Ice age to begin in the 2050’s? 

You may want to consider the electric-sun theory.________________

Ice age to begin in the 2050’s? 

James Wood

Have you ever considered the work of Rolf Witzsche who maintains a massive site on a number of issues including the coming ice age? The URL for the site is

I can understand that some might be hesitant to discuss his work and claims because he bases his analysis on the electric universe, electric sun model which claims that electric forces in the form of Birkeland currents dominate interplanetary, interstellar and even intergalactic behavior. The argument is that cosmology is essentially plasma physics in space.

However, the discussion of the corruption in science with respect to AGW should at least make  you open to the possibility of massive corruption in other parts of physics where many physicists have been complaining about the official positions of scientific bodies for decades. You might want to consider the beginner’s guide to the electric universe at an alternative opinion to official science on the subject of solar energy sources.

I bring up Mr. Witzsche because he has offered a prediction that the ice age will begin in the 2050’s. Essentially the 200-year cycle that has been discussed for a cooler world in the 21st century while present is just one cycle among many. Thus the 200-year cycle bottom is not relevant and temperatures will just continue lower.

A taste of the prediction methodology can be seen in a chart showing current and anticipated decline in solar wind velocity reflecting diminishing solar energy output in the first half of the 21st century. The chart can be found at In terms of electric-sun theory it argues for an effective decline in solar blackbody temperature from currently around 5000 Kelvin to 3000 Kelvin which will be sufficient to plunge the Earth into the next ice age. This will happen sometime between 2045 and 2050 according to the chart.

Of course this decline in its early stages does not in any way argue against the relatively minor declines that are currently anticipated in the next few years directed towards a mid-century bottom followed by recovery at the end of the 21st century. It will likely be hard to tell the difference for awhile yet.

I admit I find the electric model increasingly creditable as an argument for the sources of power driving the sun. The theory essentially makes the sun into a light bulb attached to a power grid. Power grids are subject to all sorts of output fluctuations over time which makes the sun far more variable in output potentially than, I think, most would credit. Therefore discussion of this model and its relevance to a coming ice age seems worthwhile.

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  1. Quote:
    In terms of electric-sun theory it argues for an effective decline in solar blackbody temperature from currently around 5000 Kelvin to 3000 Kelvin which will be sufficient to plunge the Earth into the next ice age.
    It’s a pity cold climate change writers use alarmist words which mean one thing and say another, as the CAGW writers have done to milk research money from tax payers.
    We are already in an Ice age, and have been for 2.5 million years, yes we are in an Interglacial which is probably coming to an end in period more than 1000 and less than 3000 years.
    The term people should use is a glacial advance and glacial recession. During the rise to the Holocene Maximum some 4C higher than now, on three separate occasions lasting 700 to 1000 years a glacial advance restarted, probably because of the failure of the North Atlantic leg of the Overturning current, yet the world continued to warm as it has done for the last 5 interglacial to a similar point as now.
    This GSM is no different than every other two cycle GSM, such as OOrt, Wolf, the pair of GSMs which formed Spoorer, the Pair of GSM which formed Maunder, the pair of cycles which formed Dalton and this Modern GSM, and the Non GSM low energy period formed by cycles 11 to 14 called the Gleissberg period, but as yet without the massive Volcanic eruption of previous named GSM to add to the cool climate change
    A two thousand degree drop in Kelvin would produce a Snowball Earth, and not an Ice age, and take 20 years to reach the tipping point do it.
    More likely this GSM will conclude with SC25 and recover via another tepid AM affected Gleissberg Period of around 70 years, followed by three high output cycles, and single cycle similar to SC20, followed by another three high output cycles similar to the period 1980 to 2008 and into the next GSM which it will repeat over several cycles as the intergalcial comes to an end.

    • Davied from adapt 2030 has had rolf on his show as I said he does have interesting ideas but some of it is debatable.

  2. I dont find electric universe theory unbelievable
    considering all our cells work using microbursts of current, as do plants, that they can and are, affeted by magnetic forces also..that birds and marine animals use magnetics as well as platypus using electric charges to sound its way in muddy creeks, eels able to shock prey etc.
    static charges in atmosphere before storms give me migraines, when thats eased the headache vanishes almost immediately.
    we are affected by the planet we live on and the planet is affected by external forces as well. the warming on mars etc as we also warmed a tiny bit, was pretty clear indication of solar ability to alter status of more than just us.
    so much of what we’ve been told is “known” science fact is turning out to guess back then.. so I keep an open mind

  3. I wish folks would just make up their minds. Some say the ice age has already started. The guessing trend continues to now this one. 2050. If we all keep our theories coming, someone is eventually going to be right….perhaps 1000 years from now.

    We need to make up our minds with credible science or risk looking foolish with our “sky is falling” warnings.

    • We have been in an Ice age for the last 2.5 million years, with an Ice cap at or close to both Poles during that time.
      At present we are in a declining Interglacial, on trend to each a OC tipping point in around 1500 years from now.
      With another point that this Interglacial has been a short, very stubby in temperature, tepid affair when compared to the Temperature spike of the previous three Interglacial. Probably due to the three Younger Dryas re-glaciation periods during the rise to Holocene Max some 7500 years ago, it’s been trending down in warm period head line temperature ever since.

    • David, I’ll make this real easy. We never left the ice age, we are just enjoying a warm holiday. So the date of the beginning the ice age was set many, many millennia ago.

      • David probably means the cold glacial periods that are the norm during “ice ages”. Most lay people don’t know that when they say ‘ice age’, it refers to these cold periods, unless they’re specifically talking about an ice age which we’re in and began millions of years ago.
        Remember, as long as there is permanent ice somewhere on the planet, we are in an ice age.

        We can only go by what has happened in the past.
        The records show when Earth goes into a glacial period from a warm inter-glacial, the global temperature won’t drop several degrees (C) in a few years.
        We won’t know for certain we’re back in a cold glacial period, even it were to begin by 2050, until centuries have passed and the temperature kept dropping.
        Ice core records show it is a very gradual shift into glacial conditions, even though it looks like a steep drop on a graph.

        • I think Robert and other have suggested that once the tipping point is reached it would take around 20 years for the first 1M of year round snow and ice to become established on Northern Latitudes in what was normally ice free crop growing areas.
          Remember Glacial advances start in Northern Europe and North Western Asia first, Then Canada and then moves south.
          Why because the Northern Atlantic Gulf Stream shuts down and moves along the southern edge of the Ice between Scotland and Greenland as the sea level begins to drop rapidly.

  4. we know Birkland currents are real, so reasonable to look at what they do.

    For Ozone, the spots on the poles move like the landing zone of currents; not at all like a well distributed gas chemistry issue.

    IMHO, that is a success for the Electric Universe folks and shows the CFC Ozone ban stuff is bogus trace gas BS, like CO2 AGW.

  5. I have suggesting in other postings for the last few years that all things solar and terrestrial are culminating in one HUGE change for human kind. It wont be long before “climate change” is for real…but not what is being spoon fed to the sheeple.
    As all farmers we keep the weather watch. What has been notable for at least two years, is our seasons are off…by almost a month…fall starts early, winter is longer, the soil doesn’t warm enough in spring for gardens to thrive and yes the summer does get hot but not for very long.
    The last 10 years we have seen the increase in volcanic events, tectonic shifting and lack of solar output. To bring on a decades long global ice event or even a true ice age, I think other forces need to be added to the equation.
    100 years ago Milutin Milanković presented his work where he discussed how earths 3 dimensional orbit variations in eccentricity, axial tilt, and precession caused warm periods and ice ages…now known as the Milankovitch Cycles. However in his work I have not seen where a galactic alignment like we had in 2016 was considered. Those gravitational forces I surmise have elongated earths orbit more than thought.

  6. I’ve read Rolf’s stuff and found it fascinating. However I find it unlikely in the extreme that the Sun’s “effective temperature” could drop to 3000 K.

    A few quick calculations show what the effect of this would be.

    Currently NASA quotes the “solar constant” at Earth’s orbit as 1361 W/m2. NASA quotes the Sun’s “effective temperature” as 5772 k.

    The Sun has a radius of 695,700 km.

    Earth’s orbit is an average 149.6 million km.

    Using the Stefan-Boltzmann equation for a temperature of 5772 K one calculates the power emitted by the Sun as ~62.934436 million W/m2. NASA cite 62.94 million W/m2.

    Using the inverse square law one can calculate the “solar constant” at Earth’s orbit. This gives a result of ~1361 W/m2. All of these values agree with NASA’s Planet Fact Sheets.

    If we believe the sun’s “effective temperature” could fall to 3000 K we can calculate the results using the exact same techniques.

    For 3000 K the power emitted by the sun calculates as 4.592700 million W/m2 – a decline of staggering proportions – ~93% decline !

    Calculating the “solar constant” at Earth’s orbit using the inverse square law gives the result 99.32 W/m2 – 0.073% of the current value – again ~93% decline.

    Jupiter has a “solar constant” of ~50 W/m2 and Mars ~586 W/m2. Imagine Earth’s temperatures if the Sun was 3000 K !

    The “effective temperature” associated with a “solar constant” from a 3000 K Sun is ~204 K or minus 68°C versus the value of ~394 K or 121°C.

    This would completely destroy all life on Earth !

    Remember this would be the MAXIMUM temperature radiation from a 3000 K Sun could induce on Earth.

    Then there is always the vexing question of why the outer planets have core temperatures that exceed several thousand degrees ?

    Jupiter is believed to have temperatures deep in its atmosphere exceeding 25,000°C – much hooter than the “effective temperature” of the Sun.

    The solar radiation has nothing to do with these observations at all.

    My point is if the sun were to have an effective temperature of 3000 K then it is curtains for all life on Earth. It is doubtful life could ever recover from this even if the sun fired up again – especially after 100,000 years of ice age.

    Pray this is fantasy.

  7. If there are electrical currents in plasma flowing in and out of the solar system there has to be a source for the energy involved. I’ve read some of the electric universe stuff but found nothing that names or describes the power source, only its effects. Of course I may have missed it or just not understood something but to be at all credible, it seems to me, that source, the generator of those electrical currents, is the primary question to be answered. Is there somewhere that explicitly deals with the energy source instead of just trying to convince readers of the various results because of …?

    • Current theory postulates everything is based on electrical charge – from the model of the atom up.

      Where does magnetism originate – there if no doubt opposite poles exert a force on each other ?

      Still find the claim of a 3000 Kelvin Sun highly improbable though.

    • You are correct, there is no reference to “the source.” Then again, consider “the big bang” and try to come up with a true reference to that source. I am “sort of” of the opinion that the currents may be interdimensional with an alternate universe. That is, the current may flow from galactic center to Sun through this universe and back through an alternate universe. Sounds plausible, but there is no way to make that determination, either.

      And here is another alternative to the source – have you considered the possibility of currents that flow through the brain? What if the universe is the mind of God, and we are all His dreams or thoughts? But in truth, it IS possible that the “vast universe” is nothing in the next dimension but the mind of someone.

      The possibilities are only limited by imagination, and all might well be possible. We humans have limited our set of possibilities by a mathematical equation, but IS the universe actually limited by it? Does mathematics truly describe the world or does it merely simulate it? that is the difference between models and simulations as well. The first requires full knowledge, the second only “best guess.”

  8. @Andy Hce:

    Fusion in the sun causes mechanical flow that causes magnetic fields. Then the electric charge from those moving fields flows out the equator area of the sun and eventually back to the poles. Along the way entangling the planets.


    Planet interior heat comes from nuclear decay and natural reactors using up the U and Th produced in the supernova that created our elements.

    Mars, being smaller, ran out first and became a dead world. Best estimates have the Earth running down from about now to a billion years from now, so we need to leave before then. Once the reactor runs down, vulcanism stops and all the water, co2 and O2 get locked up in rocks as all life dies.

    Original source for this power is stellar fusion and supernova element creation.

    • So there is nuclear decay in what we are always told is the gaseous interiors of the so called ice giants and this creates temperatures deep in the Jovian atmosphere in excess of 25,000°C or over 11,000°C on Saturn as quoted by NASA ?

      This must be fission I assume because I have never sen any claim there is fusion occurring in any of the outer planets yet all have inner temperatures in the thousands of degrees C.

      Yet I never see any reference to elements that undergo fission reactions cited for these.

      I firmly believe there must be a dense core to the outer planets as gases have never been shown to accrete into a self compressing mass and perhaps these dense cores undergo fission but no-one actually knows !

      There are no simple answers to these questions and your claim of nuclear reactions may well apply to the inner rocky planets but I cannot find any reference supporting this argument for the outer planets.

    “Several diverse sources have suggested that a catastrophic celestial impact events may occur in Earth’s near future. Analysis suggesting that minor cosmic events have already occurred during calendar year 2017. This web page shows cosmic events relating to a possible swarm of incoming comet fragments, some of which have already impacted Earth. Future impact events may well occur that could cause blast, tsunamis’, and a major weather change resulting in a new Younger Dryas like Ice Age. Impacts in the Atlantic ocean, Caribbean and Mediterranean sea are anticipated. Peak threat times are September/October 2022 or 2023.”

  10. Robert, I remember you argue with confidence that “ice age would begin in 2015”. Have you found out what happened to that one before you promise a new one 35 years from now?

  11. If cycles are cycles as we think they are but they are just a math definition to get ‘exact’ results. Maybe a cycle, as we think they are, are ‘an average’ or like that. I haven’t found any explanation that cycles in nature are exact. Maybe cycles are going from a minimum cylcle-period to a maximum one, back again. repeating for ever. Which means that small modification will have great changes in future and a human being can discover that by using AI?

  12. Not too sure why we are discussing the suns surface temp as it does not heat the earth, it matters none if it is 5K or 3K. The electro magnetic energy from the sun is the energy we are concerned about. Granted if the sun surface temp does drop then logically the EM energy will most likely drop aswell but by how much?

    It is quite feasable it could drop enough to cool the planet considerably

  13. Climate charlatans’ spurious narratives aside, despite atmospheric CO2 up 30.2% to 405 ppm from 1950, given post-Chixculub Cretaceous/Tertiary (K/T Boundary) eras’ mean 12 – 16 million-year duration, Earth’s astro-geophysical inflected cooling pattern should persist another 12 – 14 million years.

    Per median 12,250-year interstadials such as the Holocene Interglacial Epoch beginning 14,400 YBP, plus periodic plate-tectonic Ice Ages over 3.6 million years, Earth’s latest glacial remission ended AD 1350 with a 500-year Little Ice Age (LIA) through AD 1850/1890, followed by a 140-year “amplitude compression” rebound through AD 2030 (amplitude extremes are inversely proportional to a time-series’ frequency and wavelength).

    As this final 20-year chill phase shades to a 70-year Grand Solar Minimum through 2100+, similar to that of AD 1645 – 1715, reduced Total Solar Irradiance (TSI) renders generational warming physically impossible in face of the 102-kiloyear Pleistocene Ice Time beginning 669 years back.

    As brutal chill grips Earth’s 3.7 billion naïvely unaware inhabitants, Luddite sociopaths sabotaging global energy economies will have mega-deaths to answer for.

    • Quote:
      As brutal chill grips Earth’s 3.7 billion naïvely unaware inhabitants, Luddite sociopaths sabotaging global energy economies will have mega-deaths to answer for.

      No they wont answer for anthing, they are all part of the same Metropolitian elite, on line and clueless, dependent on electricity for heat, light, chilled food storage and just in time food deleiveries, with no survival skills to speak of, no knowledge of food production, or the land to create that food within the mega cities anmd trapped within those same mega cities.
      Without water humans die within days
      Wihtout Food humans die within weeks.
      Without sanitation the ancient plagues kill millions within few months.
      Once the mega cities are picked bare the human locusts will move outwards into the green belt regions, to take what remains of prey both animals and humand alike.

  14. In general, the corruption in science has come more from “saying it is so” rather than “saying it is possible.” When you look at the way science has developed, you come to the realization that it is like a vast inverted pyramid. That is, from one theory flows many. If one theory “appears” to be correct, and you build on it, then your work can also appear to be correct. and so on and on.

    It appears to me that if something appears to be “statistically significant,” it is equated to probable, and on the research goes, building on it. No one is really working to disprove anything since notoriety and fame come from “new discovery,” not validating or invalidating old discovery. Everyone wants to be “the first” in a field.

    When you look at some of the “mainstays” of the scientific world, there are things that don’t always make complete sense to me. As an example, consider tectonic plate activity. Consider the mass of the plates and tell me, if you don’t mind, where does the power to shove India into Asia, creating the Himalayas come from? Where did it go? The same for all plate movement. WHERE is the source of the force? I don’t think I have ever seen even an attempt to actually name that.

    How about the magnetic field? If a spinning liquid iron center is the cause, how does it vary, and why does it wander and reverse? We just make suggestions, groups get together and say that’s plausible, and before you know it, it goes from theory to fact in far less time than did Newton’s theory of gravitation.

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