Ice on Hudson Bay doubling previous years

“This year’s ice on the Hudson Bay is not only doubling and tripling previous years, but quadrupling some years as well,” says reader Ralph Fato. “Rapid Ice increase in the past week.”

Hudson Bay Ice - 15Oct13

Hudson bay Link:

“I haven’t clicked all of them,” says Ralph. “Looks like Beaufort and East Siberian Sea is more than previous years too.”

12 thoughts on “Ice on Hudson Bay doubling previous years”

    • ES is correct. Upon first seeing this graph, Oct 15 before any replies, I didn’t believe it. So I checked Cryosphere Today, Environment Canada, MASIE, DMI SST, and another (forgot who). All showed Ice Free with only moderately cold SST.

      Given that this graph was created by NOAA, I think it’s upside down. It is supposed to show all the heat now stored within the Hudson Bay sea water.

  1. Obviously this is occurring since the oceans are ‘hiding’ all that Co2 inspired ‘warm’. Which oceans exactly and how deep are these magical storage chambers of the ‘warm’? The eco fascists won’t say will they. The North pole+environs is not only increasing in ice; but is moving. 300 mya it was in Ecuador. Surely wandering poles, more ice, and a doubling of the white bear population means Co2 the trace chemical is to blame….and only Co2….Cults are not scientific are they.

  2. meanwhile in aus?
    we had some prat from CSIRO with a warmist agenda..telling us how their models…..
    say that we wont have snow down low and up to 80% less in 40 years time at higher alt. and we should all PANIC!
    cos billions of tourist bucks might go away.
    this..just after snow last weekend and warnings out again for 1000metres and up for MORE SNOW tonight tomorrow.
    same time this moron is saying the season is beginning early and ending early, umm well NO it IS NOT!

  3. Robert I was wondering if you have the latest information on the current strength of the earth’s magnetic field?
    The last reliable reading I have is 7.8 units(multiples of 10 22 amperes x meters sq) way back in year 2000.

    Do you have a further more recent update? Thanks.

  4. Brrrrrrr! Hope people have plenty of firewood stacked up. Oh wait! Obama wants to ban fireplaces as part of his war on coal by 2014.

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