This is how ice ages begin

Record snowfall in the spring, record snowfall in the autumn, skiing on the 4th of July, and glaciers growing in the Rockies.

This is how ice ages begin
By Robert W. Felix

Look at this weekend’s Halloween snowstorm. Headlines across the U.S.A. called it “historic.” Historic because it dumped record snowfall on at least 20 cities from Maryland to Maine. Historic because it was the most snow – and the earliest – in many areas since the end of the Civil War.

And we’re not talking mere tenths-of-an-inch here. This snowfall shattered the old records, it obliterated them.

The 14.6 inches of snow that fell in Worcester, Mass., almost doubled its previous single-day October record of 7.5 inches set in 1979, while Hartford’s 12.3 inches crushed the previous single-day October record of 1.7 inches, seven times more than its earlier record.

But with 32 inches (81 cm) of snow, Peru, Massachusetts, won the prize. Two-and-a-half feet! Waist deep! Before Halloween!

This is how ice ages begin.

Not by huge glaciers slowly grinding out of the north, not by temperatures plunging to Siberian levels, but by more and more snow.

Unfortunately, we’re getting that snow.

According to Rutgers University Global Snow Lab, three of the four snowiest winters in the Northern Hemisphere have occurred in the last four years.

Three of the four snowiest Northern Hemisphere winters have occurred since 2008.

Look at last winter.

Last year’s blizzard-filled winter and unusually cold, wet spring left record snowpack at more than 90 measuring sites across the western United States.

By Memorial Day, epic snowpack had been reported in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Washington and California.

On California’s Mammoth Mountain, the snowpack measured an incredible 728 percent of normal.

At Oregon’s Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort, snow totals reached 650 inches, far eclipsing the previous record of 606 inches.

In Washington, Crystal Mountain broke its all-time snowfall record for the second time in only 11 years.

And the snow kept coming. In early June, Utah’s Snowbird ski resort reported snowpack at  525 percent of normal

“There are places on the mountain that will probably retain snow all summer long,” said Emily Moench, Sunbird’s communications manager.

Read that again. “There are places on the mountain that will probably retain snow all summer long”!

This is how ice ages begin!

And lest we forget, just a few months ago the Missouri River suffered its second 500-year flood in 15 years. Why? Because of heavy rains and melting record snowpack.

But the news gets even worse.

Glaciers are growing in the United States.

Even though last winter’s historic snowpack has not yet melted, new snow is already piling up in the Rocky Mountains.

In Montana’s Glacier National Park, in Colorado’s Front Range, in Wyoming’s Grand Tetons, the glaciers and snowfields are actually gaining volume.

When Bob Comey, director of the Bridger-Teton National Forest Avalanche Center, compared photographs of Wyoming mountain peaks, he found “significantly” more ice in the Teton Range compared with two years ago.

“I’ve never seen a season with a gain like we’ve seen this summer,” said Comey.

And when scientist Nel Caine checked on Arikaree Glacier 20 miles west of Boulder, Colorado, he measured between 2 and 3 feet of snow from last winter and spring still remaining in late September.

Meanwhile, scientists have measured a “very modest” increase on Sperry Glacier in Montana’s Glacier National Park.

Mind you, these are not the only glaciers growing in the United States. Glaciers are also growing in California, Alaska and Washington state.

This is how ice ages begin.

And our leaders keep screaming about global warming.

Robert W. Felix is author of Not by Fire but by Ice and publisher of

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  1. The warm mongers hand wringing and teeth gnashing over global warming and the need to DO SOMETHING ABHOUT IT will unfortunately lead to the biggest human tragedy of all, the tragedy of billions being spent to combat a figment of the UN’s imagination instead of using that money to prepare for the next cycle of true climate change, the planet’s next glacial period.

  2. November snow surprise for southerners

    MetService severe weather forecaster Andy Downes says there’s a deep low passing the south of Stewart Island and this will bring strong gales with gusts possibly reaching warning levels along coastal Southland and South Otago.

    Downes says it’s a rare weather event to occur in November.

    Residents in Invercargill woke up to 4 degrees this morning.

    “As more cold air comes in it will drop the snow level down, perhaps briefly to low levels, maybe even sea level, but where it will accumulate will probably be above two, three hundred metres,” MetService’s Dan Corbett told Radio New Zealand.

  3. I am reminded of units and ships during WWII that were kitted out with tropical gear sure that they were headed for the sunny south pacific only to be sent to the Alutians to fight the Japanese in arctic conditions. Nothing changes,soon enough there will be no doubt in anyones minds as to the direction the earths temp is headed. Won’t matter though, they will still blame it on humans.

  4. I agree with Robert. Yet, the mindless media are shouting about the IPCCs latest report claiming “Greenhouse Gases” are once again “Raising” temperatures and “Global Warming” is now totally out of control. Via the Climate-gate Scandal, the IPCC has been discredited as a reputable or unbiased source of climate data. Yet the Global Elitists continue to propagate lies to deceive the brainless masses.

    You can’t fix stupid..!

  5. Reading RobertvdL I want to comment that as a migrant from Netherlands to New Zealand in 1981 I took my then 3 little children to Brighton beach ( centre of lower island near Christchurch)
    on the 5th of Nov. the temperature was between 28-31 degrees, we could hardly walk on the sand without burning our feet ! Now, we are shivering ! and the highest temp today in N.Z. is 18.

  6. I don’t agree with Frank on the “brainless masses” quote.

    Time and again research shows more people are sceptical (I wish everyone would learn that sceptical is a “C” not a “K”) and the sceptics have arrived at the decision through reasoned thought processes. The warmists are in the minority else our power stations would be closing.

    Also, you cannot blame children for believing their schools and university teachers/lecturers know what they are teaching.

    The teachers and lecturers are another matter however. And let’s not even discuss the Media.

    Given the thirty odd years of propaganda with a now obviously declining solar maximum I am amazed how intelligent our populations have become.

    • Rosco – this is a copy and paste from the UK Skeptics website, “Skeptic or Sceptic?

      “Why do you spell skeptic with a ‘K’ when the English version is spelt with a ‘C'”? is a frequent query.

      Well the fact that (British) people notice and remember is one reason!

      Skeptics in the USA, and in many other countries throughout the world, have a stronger identity than we have here in the UK thanks to the input of James Randi, Michael Shermer, and Stephen Barrett, to name but a few. Spelling skeptic the same way as they do helps with continuity, as the skeptic community is a world-wide one.

      Also, using skeptic rather than sceptic, helps with search engine results as the vast majority of people searching use the American spelling.

      The issue is not an important one as both spellings of the word mean exactly the same thing. Some people, however, do try to make a distinction between the two spellings as if they have different meanings: they do not.

      The biggest confusion that occurs is where people look up sceptic/skeptic in the dictionary and get the definition of the noun: One who instinctively or habitually doubts, questions, or disagrees with assertions or generally accepted conclusions.

      To be “a Skeptic” means that the person adheres to the method of scientific skepticism. This is different to being “sceptical” which means to be doubtful.”

  7. Well this is how ice ages begin but how long does it take for the beginning period to end, i.e when will we be in the core of the ice age? It might take one thousand years, right?

  8. I have an ex-husband who politely informs me on facebook that global warming is what is holding off the ice age and the fact that it is getting colder does not have any effect on the climate disaster caused by man-made global warming. Please note the ex in front of the husband part!

  9. The chart above is an EYE OPENER !!!
    By using a little a bit of technical analysis one can see that the target level is a whopping 56.72 million square km with a minimum of 49.5… !!!!
    WOW !!!
    Thank God I moved out of Canada to retire in Philippines.

  10. By the time the bulk of the population and the powers that be figure out what is really going on and publicly admit it, it will be very difficult to save most of the population. Believing politically correct B.S. to be like folks will be fatal for many.

  11. Would the solar cycle 24 have anything to do with the crazy weather? What constitutes as a low number of sunspots 100-200? Isn’t cycle 24 maximum? Just wondering..

  12. Well yes if cycle 24 is a weak one then maybe its part of the Landsheidt cycle that is precursor to the end of the interglacial period. I agree with the observations of Robert here.

    • @Ronbo: Not all lefties, progressive and liberals are in denial about AGW. I’m all for gay marriage, 100% pro-choice, equality for all, etc. yet I’m opposing this global climate scam because I have critical thinking skills. It does a number on the conservative mindset, let me tell you–funny as hell to watch the mental contortions.

      Plus, I don’t need to resort to namecalling. (“Turds”? Seriously? Are you in 3rd grade?)

      Politics sure makes strange bedfellows.

  13. Hey Robert
    Lebanon was hit on Thursday with a cold front that resulted in snow and accumulations on 1600 meters above sea level (5200 feet) what is not normal in this month! Normally snow reaches that low and heaviness after minimum one month from now. I am talking about closed roads so that must had reached like more than 30 cm (12 inches) of accumulated snow, where 30 civilians were trapped and saved. Predictions today say that snow will crawl down to 1500 meters (5000 feet). It seems Lebanese ski resorts will start working early this year.

  14. Robert,

    Climate science is only interested in temperature data.
    What this misses is that Ice Ages are precipitation based. So, no matter what records are shattered, they are of no value to scientists, just temperatures.

  15. with the lead time required to plan and build new coal fired power plants, inm the vicinity of 5 yrs or so? we need to be getting it happening NOW.
    however the terminally carbon fixated watermelons running aus right now are planning shutting down plants rather than far easier upgrades to existing units.50% of one states power gen to go, for a nonproven soalr array, and another to cut 25% of its production when they already face supply shortages in summer and winter peak times, and right now..but maybe not for long? we dont tend to get snow, or many below zero days. that could change rather fast though..and we?
    are iceblocks, not toast.

  16. News release Nov 5, 2050: (about 40 years from now)
    After practically no summertime warmth in Canada and northern Europe for decades, the man made global warming theory that was all the rage of most every country in the world, now has gone the way of believing the earth is flat. Anthropogenic global warming or ACC as it was called, is now more commonly compared to the Spanish inquisition. ” it was the dark ages of science when science was used to promote a political agenda, rather than pursuing the truth, like a religion of sorts ” one prominent scientist who lived through the era said…………

    Pity though, I won’t be here in 40 years to read about it.

    IMHO it will be written in the history books as one of the greatest frauds of the ever committed on humanity.

    I am more concerned about the social upheavals that may soon grip our little planet, that seems to be the more immediate results of this delusional thinking and deception for profit of our so called leaders. ACC keeps people in mass groups from preparing for the future of the real climate disasters of much “cooler” temperatures.
    That I am afraid will also be written in the history books as one of the more darker times of humanity also.

    Keep up the good work Robert.

  17. It is undeniable that it has been unusually snowy in recent years.

    But it is too early to say that it the indicator of the end of the interglacial period.

    Making statements like this is not necessary anyway.Just show that the AGW hypothesis is a failure.

    After being able to show that the hypothesis is null and void.Then you can bring up the NULL hypothesis.That is always lurking in the background of a confirmed warmist.

  18. I remember in high school how a ice age happened ever 10-15000 years and that we were past due. Add a solar minimum and the scale gets tipped.

  19. @Terry Pack
    Did you ever think what would happen if the government told us the truth and told us; We are going to have an ice age in USA and half of our crops will be destroyed, our dollar will be worthless, unemployment will be 35%, your savings will be wiped out and we are going to send your your children to war in order to kick-start the economy.

    What do you do in this situation if you were the government?
    I am afraid there are no easy answers.

  20. I agree that this is how ice-ages start. What we seem to be missing, in my opinion, is a catalyst or cause of epochal precipitation. Warmers say that it’s happening because hotter air can hold more moisture than colder air. While it is true, the difference is not significant if we are talking 1 to 5 degrees (just look at a psychometric chart). So for an ice-age to happen, I believe we need some mechanism to force water into the atmosphere in profoundly different amounts in order to produce prolonged rain or snow events. In Robert Felix’s excellent book, he describes how an asteroid impact in the sea could send mega tons of moisture into the sky. I could see undersea or even normal volcanoes having the capacity to toss vapor skyward too. Once up it has no choice but to come down. So I ask: What is fueling long-term heavier than normal precipitation??

  21. An ice-free Arctic caused by the incursion of tepid Atlantic waters into the Arctic began the last ice age, and the over 400 feet drop in sea level began its end. The Arctic is the shallowest ocean, and the drastic drop in sea level choked off the warmer Atlantic from the Arctic. What indicates an ice-free Arctic fed the Ice Age? Glaciers are fed by vast quantities of snow, and vast quantities of snow require a source of humidity. Studies of the pattern of glaciers building during the ice age indicate the greatest accumulation south of Hudson Bay. See for the details.

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