Ice on Lake Superior in July

The mainstream media tries to pretend that ice remained on Lake Superior “only” into June.

“How about July?”asks reader E Stephens.

“We should name icebergs still floating in Lake Superior in July after infamous AGW scientists. This one is Gavin,” says  Tilly LaCampagne via Twitter.

See photo dated 11 July 2014:

Thanks to E Stephens for this link

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  1. I hear that the snow still stays in crevasses on the Ungava-Labrador Plateau until mid-July on a regular basis too. Apparently when the Laurentide ice sheet grows again, it will start on this very plateau. There is a span of about only 10 weeks each year when there is no snow on that plateau.

    Sorry for this apparent non sequitur, but seeing ice on Lake Superior in July reminded me of that little Laurentide ice sheet bit.

  2. I think that is because NOAA related it ice free in the middle of June and no-one in the mainstream media bothered to look and verify.

  3. For those buying the AGW hyperbole. If you are not preparing for a Little Ice Age you are in deep yogurt.

  4. The berg might be the last remaining one floating in Keeweenaw Bay. That is what the land shown in the picture reminds me of at leat.

  5. Thursdays lowest temp. for the lower 48 was 32F at Spincich Lake, Michigan. It is situated nearly equidistant from Lakes Superior, Michigan, and Huron, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

  6. Wow, this is really something. I followed the Great Lakes ice growth, exp. on Lake Michigan this past winter and it was literally phenomenal. Of course, it was even more so than the govt agencies (NOAA and Canadian Ice Services) and the MSM would let on. I am of the firm conviction that Lake Michigan had a rare total ice over but they couldn’t let that be told to the citizens.

    That is really neat and totally of interest. I think the next 4 years or so will be interesting. This winter may not be quite the cold one due to ocean currents, but with what happened last winter in the mid continent,and the way the polar antarctic sea ice anomaly is going up, who knows???

  7. WEll, the twitter post was put up on July 3. No telling when the picture was taken as there is no on-photo date. Could have very well been from the 4th of July celebrations.

    Liked this comment to the twitter post:
    “John LeBlanc ‏@LeBlancJpl
    @MarkSteynOnline @TillyLaCampagne If you can find one big enough to play hockey on, name it after @MichaelEMann”

  8. And this despite the temporary local urban heat island effect caused by the visitors and the BBQ.

    Wait for the maps showing first and second year ice extent for Lake Superior next year.

    All caused by Global Warming of course.

    Don’t you love it.

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