Icebreaker now also stuck in the ice – Video

Expedition vessel hired by group of global-warming scientists.

The Chinese icebreaker trying to reach a Russian-flagged expedition vessel trapped for the past four days in frozen Antarctic ice is now also now stuck in the ice, says CNN News.

The Chinese crew is hoping a French icebreaker 14 nautical miles away will arrive and offer relief, said Zhu Li, chief officer of the Chinese ship.

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“Maybe God has got a sense of humour?” says Lyn. “Climate change investigators stuck in ice in Antarctica in High Summer !! Then the Chinese ice-breaker rescuing them also gets stuck in ice !!?”

Expedition vessel hired by global warming scientists

The expedition vessel was hired by a group of global warming scientists, says Craig Rucker at CFact.

“Chris Turney, the leader of the expedition, is a professor of climate change at the University of New South Wales,” says CFact.  “He rounded up a few dozen pals, chartered a Russian ship, and set off on a taxpayer funded junket to Antarctica.”

“On Christmas day the expedition radioed for help after the ship became trapped in this year’s tremendous Antarctic ice, which may set a record.

“A Chinese ice breaker steamed in to the rescue, but found the ice too thick to reach the trapped warmists who are now hoping an Australian ice breaker might be able to get through.”

(I’ve read that the junket was taxpayer-funded, but haven’t yet verified that. Now taxpayers are certainly paying to rescue them.)

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“Great way to cap off a less than perfect year for the warmist camp,” says Allan.


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    • The alarmists will NOT see any irony – they have already claimed the ice is the result of, can you guess???? global warming….

  1. “Maybe God has got a sense of humour?” says Lyn.

    I suspect that if he is aware of the situation he is enjoying the spectacle of the false religion of AGW being proved to be false and also of people coming to the same conclusion even if people are finding out the hard way. Experience can be a cruel teacher.

  2. The fanatics keep measuring the wrong thing. Temperature fluctuations do not make an ice age. It’s ICE & SNOW that make an ice age!

    If the result of “global warming” is MORE ICE AND SNOW (exactly what many of them now claim), then–no matter how much the globe warms–we will still end up in an ice age!

    Keep an eye on for the big picture.

  3. As an Australian I expect new Prime Minister Abbott and his government will immediately investigate the funding of this junket trip by whackadoodle Warmist Professor Turney, and the associated rescue costs.

    These buffoons, posing as “researchers”, are a disgrace to the country and rank alongside Professor Tim Flannery in the scorn stakes. Even associating their names with Sir Douglas Mawson is a travesty.

  4. Too bad Al “global warming” Gore wasn’t on board.
    Since his true believers think that he can walk on water a little ice should be child’s play.

  5. Turney has a carbon something or other company trying to get rich off the AGW hysteria.

  6. There was no inappropriate language in my poem . There was “double entendre”……so that can be taken two ways.

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    What is inappropriate about the following?

    It’s high summer at the South Pole,

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    But the Chinese themselves are now trapped,

    In ice they are also enwrapped,

    Cool relations aren’t nice,

    But they can’t break the ice !!

    Global warmers need their knuckles well rapped !!


    • To Cardigan Island,

      Thank you for the revisionist true history of the British Isles, which is often hard to find.

    • Dear Cardigan Island, your history is not quite true. The original Celtic tribes that eventually morphed into the Welsh can from what is now northern Spain (Basque country). In Scotland it was only after the Romam empire started to crumble did the Welsh in any number move north into what is now southern Scotland. The Scots tribe from Ireland was already in parts of western Scotland and the original inhabitants, the Picts had the east and highlands area.


  7. As much as I dislike AGW alarmism, I DO hope this will end well for these misguided people. With each day the situation becomes more perilous.

    The next mini ice age could start in the southern hemisphere. Perhaps the southern ice pack will not breakup or shrink this year. These folks could become the first casualties of natural climate change.

  8. Call me a racist if you will, but I find the spectacle of the Chinese hoping that the French can bail them out to be somewhat amusing. That being said though, I hope that they can get everybody out. The alternatives with at least two ships trapped in the ice are not good. Note to a previous poster, it is possible may have misheard somebody complaining about a bet being “Welched” on as opposed to being “Welshed” on.

  9. Latest,

    The third icebreaker – Australian – has failed in it’s attempt to reach the trapped expedition ship. Inclement weather has halted their attempt at rescue.

    It was re[ported that the ice around the ship was starting to breakup a little. There has been a turnaround on this as well. What’s worse for them is that strong winds are now pushing more ice flows into the bay. Things are looking grim.

    The expedition ship passengers are now sorting out what can be taken aboard a rescue helicopter in the worst case scenario. The inclement weather is preventing helicopter operations at the moment.

    For the first time I saw a report from a crew member that there was a risk of the expedition ship being crushed by ice.

    Lets hope this ends well. It would be ironic if an expedition that’s supposed to be chasing the details of the failed Mawson voyage suffers the same fate.

  10. All joking apart, and it is really quite funny, if one or more of these ships is eventually crushed by the ice as seems likely, there will be a lot of fuel oil released into this pristine environment. I’d like to see how these eco-freaks will justify the environmental damage that they have caused through their own ignorance and stupidity.

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