Iceland enduring the worst summer for 100 years

Iceland’s greyest, wettest summer since 1914 can be blamed on the UK heat wave, says Icelandic meteorologist Trausti Jonsson.

“The people of Reykjavík are paying for the sunshine in England and southern Scandinavia,” said Jonsson, thanks to high pressure over western Europe changing the jet stream and pushing clouds over the north of the continent.

Thanks to Viking for this link

“Haven’t been rain here for almost three months on the west coast of Sweden,” says Viking. “Most of the grass is yellow. really odd weather.”

“This weather is scaring me and all people around me is screaming about global warming and buying a/c for the coming climate change (warmer) and I’m just shaking my head.”

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    some fascinating comments on that blog which is rather mainstream and milktoast. Some of the comments warn of higher food prices and that the electrical grid will simply shut down in some parts because they are closing nuclear reactors. Didnt germany close the nuclear reactors too?

    This all seem very ominous to me. Maybe its the same in usa/canada where you live robert?

    With much colder climate, higher food prices, higher electrical prices or simply no electricity at all. There was a 5 hour power out last week for example, things that never happened is now common place.

    500 grams of butter used to cost 3$ here (2016 prices), I paid over 5$ for it last week.

    I think sweden is the test ground for the elite, the things that happens here goes to other countries. To me its obvious the elite wants us to not own cars, to live in cities, and to be vegans. All the people finance their western lifestyle here (house, cars, vacations) with huge loans, its possible now but what happens when the interest goes up? When the electrical prices triples?

  2. I wonder if they really do control the weather, through chemtrails and haarp, and force the hot weather upon us to fool Northern Europe into the global warming lie?

    Last winter was quite bad in Stockholm, with a lot of cold and snow, we had snow in our yard all winter and almost into the spring, and that was quite unusual, for the previous winters all occasional snow melted within a week…

    • I think it was robert or maybe someone else who said that drought (which we are experiencing now) was common during a little ice age.

      As I wrote before, being in the sun hurts, it doesnt feel nice. Maybe its just very strong uv.

      Here outside gothenburg there was alot of snow last winters and it was real cold weather until may here then splaam summer comes.

      • Eastern Texas is pretty green now, and gets rain all the time. During the last ice age it was really dry, and could barely support light grass cover. It was that way for much of the Midwest as well. It isn’t just that Canadians will move it – that is bad enough, it is that even if the Canadians move south there will be great difficulty growing crops anyway.

        • Do you have a link for that? I’ve heard that eastern Texas was slightly wetter during the last ice age than it is today, but I have nothing to back that up. I’m really curious as to which is the truth.

  3. its amusing to anyone living in places where it doesnt rain weekly or even monthly year round to hear the “worried” voices panicking over a slight lapse in rainfalls..when their avg would be in the region of many feet per yr
    in aus a yearly rainfall of 10 to 12 inches is considered enough to farm with

    • Yanny,
      I guess we could farm with little rain. Los Angeles gets that amount as well, but the water we get comes from massive water storage and irrigation projects. It could be done in more southern areas of the US where there wouldn’t be permafrost, but it would take an incredible investment. Australia is also sparsely populated. US feeds half the world. I don’t think we could source enough water to continue growing crops at the same rate.

  4. Why is Viking scared & what of is there to be scared about? A few square miles of “yellow grass”? If it were yellow snow, then I’d suspect the Frost Giants were up early.

    The sons of Ragnar Lothbrok would never have countenanced such weaklings as these modern western Swedes in their armies. They should remember the
    legendary Geatish hero Beowulf & take inspiration in his exploits against Grendel (aka CAGW) & his mother (IPCC). How the mighty have fallen.? Odin, please send rain, else we cower in Västergötland.

    Ja jag är en engelsk man med en engelsk humor.

    • Perry, im not scared of the weather im scared of the humans.

      And I think in the not so distant future alot of people will perish.

  5. Shouldn’t global warming be global if it is true? Seems at odds with reality when we have places that are warm while other places as shown on here are colder. Anyway, the UK heat has gone this weekend and not looking likely to return next month.

  6. “This weather is scaring me and all people around me is screaming about global warming and buying a/c for the coming climate change (warmer) and I’m just shaking my head.”
    – Maybe you should tell them that it is just temporary. The heat will be gone soon.

  7. Gerry, someone once commented, quite a few years ago. I can’t remember if it was Joe Bastardi, or another climatologist, but he stated that a warming climate is different from a cooling one. And it was due to the natural way heat automatically moves out of the tropics. When the world is warming up, the radiation ourward is quite even and smooth. But when the world is cooling down, it is anything But even and smooth. That is exactly what is going on right now. The global weather conditions are haywire.

    And note that this seems to accompany a Grand Solar Minimum, which is almost certainly due to the location of the Jovian planets with relation to our planet. Together their combined mass causes the thin crust to wreck havoc with plate tectonics. That’s why we are going through a terribly rough series of volcanic activity. And I don’t care what the ‘so called’ experts say about the sun doing all of this. All this increased volcanic activity is being caused by increased mass, i.e. gravitational tugging from the gas giants.

    And just think what it is like along the ocean floor, especially around the Ring of Fire. And all that undersea heat being released is rising to the surface and entering the atmosphere. That’s why the Western States are experiencing such heat, and the rest of North America is just the opposite.

    • “The global weather conditions are haywire”
      THE CHANGING CLIMATE, page 8 (H.H. Lamb, 1968):
      “The period 1200-1400 A.D. contained some remarkable climatic instability in Western Europe with great floods and droughts, notably severe and notably mild winters. Polar ice was much more in evidence in Iceland and Greenland waters than formerly and there is much more mention of storminess”
      These conditions heralded the decline from the Medieval Warm Period to the Little Ice Age. The late Prof. Lamb started at the British Meteorological Office in 1936, and founded the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia in 1972. He may be regarded as the father of climatology, but is probably turning in his grave now.

  8. I hope folks would read John Casy’s book Dark Winter and remember that within it’s pages John describes the patterns that comer within the cycles.

    Many places used to getting excessive rains may see droughts and the places where it has been warm and dry take on the colder wetter climates.

    In our area we enjoy the seasons. Yet if one looks at the way the snow and ice builds up in the United States we are seeing a replication of the previous patterns. In the north east we are seeing shorter war periods people really don’t like and in the North west we are seeing earlier spring conditions, short blistering heat. Our season of summer is already showing signs of peak heat early. We expect we will see a rather short fall like last year. The leaves on tree’s are showing signs of wanting to turn to their fall foliage colors.

    Lets just remember just as the weather is flipping from warm to cold it appears the earth also flips weather patters to turn normally dry areas into colder wetter areas.

    Have you seen the more recent discussions about the Sphinx where they now have decided that the statue endured very heavy rains. The cuts and grooves in the sand stone clearly show the work water does on that kind of stone.

    My point is along with cycles comes flipping of weather patterns.

    It may get very interesting if the planet decides to have a Magnetic Reversal. If that happens no one will know what the think believe or prepare for.

    At some point there will be a tipping point and there will be a sudden flash change. I doubt the worlds population will be prepared for it. Drought, disease or pestilence and much death will take place.

    I strongly recommend Global Crisis for those interested in learning about what happens during these deep cold cycles. Nations go broke, wars for food break out and some Kings cause wars to keep their people from turning on each other. Disease becomes so rampant bodies are placed in mass graves if there are enough people to take care of it. History has records of parents eating their new born’s and children or selling them to others as food. The future for us with 7.5 billion people on this planet isn’t looking good especially with this “just in time” delivery of goods like foods.

    Times will not be pretty. Now is the time to seek GOD and prepare your homes to make them Godly places of refuge for family.

  9. And also temperatures in Iceland like here right now. Mid 40s. It’s also past midnight. For them that’s daytime temperature from the sounds of it, though it wasn’t a seriously written article so who can tell.

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