Climatologists and others Who Disagree

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2 thoughts on “Dissenters”

    Today…For the first time in nearly a week, most of the Inland
    Northwest will be dry for a day. For those keeping track of our
    wet weather of late, the last dry day in Spokane was on the 12 th
    with over 3 inches of precipitation for the month. For the month
    3.28 of rain has fallen at the Spokane Airport with another 0.15
    reported yesterday. This has now vaulted us up to the wettest
    October since 1950 and we still have a good portion of the month
    remaining with more rain expected, just not today. The record
    stands at 5.41 inches in 1947.

  2. I an a physical scientist and non believer in man caused global warming but we will need carbon fuels to keep warm in the coming ice So conserve all we can


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