Iceland eruption could mark the beginning of a volcanic period lasting a few centuries

“Could volcanic period be ahead?” asks the headline in the Iceland Monitor.


Iceland eruption could mark the beginning of a volcanic period lasting a few centuries

David Hartley

Interesting article in the Iceland Monitor about eruptive phases on Iceland. What caught my eye was the fact it settled round about 1300 which Wiki has as round about the beginnings of the Little Ice Age.

“If an eruption occurs, it would likely mark the beginning of such a [volcanic] period – lasting a few centuries (emphasis added), I believe,” states Magnús Á. Sigurgeirsson, geologist at ÍSOR Iceland GeoSurvey – a consulting and research institute in the field of geothermal sciences and utilization.

Research reveals that during the latter part of Holocene – a term used to describe a period that began about 11,700 years ago – the volcanic systems on the Reykjanes peninsula have erupted every 900 to 1100 years. Less is known about the first part of Holocene.

Each eruption period appears to have lasted about 500 years, and during that time most of the volcanic systems appear to have been active, albeit generally not simultaneously. The volcanic activity is characterized by eruptions that each last a few decades. Lava flows from volcanic fissures that can be as long as 12 km (7.5 mi).

It has been conventionally defined as a period extending from the 16th to the 19th centuries, but some experts prefer an alternative timespan from about 1300 to about 1850.

The NASA Earth Observatory notes three particularly cold intervals: one beginning about 1650, another about 1770, and the last in 1850, all separated by intervals of slight warming.

The incidences of slight warming is vaguely analogues with much of what we see today.

The Medieval Warm Period (MWP) also known as the Medieval Climate Optimum, or Medieval Climatic Anomaly was a time of warm climate in the North Atlantic region lasting from c. 950 to c. 1250. It was likely related to warming elsewhere while some other regions were colder, such as the tropical Pacific. Average global mean temperatures have been calculated to be similar to early-mid-20th-century warming. Possible causes of the Medieval Warm Period include increased solar activity, decreased volcanic activity, and changes to ocean circulation.

As we can see this Mediaeval period could perhaps have ended in something like a hiatus in Globull warming for 18 yrs before the World became a little chillier. Across the articles one can also see anomalies of warmer/colder in some spots that others. However as History has proven what the Green Terrorists refuse to accept that one measures climate by trends of Decades, Centuries and Geological Epochs. NOT last weeks weather reports.

This article goes into great depth concerning the dates of previous volcanic periods:


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  1. Icelanders are well aware of this: (From Wikipedia) “In the 18th century, climatic conditions in Iceland reached an all-time low since the original settlement. On top of this, Laki erupted in 1783, spitting out 12.5 cubic kilometres (3.0 cu mi) of lava. Floods, ash, and fumes killed 9,000 people and 80% of the livestock. The ensuing starvation killed a quarter of Iceland’s population.” We pray that history won’t repeat….

  2. Even though Iceland seems to be getting more press… Superintendent Rögnvaldur Ólafsson is at the coordination center of the Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management, patiently waiting to see how things develop on the Reykjanes peninsula, where an eruption is considered likely.
    He tells that in case of an eruption, it is highly unlikely that houses need to be invacuated in the Reykjanes peninsula.
    Most likely, a potential eruption would be a small one that would not put inhabited areas and infrastructure at risk.
    “We’re just waiting,” he states. This, he adds, is similar to what he experienced leading up to the Holuhraun eruption in 2014. “Then, we were in a similar situation for about two weeks, I believe,” he states, sounding very patient.
    “Someone joked earlier that this is like watching paint dry,” he states. “We’re making plans and plans B,” he adds. “It’s that sort of work we’re doing here.”
    At a press conference held by the Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management and the Icelandic Meteorological Office this afternoon, Chief Superintendent Víðir Reynisson stressed that no disaster is imminent on the Reykjanes peninsula and no one is in danger.
    Kristín Jónsdóttir, natural hazards specialist at the Icelandic Met Office stated that if an eruption occurs, it is not likely to be dangerous. She added that people do not have to worry much about pollution from gases in case of an eruption.
    ht tps://

    So… relatively… of way more pressing concerned just now is the covert ongoing WWIII being waged at this at this point in direct conjunction with the ramp up of ww tectonics/VEI type volcanism/incoming Ice Age with at least 49 larger VEI volcanoes that is all much less like watching paint dry:

    Texas’s power disaster is a warning sign for the US

    It’s Like Nothing You Ever Expected, but what If World War III Has Already Started? It Began Last Year [decades ago] And Has [already] Entered the Second [or 15th] Phase
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    Maybe Tony Robbins says it best.

  3. While regional temperature fluctuations do overlap, aggregate deseasonalization –eliminating interim peaks-and-troughs to determine genuine inflection-points– reveals a definite 500-year warm-cold cycle traceable to late Roman Republic times c. BC 150.

    Since major strato-volcano eruptions coincide with each transition, this pattern –BC 150 to AD 350, then 850 to 1350 and 1850/1890– likely ties to global volcanic pulses. Yet 102-kiloyear glaciations with 12,550-year interstadial remissions such as the recent Holocene (which ended in AD 1350 with a 500-year Little Ice Age) have regularly recurred over 3.6 million years from the late Pliocene.

    In paleogeologic context, these serial glaciations are the first since Ediacaran times 635 million YBP. Indeed, over the Phanerozoic (“visible life”) Aeon’s 541 million years, only the 3.4-million year Hirnantian Glaciation (445.2 – 443.8 mm YBP) froze continental landmasses, due to Pangaea’s plate-tectonic breakup with major segments drifting to Antarctic regions south of Cancer.

    Just so, Earth’s latest Neogene-Quaternary ice-sheets are lagged effects of the 35-million year Andean-Laramide “mountain-chain” orogeny ending with the Eocene, which conjoined North and South American continents to block global atmospheric/oceanic circulation currents. Since Tertiary eras from the Chixculub impact average 14 – 16+ million years, Pleistocene and subsequent glaciations have tens-of-million years to run.

  4. All that negativity.It’s like warmists and coldist WANT dramatic things to happen.Live your life,regardless if it’s warm or cold,life is over before you know it.Why waste time with scenarios that likely won’t even happen.As proven by all the failed predictions that keep piling up.And once again exxagerating,”lasting a few centuries”.And if by some weird coincidence it does happen so what,we are hardly long enough on this planet to be bothered by it.

    • Its possible. The cold can come very quickly, even within a few decades. But don’t be scared, be prepared.

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  6. I wonder what the gravitational effect of the recent solar system syzygy lineup might have had on the the Earth. So many planets lined up in a linear position must have cumulative gravitational effects upon the other planets, I think. If Jupiter can tear apart a Shumaker-Levy comet I wonder if we are underestimation gravitational cumulative effects over the whole solar system.

  7. Sangay erupts to 40,000 ft. destroying 27,000 acres farmer crops.
    September 24th El Comercio effected 135,000 acres of banana crops which is equivalent of 25 to 30% of the worlds exports.

    Brrrrrrrrrrrrr anyone?

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