weather is what is occurring right now and climate is the measurement of trends over centuries.

The authors of the paper based their ice age predictions on “variations in the earth’s orbit and rock samples” and was “conducted by academics at Cambridge University, University College London, the University of Florida, and Norway’s University of Bergen.

These people have to justify their salaries and, just like all the other academics who jumped on board the global warming wagon, they are likely among the last holdouts making claims about CO2. Their conclusions are absurd. This isn’t science. It’s the dying gasp of those trying desperately to keep the global warming hoax alive.

The science—the known facts—aren’t that difficult to understand. Climatologists have established that, over the 4.5 billion years of the Earth’s existence, ice ages have occurred on the average ever 11,500 years. Then the Earth lapses into a period of extreme cold. The Earth is 11,500 years since the end of the last major ice age.

We are due the onset of the next ice age any day now and when it begins, it will come on so fast that all the manmade CO2 will have no effect whatever. Moreover, CO2 shows up in the atmosphere in a greater quantity AFTER a major climatic event, not before.

There have been periods when there was much more CO2 in the atmosphere; the age of the dinosaurs comes to mind. Indeed, when the last big ice age struck, mammoths were literally frozen in place, waiting to be discovered and dug up centuries later, so intact scientists were able to determine what their last meal was!

I count myself fortunate to have Robert W. Felix, perhaps the world’s leading authority on ice ages, as my friend. I recommend you visit and benefit from the facts. You can also read “Not by Fire, but by Ice”, his book on the topic of ice ages.

In a post on his website regarding the latest nonsense about a distant ice age, Felix cites the fact that Argentina’s Perito Moreno is growing and it is in the southern hemisphere. In addition, glaciers are growing in India, in the Rockies, in California and Washington State. Do you believe that CO2 will stop this growth or have the slightest affect on it?

The assertion that “an increase in ice-sheet volume would not be possible” is a lie. Just like all the other lies published about global warming by the IPCC and all the others that sought to profit from the hoax.

Do not believe these claims. The Earth has been in a perfectly natural cooling trend since 1998. We are at the end of the most recent interglacial period and could tip into a new ice age tomorrow.

© Alan Caruba, 2012

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22 thoughts on “Ice Age “News” is Wrong–It’s Coming Sooner Than Later”

  1. Even if we accepted that global warming theory were true, which I do not, the fact that there is a limited amount of fossil fuel puts a constraint on the ability to push off another ice age. As we run out of fossil fuel and start using other forms of energy presumably with some sort of electric cars, the Co2 that’s in the atmosphere will be quickly absorbed. This would occur on a short timescale compared with geological events like ice ages so on that basis alone I don’t buy that “greenhouse gases” would delay or prevent any ice age.

    • Even during the last Ice Age there were plants. So, there had to be sufficient CO2 to keep them alive. There were animals that survived the event too (unless somebody repopulated the Earth 11,500 years ago.)

      Nope, Green House gases won’t delay or prevent any Ice Age. None the less, if we are smart we should all hope and pray for increased atmospheric CO2 and a warmer climate. Hope for the best, and prepare for the worst. It works for me…

  2. Alan Caruba is a truly a champion of the people.

    IPCC = Irresponsible Politicians and Corrupt Climatologists

    Here is a link to an Article published in the Canada Free Press which dissects the Lies of Al Gore and the IPCC and gives REAL facts and credible references which show that virtually ALL of the Earth’s ice covered regions are gaining mass and the overwhelming majority of Earth’s glaciers are growing!

    The U.N.O. and the IPCC have an agenda. Their Global Warming Scam is but a means to an end. That end is removing the money from our pockets and usurping control of our lives. UNO is ONE, as in ‘One World Government.’ Left unchecked they will tell us when to awaken and when to sleep, what to eat, what to wear, what to drive, what to watch on tv, what to smoke, what to buy, where to live, where to work, how much money you need, how many children you can have, who you should co-habitat with, how to raise your children, what to think, what not to think, how much water to use, when to water your lawn, when to wash your car, how regular you should be, how long you should live, etc., ad nauseum …. Wait a minute! They’re ALREADY telling us how to do all this … I guess the next step is forcing all of us to do it their way.

    Regarding Green House Earth: We should all hope and pray for an increase in CO2 levels and a warm climate on planet Earth. The two together make for nice, tasty, green plants which in turn feed people and animals. Plus, Tee shirts, shorts, and sandals are so much more comfortable than parkas, wool pants, and pack boots.

    • Yes, Frank. It has long been a mystery to me why people thing a warming phase is a bad thing. The current climate in the most of the northern and southern latitudes is only just in the comfortable zone for most mammals, and a drop in average temperature is more likely to cause major extinction events than a rise of the same amount. However, you never see an analysis of this.

      For civilisation to survive, we need to be investing hugely in electricity-generating capacity using nuclear and thorium-cycle reactors. There needs to be a huge push in fusion reactors, and the space programme needs resurrecting NOW. However, the UN seems to be anti-civilisation, wanting us all (except them, of course) to go back to pre-industrial levels of barbarism. That our politicians don’t feel that civilisation is worth saving is a betrayal of the billions that have brought us to the point we reached, and are slipping back from more and more.

  3. Reuters a “respected newswire” !

    Respected by whom Sir ?

    Certainly not by myself. It is owned and operated by the same group who are pushing AGW.

  4. Whenever someone asks me if Global Warming is a con, I just say this to them: A government official has a £/$ 50 million global warming budget and says to a scientist with continued nodding, ‘Global Warming does exist and here is £/$ 50 million’.

  5. At some point, the reality of the fact that AGW and IPCC is NOT about science, and thousands upon thousands of science backed articles will NOT change a damn thing regarding the hoax. AGW and the UN is all about population control, or in this case, a massive plan to depopulate the world through preparing the world for a warming trend – reducing carbon producing forms of energy usage and “growing” more biofuel – and watching these two programs kill off millions if not billions of people through freezing them to death or starvation. When you finally accept WHY they are doing it, you will then understand WHY you can’t change their minds with facts. It’s not about money, it is about getting rid of people that don’t lick the boots of the powers that be, or are deemed “useless eaters.”

    • TomO – Finally, you have spoken of the truth behind the global warming bs. I agree with you 100%. In fact, what you say has been in the back of my mind for a long time.
      Petaluma CA

    • Absolutely right TomO!
      The powers that be are not on our side and want the planet as their own private country club with a few slaves and servants to look after them. 6.5 billion people are deemed expendable and no more of value as rats, mice and cockroaches.

  6. I was thinking on upcoming ice age recently, yeah we do have coal and gas, but the increased demand, especially in places that do not use much now, would severely chew into the reserves we do have in decades, it takes years to get nuke plants up and running, so many will be suffering a lot more cold for longer every year. solar and wind are pretty useless now add less sun or more snow:-) and solars a dud, winds lousy in icy snowy or windy..we can use wood but trees grow slowly in colder climates so replaceing that also would become a problem.
    crops fail or produce less in cold, a lot of the soft veg and fruits dont like cold. it is NOT a pretty picture. and as ever the warmists would have everyone planning for heat drought and doing nothing for the very likely real alternative…cold.

    • Laurel, I agree “crops fail or produce less in cold, a lot of the soft veg and fruits don’t like cold. It is NOT a pretty picture.” This is the reason that traditional European cooking incorporates so many root vegetables, Cole crops, nuts, rye bread, cheeses, salted smoked meats and fish, etc..

      The growing seasons back at the end of the last ice age and during the last Mini-Ice Age were short and food plants had to be cold tolerant. Since summer was shorter and cooler, fishing seasons were shorter as was the birthing and growth seasons for animals. So, meats were harder to come by and had to be kept for longer periods of time between harvests.

      If we were to enter an Ice Age tomorrow, most of us who are accustomed to fresh tomatoes, bananas, citrus, and the like would probably have to do without. Instead, we might be eating greater amounts of Sauerkraut, Corned Beef, beets, turnips, pickled fish, and rye bread.

      Then again, if things get really bad most of us might have to forgo food altogether. Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers would be out of business for sure! LoL

  7. That’s the other incorrect theory, known as “fossil fuels”– because petroleum products (oil, gas, etc) do NOT come from “fossils” since they are made of ABIOTIC CARBON(meaning “not from biological material. The way it happened is this: fossils that are found in petroleum in the ground got there AFTER the formation of petroleum– they did NOT produce it– petroleum comes from the very thing we are walking, crawling, swimming, and flying over– the EARTH. Which means it is NOT a “limited amount”– it can make MORE. So it would be correct to say “earth fuels” instead.

  8. What do they mean by “linger in the atmosphere”? CO2, which is no doubt the main gas they are referring to, does not “linger” anywhere for the most part. It has an active cycle and is constantly moving between the atmosphere, plants, rocks, the ocean etc. It may be captured for a period time is some places such as rocks, but not in the atmosphere.

    I guess I’m in the wrong profession. It must be nice to be bringing in good money for postulating on erroneous concepts and moronic theories. It’s statements like these that destroy any credibility these people may have.

  9. I would submit that we really don’t have that much to worry about in the cold department. Just look at the current amount of snow cover in the United States. My wife and I are going to Wisconsin next week to visit her family. My idea was to get a taste of real winter and to get out of Texas for a while. Unless something happens pretty quick, there won’t be any snow in southern Wisconsin in January!! That’s amazing! I agree that AGW is a bunch of crap, but another ice age any day??? With as mild of a winter as we are currently experiencing I can’t ascribe to that…

  10. The Usa maybe having a warmer then normal winter Dale but other parts of the world have been geting hammard with snow and cold.This winter unlike the last few have feature a strong postive ao and NAO which was it predicted buy alot of forecasters in the fall seasonal forecasts.Also it has to be pointed out that in the fall we saw a shoot up in the solor activey after a very quite few years.I think this combernation with a still westery qbo Dale resulted in the unexpected postive AO and NAO combernation we have seen and the main reason this winter is the most of the USA has experence a much warmer then predicted winter so far.

  11. With the sun likey going quite again in the next few years.I would expeck the cold winters will return in the USA after a break this year.

  12. Hi Keith!! Forgive my naievete, please explain “ao” “qbo” and “nao”. Looks like I spoke too soon about southern Wisconsin. Looks like they will have snow while we are there… I think the UK and Europe are getting hammered by a cold winter too…

  13. the last 3 or so winters we had a strong negative Ao and Nao in place.This in part why the last few winters were so cold and snowey.But when we have a strong postive AO and NAO as we have had this winter.Most of the USA will tend to have a warmer then normal winter.As we saw with the negative phase the postive phase has also been exstream this winter.Which also gos along with what Robert is talking about.Is more exstreams in weather patterns in a year to year base.

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