Ice core records show profound temperature decline

Look at the unmistakable trend on this graph!

“The Modern Warming phase began around 1690 or so,” says reader. “This means, if going by past long warm cycles, it is almost over.”

Graph by Ed Hoskins

“The warmth seems to last around 350 years or so. Not only that, we are near the time for a big dip in the temperature in the Northern Latitudes as well, since they happen around a 1,000 years apart and it has been about a 1,000 years now since the last big dip.

“Notice how they happen right after a long warming phase ends?”

Thanks to Sunset Tommy for this link, and to Ed Hoskins for the graph

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  1. Hey – the GRIP graphic is great. Looks like it’s Tony’s, from May, but his archives from May are not linking, so I can find out more info about it.

  2. Actually, there is a more important observation to be made.

    Break the graph into four zones of observation:
    Zone 1) From -7000 to -6000 trough,
    Zone 2) From -6000 to -5000 trough,
    Zone 3) From -5000 to -1000 (Minoan) trough,
    Zone 4) From -1000 to 2000 (present) trough.

    You will note something interesting, that is a real physical effect. Look closely at the trend from the peak of the beginning of these zones, to the trough of the zone, and then the rise to the next peak of the beginning of the next zone.
    In each case, the fall time is twice the length of the rise time, in all three cases.

    If you examine other temp. charts, specially Antarctica, you will see the same process, rising temperature periods occur twice as fast as falling temperature periods.

    So some interesting questions for all of you to ponder:
    – What natural process occurs twice as fast when temperatures rise as compared to when temperatures falls? Or more interestingly, what natural process falls twice as fast as it when it rises, and temperature is correspondingly effected?

    For all those who have been looking at CO2 and Temperature relationships over the decades, there isn’t any! For CO2 doesn’t have an asymmetric process.

    But something else has…. neutrinos. More importantly, as neutrino energies changes, their rates change, and this rate change is asymmetric.

    I mentioned some time ago that all this hoopla about climate change may every will be out of our hands. Yes there may very well be other forces at play here. Yes I have a theory, and no i’m not ready to show it.

    But I am absolutely sure that what is happening with our climate has next to nothing to do with what is happening on Earth. It is all extraterrestrial.

    NB: An ice core from a Martian pole, would prove everything! I mentioned this once (actually a few times), nobody took it seriously. But look closely at the temperature trends, there is a real physical process on a large scale that is happening. Little processes all working together do not do these large processes. If you knew anything about system dynamics you’d understand this. That is why, all this global warming stuff is just crap. And so to now, there is a global cooling fear!

    Enough with the digital crystal ball routine!

    Anyway, I’ve said enough.

    • The Minoan Warming time frame is the dated boundary for INSOLATION going into negative,which is why it has been steadily cooling ever since.

      In the book, The Inconvenient Skeptic,by John Kehr. He lays out a case that it is Insolation changes that drives long term warming and cooling phases.

      He also points out that Glaciers are forming in areas that had melted out 10,000 years ago. It is now cold enough for them to hang around. Most of the glaciers that exist TODAY outside of Greenland and Antarctica didn’t exist 4,000 years ago.


      Hans Tausen Ice Cap in Northern Greenland,it is about 4,000 years old even started growing before insolation went negative.

      Mt. Churchill in Alaska, is covered by thick glaciers that are only 2,500 years old. Before that NO glaciers on the Mountain at all.

      Mt. Logan in Canada, Second tallest Mt. in North America has most of its glaciers less than 300 years old, with a few spots of 8,000 year old ice there as well. Despite the cold and high elevation, it was warm enough to melt most of it away during the Holocene Optimism time.

      Mt. Fremont Glacier in Wyoming is only about 300 years old,started growing there during the LIA time,from nothing to over 160 M thick. This despite being at latitude 43 degree N.

      Quelccaya Ice Cap in Peru is only 1500 years old.It is in the Tropics at 13 degrees S!

      These glaciers described exist ONLY because the Earth has cooled enough for them to grow. The main cause is insolation has gone negative.

      This was all from his book,which is worth reading.

    • Posting late as my .net has been spotty at best today.
      Here are some graphs that were posted from another site in 2009 am sure the graphs were generated prior but it does show the correlation of CO2 warming and cooling levels. And yes CO2 does lag and increase during warming trends, however CO2 does not decrease in a relative manner as compared to the warming cycle when the cooling cycles reach minimum solar outputs as proposed by the global warming scammers.
      Anyway, here are the graphs with explanations from the author.

      Fair well all

  3. I am in Alaska shivering my rear off! This is nothing like last year… barely above freezing nights low 40’s
    days… rain is constant and it looks like it is “slushing”
    Not knowing what to be! Rain , snow, hail?
    The plants are terribly confused and you can literally and physically feel it.
    But then again the chemtrails are relentless.

    • If you’re one of those who don’t think there are such things as chemtrails, then ask yourself why the Rhode Island legislature is trying to get a bill passed to ban geoengineering, specifically mentioning chemtrails in the bill. Those folks would not have taken the chance of becoming laughing stocks by trying to ban something that doesn’t exist. Also, some years ago, Dennis Kuchinick tried to add an anti-chemtrail clause to a bill. Was he crazy, too? Chemtrails exist; they’re NOT contrails; and they’re poisoning the land, air, water, animals, plants, and people.

      • Jet Contrails exist, the chemtails conspiracy doesn’t.
        Example: my house is situated in the Midlands under the high level flight corridor from the Irish Sea to the London Airports. When the atmosphere is right, with high pressure and cloud free, normally you can see the Contrails from Cheshire to Milton Keene’s.
        During the recent Icelandic Volcanic eruption and the suspension of air travel – the atmosphere was as clear a bell, not a contrail in sight.
        Given that the Arctic is normally a High pressure area and the increase since 1985 in Polar Jet Traffic, following great circle routes, the Alaskan/Canadian Arctic region is an Jet Air travel crossing point for traffic from Southeast Asia for Europe and US West coast traffic for Western Europe and the EU states.

      • US legislature is renowned for proposing screwy – nutty ideas in referenda with SC being the worst.
        It’s a form of democracy in action; it still doesn’t mean it’s right, or even the scientific truth.

      • One does not gain in intelligence by winning an election. There are regular introductions of incredibly stupid proposed laws, from both sides. Fear of being a laughing stock is clearly ineffective at curing stupid.

        Look how many of them support global warming, mandate expensive worthless “green” electricity generation, and burning food via ethanol in gasoline while making engines run worse.

        Arguing that legislatures are too smart to advocate something dumb is “facts not in evidence”.

  4. Put me down for water vapor contrails, NOT chemtrails, which would be a huge conspiracy of chemicals being expelled from every airliner. The very idea is sadly laughable.

    • Who makes, stores & then transports these thousands of tons of chemicals? Who loads them on the airliners? Who designs, installs, maintains and operates the dispersal systems? All without the public airlines and their employees knowing anything about it.

      Use your common sense, folks,, such things could not be kept secret for decades.

  5. I’ve analized several sets of Antarctic and Greenland ice core data and found things that surprised me considerably. The first and most interesting is that during the Pleistocene, there is an inverse correlation between temperature and ice accumulation. That is, ice increases as temperature rises during the last Pleistocene glacial period. The ice core resolution is not fine enough to be useful farther back in time. With the onset of the Holocene interstadial, that relation reverses. During the Holocene ice increases as weather cools. Also, during the late Pleistocene dust levels correlate positively with temperature as the planet cooled it became dustier.

    Among other things this implies that during the coldest part of the late Pleistocene, snow and precipitation in Greenland and Antarctica was essentially analogous to “lake-effect snow” along the southern shores of the Great Lakes.

    The dust effect is well known and the common explanation is that the dust is loess – rock flour – from the immense continental ice sheets. BUT, considering just how dry the planetary atmosphere seems to have been, and how CO2-poor the atmosphere was , an alternative possibility is that plant growth and primary production were severely depressed and the dust was from soil blowing away as deserts expanded. It has been repeated for decades now that the onset of the Pleistocene saw savanna and desert expand considerably. It has been offered as a cause for the appearance of bipedalism among our remote ancestors. This in and of itself is a documented loss of biological production on a planetary scale.

    The Holocene presents distinctly different pattern. The biggest surprise is that running a regression on the ice core data indicates that there is no significant trend. The period shows overall cooling as the OP indicates, but the changes are limited and the error estimates suggests that there may really be no significant trend in that data over the Holocene as a whole. It is easily possible to pick shorter spans and show trends that are significant, but those trends over the entire span essentially cancel each other out.

    • And, the fact that the Holocene interglacial is a completely stunted temperature interglacial, due to the three separate Younger Dryas re-glaciations which caped the rise in temperature , as seen in the previous 4 Interglacial prior to this one, all four have peaked at least 4C to 6C higher than this one, which is now winding down to 0c as we write, .5C or .75C ,as each warm and GSM 172 cycle competes.
      Neither this year, nor after 2188, but soon, but not yet!
      Perhaps decker
      May 26, 2017 at 1:23 pm
      Would have preferred to see Polar bears hunting Seals on the Atlantic Ice boundary on the West Coast of Ireland, fossil records confirm that happened during the last glacial advance from the teeth found in the area, with a bridge of ice running in winter from Scotland to Iceland, and then to Greenland, rather than his brain thawed into an uncertain future.

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