Ice on Danube River 13-ft thick – Emergency situation in 6 Serbian municipalities

Ice on the Danube at the Dalj Bend is four meters (13 ft) thick, says MUP Emergency Situations Sector chief Predrag Matic.

According to Maric, two more Hungarian icebreakers  will arrive in Serbia to reopen the river to navigation all the way to Belgrade.

Maric said that low temperatures will continue until January 23, resulting in more ice forming on the river.

Serbia’s own two icebreakers – the Greben and the Bor – are deployed downstream from Belgrade, defending the hydro-power plant Djerdap (Iron Gate).

Maric also said that an emergency situation due to the cold weather and snow is still in force in six municipalities,

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  1. Sub-zero temperatures look like continuing until 1st February in the GFS – EU – 1000mb forecast I look at for the Alpine and Danube river basin.
    A series of major Arctic lows coupled with a strong.cold Arctic jet stream flow is to cross Northern Europe with periodic North Westerly Cold fronts affecting the GB and the Baltic Regions with Rain and strong winds to low levels.
    To the South of the Central Europe blocking high, a low pressure system centred to the south Ionian sea will inject further rain and Snow over the Greek Mainland and Italy over the forecast period.
    This European winter has only just got going and it won’t let go till April.

    • Not all of the U.S! Bitter cold has been the norm in the northern tier and Great Lakes until a few days ago. Blasts of cold have penetrated to northern Florida. Myopic view from your home town or an attempt at sarcasm perhaps?

    • I do remember reading where our host had conversations with a noted geologist, whom made the claim, ice age’s start in Eur-Asia. migrate thru Europe and that northwestern part of north america freezes last. That is if memory cells are still active, other wise…. Perhaps our host will elaborate.

  2. No Danube cruises at the moment then?

    I suppose that Torville and Dean could cross Europe very cheaply, and with little traffic in the way !!

    Big chance for an ice-skating race from Bratislava to Budapest now !!

  3. with 13 feet of ice on the Danube 3 weeks into the new year certainly does NOT indicate a warm year for 2016. Not even close!! But it does lend credibility that we had the fastest drop in land temps ever recorded in the last few months.

    • The cold wave started its surge towards the end of Dec 31st. At that time the western edge of the cold wave was at 86E longitude. By the 6th of January the edge of the cold wave, -10F or lower, had reached into eastern Poland as well as south into Serbia. It was incredible to watch. If that cold wave had continued to move westward for another 1 or 2 days that would have brought LIA temps into Europe. I shouted out a warning at the time to a sister who lives in France, to be aware of deep cold conditions.

      But there was no further advance or deepening into colder temps, luckily for Europeans. It was clear to see how swiftly conditions could change to one which could become life threatening for an entire region.

  4. It has been about 2 years since the volcanos in Iceland have been active and world wide increase in volcanism. Add in the lack of sunspots, and wa-la, you have a change in expected climate. Maybe we should send copies of Charles Dickens “The Silver Skates” to climate scientists to remind them that major rivers have froze before for months and sometimes are never “ice free”.
    I hope that the dam infrastructure can with stand the pressure the amount of ice will place on it as this hydropower is critical to the people in the winter for electric heat.

    • Charles Dickens didn’t write THE SILVER SKATES, it was written by an American author called Mary Mapes Dodge, but it would be a good idea to send copies of the book to the so-called climate scientists so that they can learn a bit about climate history. Sadly, their education in that field is blatently lacking.

  5. In addition, now that Trump is in office, kids will no longer be told that they won’t know what snow is in 50 years from now just because their mom is driving them to school in her SUV!

    Also they won’t be flunked by their teachers in school anymore just because they don’t agree with Al Gore!

    • Quote: Also they won’t be flunked by their teachers in school anymore just because they don’t agree with Al Gore!
      Comment: Once the climate lies are exposed I wouldn’t be surprised if all those flunked by the Climate church of global warming within the US educational establishment, are subjected to a series of Class Actions for the fraudulent peddling of carbon credit lies.
      The people have a greater power than the Senate to bring fraudsters to book. They also expect those trusted to educate the young with the truth, and not some political religious garbage figure headed by Al Gore.

    • Wishful thinking, I am afraid.

      The educrats have our children in their grasp and they will not easily give up control. The propaganda will not stop.

      Global warming will continue to be taught as a religion unless and until threats of holding back funding (and lawsuits and criminal prosecutions for fraud) are pursued by the new feds.

  6. This has happened some years back and it cut off a number of countries from fuel supplies and other needed goods and around that same time they were seeing some extreme snow falls that completely buried homes.

  7. hmm so icebreakers keeping inflows going for hydroplant
    no nuke ones there? just as well.
    shows how at risk they are to severe cold rather than any warming doesn’t it?
    birdshredders in that region?
    and solar pv?
    if they did have em my guess is theyre bent buckled n buggered pretty well by the weight of snows/ice

  8. Well we certainly do have a Blue Danube today LOL. However I can’t see myself dancing on it. I think I’ll stay indoors and watch some musical performances on TV while enjoying a whisky or 2.

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