Iceland Eruption a Major Worry – Caldera Sinks About 20 Meters

Bardarbunga volcano continues rumbling, threatening to blow its top and throw tons of ash into the atmosphere

like the Eyjafjallajökull volcano did in 2010.

The probability of an eruption is now thought to be increased due to a steady lowering of Bardarbunga’s caldera. This greatly worries scientists and Civil Protection Department representatives.

Satellite monitoring shows that the caldera has dropped 20 meters (65 feet) since the eruption started, said Dr John Stevenson of the University of Edinburgh.

An eruption in Bárðarbunga, which lies underneath Vatnajökull glacier, could potentially be massive, emitting high quantities of ash into the air, according to geophysicist Magnús Tumi Guðmundsson. And ultimately, glacial melt water would break out as a great flood in one of the glacial rivers.

Bardarbunga has been at “code red” twice since it started erupting on August 29th, and earthquakes of magnitude 5.5 5.4 and 5.2 have occurred in the area within the last 48 hours.

Europe fears ash cloud discharges that can follow explosive eruptions under ice.

The Eyjafjallajökull ash grounded 90,000 flights over Europe, Dr Stevenson said.

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9 thoughts on “Iceland Eruption a Major Worry – Caldera Sinks About 20 Meters

  1. If Bardarbunga blows up there will be a lot more than tons of ash going skyward. The question will be how many cubic kilometers will be erupted? How many millions of tons of sulfur dioxide will be put into the atmosphere? These are important questions and the answers to these questions will determine what is going to happen for years after the eruption.
    The Laki eruption had global consequences and caused famine and death not to mention political instability in europe. Some thing to ponder.

  2. Hi Robert

    I wonder if the CME wave, that is due to hit the Earth in the next 24 hours will have an effect on this eruption?

    Piers Corbyn has a theory that after a CME event. Earthquakes and Volcanic eruptions follow on Planet Earth? Could this CME wave trigger something Bigger?

    Regards Simon

    • Hi Simon, yeah thinking along the same line,
      some of that cme hit fast and upset radio etc already but the main force is due in.
      I also noticed a few minutes ago a 5 quake right on the antarctic edge, rather unusual Visokoi island are is the usual spot down there to shake.this one was fairly shallow so the closest base some 150 miles away prob felt it.
      on the wuwt page where they did an item on Bardabunga someone posted a movie clip about the Laki one decades ago and the destruction all over europe it caused.
      might take peoples minds off of more war if they have to focus on the real things like food n survival.

  3. On the subject of the ash, it is increasingly becoming a policy in Europe to leave decisions as whether to fly to the airlines, instead of state ordered blanket bans.
    I can already see profit and greed forcing planes up, just for them to be dropping out of the sky into fields, towns and cities when bad calls are made…

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