Iceland glacier tourists rescued from blizzard – Video

Stuck for hours at Langjokull, some tourists said the long wait made them fear they might die.

Thanks to Dean Koehler for this link

6 thoughts on “Iceland glacier tourists rescued from blizzard – Video”

  1. A reminder that humans are delicate tropical animals with virtually zero adaptation to any sort of cold whatsoever, who can start to shiver violently if caught out naked in a rainstorm in as little as 16 celsius. Cold kills. Cold is not out friend

    • Watch the video – eugenics and natural selection can only be interfered with for so long – they may have been been impaired by breathing 1:2500ths parts concentration of CO2. Go vegan – get woke – eliminate all CO2 – save the planet.

  2. Look at the video.It was youngsters from Brazil [that is used to blizzards !!!???] and USA who were caught. Too many of them are falling for global warming HYPE and think that mountains and glaciers in Iceland in WINTER are going to be “semi-tropical”or approaching it !!

  3. But the BBC told us that all the glaciers would have melted by 2020. This must be a figment of their imagination.

  4. The next five days don’t look too good either.
    Two massive Lows gyrating around one another dragging cold air from Southern Greenland, at the same time dumping gigatons of Snow onto GreenLand and Iceland.
    After this snow season the expansion of glaciers in both Greenland and Iceland will be plain to see.

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