Iceland – Lava fountains shooting upward perhaps as much as 1,000 feet – Videos

To put this in perspective, that’s as high as the Chrysler building in New York City; as high as the Eiffel Tower in Paris; higher (by 10 stories) than the Transamerica Pyramid in San Francisco.

In the above video, you can see how the lava fountain dwarfs the buildings in front of it.

The fissure was a “monster-size lava fountain, the biggest since the eruption started,” said Sigfús Steindórsson, who has been following the eruptions.

Iceland Volcano Update: Massive Lava Fountaining Has Begun – The Eruption Has Shifted To A New Phase
3 May 2021

Thanks to David Mauriello and Laurel for these videos

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  1. Think of the tons of gasses, CO2, SO2, metal gasses, and more being emitted. This long term eruption could have interesting effects on the climate in northern latitudes.

  2. even the less spectacular vents have produced massive amounts of lava as evidenced by the filling of one valley and the surrounding entirely of one of the hills, and this one seems to have a 5 min cycle of explosions, ongoing
    damned annoying time diff here means live view at night is their daytime and not so easy to see it

      • 🙂 yeah point em at it cos roast roos pretty yummy!
        while I am fascinated by volcanos and also the creeping ice phenomenon
        I also admit to being VERY happy to be in Aus where quakes are rare and usually smallish rumbles no volcanos and certainly never cold enough to have ice walking onshore;-)

  3. I am a total volcano geek. I have one of these live feeds playing on my tv most of the day. Last night, around 12:29, Iceland time, I got to see something new. On the Vidburdastofa Vestfjarda BOBcam there was a lava tornado. It lasted about a minute. I’ve never seen such a thing! It was amazing and terrifying at the same time. Lucky no one was standing nearby, they’d have been showered with hot lava. And an news update from a local that I followed: they believe an eruption from Grimsvoten is coming, soon.

    • has anyone posted stills or short clips of that event?
      sounds wild.
      for the time being its sure helping Icelands tourism recover from the covid slump anyway

      • who knows how many volcanic tourism Darwin Awards have been given out posthumoursly but not reported

    • I am a total volcano geek… you just got magmatized by the magmatism. [it’s a ‘real’ certifiable condition… everybody here likely has a bit of it… I blame the author]

  4. well….I wouldn’t necessarily camp out beside that volcano any longer…..
    Day 1 it started small – you could hardly even see it during the daytime. This is different now!

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  6. Wasn’t it a week and a half ago was predicted a geomagnetic storm so I wonder if this was responsible. And also wonder what response to throwing in Greta, if she’s not a virgin!
    But that’s just me.¶%^}

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