Iceland blizzard brings up to 10 feet of mountain snow

“Mammoth” snow totals. Some communities isolated.


“Much of Iceland is digging out following a potent blizzard that brought winds topping 100 mph and yards of snow to some areas,” says the Washington Post. “As many as 20,000 people lost power as temperatures tumbled into the teens and 20s, with a few communities isolated.” This in a nation of only 360,000

The storm was so severe that it prompted the Icelandic Met Office to issue an unprecedented “red alert.”

There were preliminary reports that the winds there gusted to 159 mph, though that data have not yet been reviewed by Gudmundsson and his team.

Equally impressive were the mammoth snow totals that resulted. Or that are believed to have resulted.

Iceland blizzard brings 149 mph gusts, up to 10 feet of mountain snow

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  1. And while Iceland freezes Australia swelters under some record heat!!. 47 deg C (115 deg F) Maybe the wobble in the axis of the earth is contributing to this!! (as per previous video)

  2. If this was a war over global warming caused by humans the enemy would have joined our side by now.

    It is pretty clear that this war is about something else.

  3. Also reported at SOTT·net
    “Up to 30 FEET deep snow banks in Iceland – ‘We’ve never before had snow on this scale’

    “We’ve never before had snow on this scale,” states Valgeir Þorvaldsson, director of the Icelandic Emigration Center in Hofsós, North Iceland, located in two-story houses that almost disappeared under a thick blanket of snow during the big storm last week.
    “When building these houses, it never occurred to us we’d have to shovel [snow] off these roofs. There are, I believe, 9 meters (30 ft) up to the gable of the biggest house, and the roofs are very steep, too,” he continues.

    Picture and video at this link —

  4. This is no different to other winter snow events which would have happened in other named Grand Solar Minimums such as Orrt, Wolf, Spoorer, Maunder, Dalton, which feature in the written history of Europe but are discounted by the Warmists.

    Not only that, the same storms will have dumped similar snow depths on to Greenland Southern coastal region. UK Met indicates more for period up to 23rd Dec, due to the compression squeeze between the Blocking high over Central Greenland and the major Atlantic Low between Iceland and N Ireland and Scotland.

    Winter is here and thirty more years of harsh cooling with it.

    • Something is totally different now. This days there are more than eight billions of mouth to be fed. How can this be done with short growing season, with rain and floods that also shorten the already shortened growing season and with civil unrest all over the planet??

  5. Robert, Eoin mc will get offended again at
    ” the content of this lastest post is ridiculously hyperbolic.”
    Eoin mc

    Y’all know how sensitive he is.

  6. Global warming is a pipe dream. I left 18°F to vacation in far South West Florida for the holidays, most people, just like me like warming, this is a very popular place right now. Unfortunately we are unlikely to experience any warming until after our Grand Solar Minimum which could easily cost us (only) 30 to 50 years of below normal temperatures resulting in late spring and early frost if we are lucky. (read food shortages, famine, war and pestilence)

    Global warming would be wonderful. Humans progress wonderfully in warm periods and die in cold periods.

    It is time for those who want to tax us and make all our decisions for us to start being truthful and start worrying about the impending cold.

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