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  1. Straight from the beast mouth. spokane,wa noaa

    Today…For the first time in nearly a week, most of the Inland
    Northwest will be dry for a day. For those keeping track of our wet
    weather of late, the last dry day in Spokane was on the 12th with
    over 3 inches of precipitation for the month. For the month 3.28 of
    rain has fallen at the Spokane Airport with another 0.15 reported
    yesterday. This has now vaulted us up to the wettest October since
    1950 and we still have a good portion of the month remaining with
    more rain expected, just not today. The record stands at 5.41 inches
    in 1947. The weather today will be temporarily controlled by a
    building ridge of high pressure ahead of the next system currently
    moving through the eastern Pacific.
    The main challenge for today will be how widespread will the fog
    get early this morning as clearing skies aloft coupled with a very
    moist lower atmosphere. As of 2 am, it appeared the fog and low
    clouds cover was expanding rapidly across the eastern third of
    Washington and across much of the Idaho Panhandle and we expect
    that trend to continue. How long it persists is tough to say, but
    given it is still mid-October we`d expect much of it to burn off
    or lift before midday.


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