Icebreaker on the Hudson River – Video

“Hudson river freezes as US hit by record-breaking lows of -40C, reads headline.”

Arctic conditions in areas including Philadelphia, Boston and New York.”

Ice 12 inches (30 cm) thick in places after 2 days of record cold.

The Hudson River

Ice, ice, ice, as far as the eye can see.”

“It’s vital that we keep these navigation channels open… we’ve got to keep them open to get the heating oil and other products down river so they can get out to the people who need them most,” said Steve Strohmaier, U.S. Coast Guard Public Affairs Officer.

Heating oil is a precious commodity, especially right now in the state of New York when many are in short supply.

“About 90% of that heating oil that we use in the Northeast is brought in by tug and barge,” Strohmaier said.

Here’s another video:
U.S. Coast Guard breaks ice in Hudson River

And a different video of a tugboat shoving its way through the ice:

Before the Coast Guard went to work, the river was frozen solid, says the following article:

According to the Times Herald-Record, the Coast Guard has performed a couple of rescues.

“The Coast Guard used an ice-breaking vessel to free a tug Tuesday morning that had been stuck in the ice overnight near Kingston. The ice-breaking tug freed another vessel Sunday night near Saugerties.”

According to Wikipedia, The Hudson River, 315-miles long (507 km), flows from north to south primarily through eastern New York. The river originates in the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York to eventually drain into the Atlantic Ocean between New York City and Jersey City.

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13 thoughts on “Icebreaker on the Hudson River – Video”

  1. The oil is traveling north on the Hudson.

    The irony is that the pass by Indian Point nuclear reactors which the moron governor of NY wants to shut down. It’s PC don’t you know.

    Upstate NY is sitting on one of the biggest natural gas deposits in the US. But the governor refuses to let them drill.

    • Has anyone given some thought to the problem of relocating the nuclear power plants when it becomes obvious that a major glaciation is setting in? This is the giant elephant in the living room that has to be dealt with.

      • I am also worried about that seed bank in Svalbard. A seed bank buried under a mile of ice is no seed bank at all. A far better place to put the wretched seeds is the Sahara Desert. Climate Change should make the desert nice and green and the seeds can grow as much as they like 🙂

  2. well seeing as frozen water has more volume…
    this might be the closest the fool Hansens claims of the river rising in NY might come to anything close to a fact;-)
    when the rivers frozen do the suicide attempts also come to a halt?

  3. The video is not for broadcast. One might get the impression that someone is worried about the videos impact on the global warming narrative….. I can’t imagine it being about protecting the identity of the crew unless there has been a terrorist threat and that seems unlikely.

  4. Please send these videos and ice reports to and BBC, ITV and Sky News.

    I’m fed up with the biased BBC reports. They always emphasise “GLOBAL WARMING” or “CLIMATE CHANGE”.

    They rarely have a pundit with the OPPOSING VIEW.
    Interestingly, one of those is PIERS CORBYN….brother of JEREMY CORBYN , the Labour leader…….who has completely DIFFERENT climate views from his brother.
    Why don’t we see PIERS CORBYN on UK TV?
    Piers Morgan would be a good man to interview him. Why not suggest it to him and to UK Press ?

  5. All this ice in the USA must be manna from heaven for Donald Trump who does not believe in man-made global warming.
    What are American views following THIS weather?
    How can Arctic be melting with these temps this far south?
    Do you know that New York is on the SAME LATITUDE as Madrid, in Spain………and that other ice-bound American cities are on same latitude as the MEDITERRANEAN SEA?
    Check it out. Tell the PRESS !

    • Lyn,

      Well that is not really news. We know NYC may be the same latitude as Madrid… but getting long winters there with cold, plenty of snow and ice in winter is normal for that area.

      Further south (like where I am, about 3 hours drive … if there was no traffic, which never happens) of DC… snow and ice are not necessarily the norm, tho it does happen.

      The reason I’m told is where the Gulf stream goes… as it turns east at some point (which is why Great Britain is a lot warmer than parts of North America at the same latitude).

      When the Pilgrims came from England to America… and settled in Massachusetts about half of them died the first winter. Why? Not understanding how cold and damp it gets in those parts in winter. Could easily freeze to death. NYC is not much warmer…. and in fact upper state NY is far colder and snowier.

      Unfortunately a lot of people in the northern parts of the US are really gullible when it comes to believing the global warming hoax. They also tend to be liberals and think they are smarter than the rest of us (yeah, right!)

  6. Just when I ran out of umbrellas for my tuiti-
    fruiti drinks,to sip as I
    watch the”SAY WHAT”
    Icebreakers on my deck overlooking the Hudson!

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