Ice Rink Roof Collapses in Slovakia – Video

Ice Rink Roof Collapses in Slovakia – Video

22 Jan 2012 – Roof of the recently opened ice rink in Námestovo, Slovakia couldn’t support the weight of snow and collapsed. Young hockey players were training on the ice just before the accident together with former Florida Panthers right wing Richard Zednik.

Though everything seems calm, you can hear strange noises at the beginning of the video, which then jumps to a clip of the roof slowly collapsing.

According to reports no one was hurt – pretty amazing when you notice that many people inside the building simply stood by and watched the roof collapse right in front of them.

Thanks to Robert van de Leur and John Kampen for this link

6 thoughts on “Ice Rink Roof Collapses in Slovakia – Video”

  1. I don’t understand this collapse. It looks more like the inner liner collapsed rather than the roof itself, so I would have to guess that the failure isn’t due to snow load, but rather snow melt seeping through to the inner liner.

    • Al Gore must be counting himself lucky he was not there… Wounder if anyone in the future will be able to sue any global warming alarmists.

    • yes agreed the small outside shot shows a rounded roof which appears intact?
      I would have thought the round shape would have provided enough slope to slide snow off and would have been quite strong.
      really lucky no one got hurt.

  2. Im here in Belfast every were else seeing all this snow so us in Britain has not one pic of the stuff only mild weather all these events just due to local weather nothing else and for in britain I feel last year snow is the last we ever see of the stuff so must be something so it is bringing back that so ones from the Met office must be we told you most parts Britain well see the white stuff wa warming climate here even though I dont believe in global warming this is the second this happened so way things are going I have to take my kids to Norway or Canada to see what it looks like I see it snowing here this winter because records are going to be broken for the warmest winter in the Uk sorry Bob I wish we were having the white stuff here

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