Iceland – Hekla volcano “ready to blow”

Iceland – Hekla volcano “ready to blow”

Could happen with little warning.

According to geophysics professor Páll Einarsson, Hekla volcano in South Iceland could erupt at any moment.

Magma has been accumulating in the volcano and pressure readings are now higher than before the last two previous eruptions, says Einarsson, from the University of Iceland. That pressure will need to be alleviated.

Hekla erupted regularly every ten years or so from 1970 to 2000 – but has now been silent for sixteen years, reports the Icelandic news website (link in Icelandic),

“Hekla is ready – at any moment,” warns Einarsson.

More than 20 eruptions have occurred in and around Hekla since 874, says Wikipedia. During the Middle Ages, Europeans called the volcano the “Gateway to Hell“.

Map showing earthquakes around entire country:

Earthquake activity at Katla:

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  1. Worry about Katla more than Hekla, and Laki more than Katla. If either of those go (and both are long overdue for an eruption) then all bets are off on any stability to remain in Europe for quite some time afterwards.

    However, we’re preoccupying ourselves with the consequences of an essential trace atmospheric gas, vilifying fossil fuel companies for “polluting” our planet, and pretending that much bigger threats to our global economy and large-scale regional populations don’t exist or are more easily manageable because they haven’t yet happened.

    • Today (23-June-2016) a deep earthquake swarm took place in Katla volcano. None of the earthquakes that took place where strong, but many of them where deep. The deepest earthquake had the depth of 28 km, at this depth it’s only magma that creates earthquakes.

  2. getting msm attention even the adelaide online papers ran it today
    20 or 30 tourist planes whizz OVER it daily
    figure telling em to stop it could be smart.
    what was that page we used to use?
    enverdur? something?
    they had the BEST quake n shake info I think.

  3. Inside my house, the temperature doesn’t exceed the 15°C, and when frost has then reach 5 to 6 ° C. Only the rich people have heating here in southern Brazil. I suspect it can get worse.
    “La Niña” is comming and strong, with a decrease of 0.2 ° C in the last 3 months. With Glogal Warming or “Climate Change” would not have a La Niña, and so strong, right?

    • Yes and No, Martin !

      Yes regardless of World temperatures, either up or down, still La Nina’a would/will occur !!

      As for the strength of the events, then no they (La Nina’s) would not be strong at all !!!

      But the fact is that La Nina’s have been occurring “far” more frequently than El Nino’s since 2000, “FAR” more, and the fact that La Nina’s are far more prevalent, that puts a huge X across any kind of Global Warming because our Planet, according to the new name “Climate” Change, should be locked in virtually non-stop El Nino’s and that is no way near happening !

      And that fact more than any other totally debunks Global Warming, which again is a complete “LIE” !

      Global Warming is nothing but a $$$ redistribution ring to halt the growth of World economies, “especially” the United States and that is why President Obama is doing everything he can to ruin the U.S. economy, and he’s doing a “Hell” of a job doing it !!!

      But since “American’s” twice (2x) voted Obama into office without even considering this Presidents abysmal failures, well then Americans deserve exactly what they get (And will get because this nut-job still has 7 more months to finish the job!)


  4. We must now outlaw volcanos for their global pollution, their contribution to global warming, and their insistence that their burping of CO2 is natural.

    • You forget SO2, Icelandic volcano’s burp more SO2 than CO2 plant food. SO2 pushed high into the upper atmosphere acts as a refrigerant to the world’s climate.
      Laki’s eruption during Maunder pushed vast quantities of SO2 into a Summer High Pressure system which then settled over Europe. Well over 100,000 Europeans lost their lives trying to earn a manual living in that yellow smog of sulphur acid particles.
      This Solar Minimum has yet to reach half way, there is every likelihood that the large T6 and above volcanic eruptions have yet to occur, which accompany every Solar Minimum period on record.

    • good idea, suggest we send ALL the warmists somewhere near a near active region to protest, climb to peak to hang banners etc…
      they can let us know how it feels to be so warm…briefly:-)

  5. RickS- Contgrats! You made sense, and very GOOD sense at that. However, I do not agree that we elected the frog-spitter twice. Maybe the first time, because you can fool all the people some of the time. But I seriously doubt that elections in this country are being honestly run anymore. Ever since they became computerized, whoever has the best hackers is in charge.

  6. Wasnt Hekla the one that the Icelandic professor went to the center of the earth in Jules Verne’s classic?

  7. Some one made a remark about the mid alantic rige if you get earth quakes along that rige then you will get a volcano go off in iceland which happened for last volcan that went off.
    There has been 3 earth quakes all about 5.1 in last week or so along the mid alantic rige. No one seemed to mention also about the planet x system arrival into our solar system on this site. There is a connection I have been reserchinginto this for over 30 years and it is something to take very seriously.

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