Ice and Fire in Argentina

Two feet of snow and far below freezing in some areas,  temperatures up to 43°C in others.

Meteorología de la República Argentina

Ice, cold and snow:

PATAGONIA – Snowflakes 50 to 60 cm (2 ft) of snow in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego. With temperatures below zero, it differs from the North Argentina, registering thermal contrasts of + 40°C.

RÍO NEGRO | Snow in Bariloche. The phenomenon even spread to the city center. The cities of Patagonia showed temperatures below -8°C (17.6°F) in the morning.
See video:

CORRIENTES |Another province joined the fires in the middle of #drought and temperatures of up to 43°C (109°F). Coastal region, Córdoba and San Luis with new outbreaks and difficult to control.

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5 thoughts on “Ice and Fire in Argentina”

  1. don’t care less about the fire. That’s only for liberal sites.
    Here I only come for snow and ice.

    • Ben Davidson of Suspicious Observers believes that the unusual record high temperatures being experienced in some places during this period of low sunspot activity, as well as the record loss of summer sea ice this summer, by increased UV radiation reaching earth due to the weakening magnetic field, caused by both the long solar minimum and our own magnetic field weakening.

  2. large areas make for very varied temps, never get a happy meeting of the temps
    if you do?
    thats where the huge storms begin

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