Iceland – Grímsvötn Volcano Showing Signs Of Increased Activity

Eruption Possible


15 Jun 2020 – Grímsvötn volcano in southeast Iceland is giving strong indications that an eruption may be coming in “the next weeks or months”, a summary from the Icelandic Met Office reports.

Atmospheric volcanologist Dr. Melissa Anne Pfeffer, part of a team of scientists who regularly study the activity of Iceland’s volcanoes, says that if it does erupt, it will probably be smaller than the eruption of 2011.

The eruption on 21 May 2011 began with 12 km (7 mi) high plumes accompanied by multiple earthquakes, and resulted in cancellation of 900 flights in Iceland, and in the United Kingdom, Greenland, Germany, Ireland and Norway on 22–25 May.

Grímsvötn Volcano Showing Signs Of Increased Activity, Eruption Possible

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  1. Its Grand Solar Minimum time sports fans. And the number of suddenly active eruptions, as well as quakes, will be going up considerably. The biggest question is……will it be like the Dalton Minimum, or the far worse Maunder Minimum. Brrr, its already colder than normal.
    Stay Tuned.

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