Ice ages begin catastrophically

In less than 20 years.

The Younger Dryas, also referred to as the Big Freeze, was a geologically brief period of cold climatic conditions and drought that was in sharp contrast to the preceding period of warming.

The Big Freeze began approximately 12,800 years ago and ended about 11,500 years ago[1] – about 1,300 years, according to Wikipedia.

The Younger Dryas began catastrophically, with the climate in the higher latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere rapidly descending into glacial conditions.

How rapidly?

Scientists think the transition occurred over a period of a decade or so,[2] perhaps even faster.[3] 

Ten years. Or even faster.

My own research shows that all – all! – ice ages in the last 250,000 years began in less than 20 years, sometimes in less than three years.

At the end of the Eemian Period, for example, the climate descended from a period of warmth as warm as, or even warmer than today’s, into full-blown glaciation in less than 20 years.

Can you imagine how unprepared our world would be if we descended into an ice age in less than 20 years?

It has happened before, time after time after time. It’s not a question of “if,” only “when.”

Wikipedia description of the Younger Dryas:

Thanks to Steven Rowlandson for this link

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    Interestingly, the Younger Dryas began at about the same time as the Gothenburg magnetic reversal.
    (See “Magnetic Reversals and Glaciation” chart)

26 thoughts on “Ice ages begin catastrophically”

  1. Have followed Roberts web for over a year. From ancient text reading concluded an ice age is pending.
    Quite evident gov. intervention suppressing this info.
    If you followers have time check out following postings.
    1. dark secrets of black sea uncovered
    2. pole shift: growing evidence for catastrophic shifts past and present
    5 years ago with technology now available we determined going through the dark rift of Milky Way Galaxy would occur 21 Dec 2012 was written of by our former colleges on this planet amazes physicists of the current age?, (new age). I totally agree with Robert that an ice age is here now, and a catastrophic pole shift is forthcoming. Have more may post again, will see.

  2. And yet Obama and the rest of the idiot “leaders” around the world are still preparing for global warming. I’ve said it and mean it, when the cold sets in and people start dying, all these so-called leaders need to be rounded up, arrested, and charged with crimes against humanity.

    • full agreement here with that,
      problem is they..will be in bunkers and well protected from the likes of the freezing /starving masses theyve done over.

    • Have you considered that they may actually know that one is coming and are using AGW to distract the public? They seem to be entirely focused on fuel efficiency, wouldn’t an Ice Age world do the same knowing you would need vast amounts of heat energy to compensate for a colder climate to stretch fuel supplies?

      Hence also the need for better insulation on existing structures as a transition and ultra insulation on new structures as the standard? This would cause the same amount of fuel to be used in colder climates.

      Then you have the same people pushing population control but in an Ice Age the same would be needed to conserve on food consumption. In fact, the whole agenda on obesity also neatly fits in as well in lowering the per capita food consumption to prevent mass starvation.

      Liberals are a sneaky bunch so don’t mistake what might be an obvious case of incompetence for an awkward cover story.

    • Steve you are correct all the global warmists are involved in a crime against humanity either through their ignorance or on purpose. People are not mentally or physicly prepared for an ice age. If you wanted to thin the herd you would have people prepare mentally and physically for global warming and control the media and scientific data collection regarding the climate and the fukushima disaster untill it is too late. If the radiation doesn’t do the killing the ice age probably will. If people don’t believe there is a problem they won’t try to protect themselves untill it is too late.
      Warmists are no friends of humanity nor are the elites and governments behind them.

  3. Ice ages can happen abruptly, however the Younger Dryas occurred near the end of the last major Glacial period, so it is difficult to compare it to the beginning of the next major Glacial after an 11,000-year warm period.

  4. Plus we are entering all 3 of those ice ages right now – little, moderate and major – all due immediately. We also are due for a magnetic reversal. This country, in the face of extreme ignorance, will likely not survive this onslaught of climatic cooling.

  5. All the computer models can do is make predictions. Reality will prove them (sometimes tragically) wrong, time after time. I hope we survive the next ice age when it comes ….

  6. Although I have doubts about the importance of CO2 as a driver of the ice age cycle I think there are parts of the following video worth considering.
    I also have doubts about the use of rock dust to alter the climate although it likely is a great soil additive for agriculture and for tree farms.
    The magnitude of the soil demineralization problem is too big to be addressed by mankind except locally.

    Global Warming or a New Ice Age: Documentary Film

  7. Canadians should be worried. A mile deep sheet of ice can mess up their hockey games. Supposedly the great glacial melt happens quite suddenly too, fast enough that all the coastal towns had to flee to higher ground in one lifetime, hence all the great flood stories.

    Some unknown condition causes the sun to go warmer or colder. All the time and effort hunting for a cause on the earth is a waste of time and money. Any “scientist” who blames the start or end of an ice age on some earthly phenomenon is blowing smoke.

    • Yes indeed Bob Canadians should be worried.
      Everything they know in Canada is at risk of total obliteration and paying too much for real estate is going to be a colossal waste of time and money. Then again for the lucky ones who spend 1000 centuries in the southern United States or Mexico I seriously doubt they will remember the great white north. It will be a myth.

    • Eh bob,what if #6 earth snowball theory is in the works and little or big iceage is trumped.Then I guess were all trumped, right down to the equator,dropstones are found all over the earth,sadly your mexico to the equator,never mind the southern states..will also be the great white north. A few elites who have resources locked up,might make it for a few decades but old man perma-winter will win.

  8. The Wikipedia article cited, and its Reference 8 both suggest that the Younger Dryas was caused by a huge quantity of fresh water melting from ice age glacial ice sheets being dumped into the Atlantic. Aside from that being a preposterous theory, it is now being championed by some as an excuse why global warming has not happened. Forget that there is no massive Continental ice sheets melting fresh water into the Atlantic. The whole theory is ridiculous. Warming does not cause cooling.

    • The whole theory is ridiculous. Warming does not cause cooling.

      It is just a theory and may be just a hypothesis and not a law.
      In truth it has yet to be properly tested in the real world. The closest we ever came was when the corexit and oil in the gulf of mexico temporarily stopped the loop current that feeds into the gulf stream current. JD Hamakers theory states that soil demineralization over 10,000 years impairs plant growth and allows CO2 to rise resulting in excess heat at the equator and this causes faster air flow from the tropics to the poles where it is cooled and flows back to the tropics carrying cold air further south than normal for a 1000 centuries until glaciation remineralizes soils and promotes plant growth that uses up excess CO2 and moderates the climate. That to is just a theory. Rock dust on the other hand does promote plant growth so that part is a fact.

      Rock Dust Primer

      • Warming does trigger cooling.
        And it’s inevitable because it is part of the earths regulating system.

        A few examples:

        It’s the sun heating up the earth surface. The surface heat is transferred to the air above creating huge bubbles of heated air of lighter mass than the surrounding air. An impulse is needed like a car traveling by or a three line and this hot bubble of air starts to rise. Eventually it cools down and a cloud is formed. If the atmosphere is extremely unstable a CB cloud (Cumulus Nimbus or thunderstorm cloud is formed. This cloud not only blocks incoming sun light, cooling the earth surface covered but also triggers heave rains, even hail, thunder and lightning.

        CB’s are nothing less but big heat exchanger regulating the temperature of our atmosphere.

        Second example: A cold front running into a warmth front. On the occlusion line a rain fronts develops, often with thunder clouds which is just another example of heat creating cooling.

        Third example: We currently have a huge sector of warming waters in the Pacific off the coast of Middle America.

        Joe bastardi in his weekly weather report at pointed out that this situation of warm waters at the set location during the winter will trigger extreme winter weather with lot’s of snow in the South West of the USA, see his long term winter forecast.

        The fact that heat transmitted to the air trigger convection is not integrated in any of the climate models. But it is even worse. The climate models are based on a flat earth model with a constant TSI.

        Now Obama tells us Climate Skeptics are flat earther’s.

        With the information above you can now tell who are the real flat earther’s?

        Also have a look at this article from WUWT about the feed in data of climate models:

        The reason why the descend into an ice age happens quickly is when ice and snow extent has been build up and the snow deck is thick enough to survive the summer periods.

        Additional solar heat is reflected by the snow and summer temperature is reduced.

        But long before that we will see overall sea ice extent grow, we see glaciers grow and mountain snows survive our summers. This too is a relative fast process.

        For now I am very happy the old winters I remembered from my youth have returned over the past six years allowing me to pick up ice skating on natural ice again.

        If we will really descend into a little ice age bringing us Maunder or Dalton Minimum conditions again is still written in the starts.

        I wait anxiously and praise myself luck to live in the internet age with the great technology and a mind boggling number of sensors available to register what’s really happening.

        We alway’s had to cope with flat earther’s, communists, fascists and ideologue parasites exploiting fear and alarmism.

        The only mistake we made is that we gave them political power.

        We can turn that back at the next elections and kick them all out of office.

        • What is BS of course is the claim that Global Warming is triggering cooling. In fact everything related to Anthropogenic Global Warming except for the Urban Heat Island effect which is only local is BS.

          So are the measures to prevent Anthropogenic Global Warming.

  9. So, basically, it would take place like this.

    We have a cold winter and when Spring comes, it doesn’t get much warmer – just stays cold. The constant cold prevents normal snow and ice melt-off and the presence of snow and ice helps keep it cold.

    The next winter comes and we are in major trouble.

  10. How would the weight of a mile thick ice sheet over the northern hemisphere affect the Earth’s balance and rotation? Would we also expect the same over the southern hemisphere?

  11. Those of you that guess that yes, the “leaders” of the AGW BS know what is coming are correct. They know that at the minimum, a “mini” ice age is just around the bend. They also know that the arable part of the world at that time won’t support 7 billion humans, so they make everyone think that warming is coming, and will leave the surprised and unprepared poor to freeze or starve to death. The world will probably support a couple of billion at the most when the cold finally starts to break, but they will push to get that number as low as possible so as to insure that their own comfort won’t be too compromised. I expect that they will shoot for about 750 million or so healthy humans so as to allow their level of comfort to remain at a respectably healthy level. As for those that are supporting them, well, if there is no bread, let them eat cake.

  12. I think it was Discovery or History channel (Before it became reality pawn/storage/ghosthunting-busters channel) aired a special that suggested the Younger Dryas cooling was caused by a Canadian meteor impact that wiped out several early civilizations on the North American continent and restarted the ice age just as it was ending.

  13. Weak geo/solar magnetic fields are the most likely cause for abrupt climate change. Once these two factors reach a certain degree of magnitude change of weakening,sustained over a duration of time long enough the climate through resulting positive feedbacks from these two factors is very likely brought to some sort of a threshold or thresholds which then brings on sudden abrupt climate change.

    The climate then transitions over a few decades from a stable non glacial climate regime to a glacial regime, with the transition marked by very unstable climate conditions.

    Again thresholds have to be breached to have this come about.

  14. Something I don’t understand. All this anthropogenic global warming “the sky is falling” alarmism, and they say look at Venus!! Let’s look at Venus. The planet has a circumference almost as large as the earth however it orbits the sun at a mean distance of 67 million miles compared to the earth’s mean distance from the sun of 93 million miles. Don’tcha think that Venus gets quite a bit more solar irradiance from the sun than the earth does??? The atmosphere of Venus is 95% CO2, and the mean pressure on the surface of the planet is 180 times the atmospheric pressure of our own planet. So where is the similarity???

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