Ice Slides From Roof, Crushes Cars In Plano, Texas – Video

Sheets of ice about two inches thick slid from rooftops at Northside at Legacy and Parkside at Legacy about one o’clock Sunday afternoon.

Nicole Jaime watched from the fifth floor and recorded what happened on her smart phone. view full article

This scary video was taken in Plano, Texas, where thick ice sheets deposited by a winter storm slid from the roof of an apartment complex Sunday. According to WFAA 8, ice several inches thick crushed cars and tore through trees.

Residents recorded the falling ice with their smartphones as it smashed onto sidewalks and cars parked on the street. Luckily, no one was hurt. At least eight cars were damaged, some with collapsed roofs and shattered windshields.

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7 thoughts on “Ice Slides From Roof, Crushes Cars In Plano, Texas – Video”

  1. Freaky. Here in Valdez, AK, the snow turns into mini-glaciers several feet thick or more on roofs and flows like taffy down to the ground, however, sometimes the entire roof will shed all at once. So you’ve got to be really aware of where you’re standing. Sometimes when a roof sheds here it shakes the ground and rattles the dishes.

  2. In the northern countries where we are accustomed to the heavy load of snow on the roof tops, and the sudden above zero C tenmperature incidents that could cause the snow to move downwards of the roofs; well, I think most of the roof tops in Norway or Scandinavia have this barriers at the bottom of the roof that hinder or prevent that kind of incidents that are showing on the film.

    Maybe People of the Southern Plains could having something to learn and by then save insurance costs.

  3. Totally dangerous situation. I would definitely wear a hockey helmet and shoulderpads when walking out of the building.

  4. they used one of those clips on aus news
    totally failed to mention the sheer scale of the nations snow n storms prior at all.
    or the LOW temp records being broken all over your land.

  5. There used to be an old saying in Texas:

    “There’s nothing between Texas and the North Pole but a barbed wire fence, and every once in a while, somebody forgets and leaves the gap down” (ie, gate open).

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