“Icelandic earthquake map really lit up today – Something is up!”

“Icelandic earthquake map really lit up today – Something is up!”

“The Icelandic earthquake map is really lit up today, with  60+ quakes at Katla! The map shows 2 green stars,  a mag. 3.3 yesterday and a mag. 3.9 overnight!”

Hi Robert,

“Another 3.3 quake in Katla a few moments ago!

“Also a 4.7 in Greenland Sea!

“Something is up!!! The map is exploding with quakes! This need some attention!”


Thomas Loher

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  1. Not only Iceland is involved in the growth of earthquakes. All the mediterranean basin from Iceland to Tajikistan is interested by an augmentation of the earthquakes number. The entire world too. It is likely that the cause of this fact is the rearrangement of tectonic plates in line whith the new lines of earth magnetic field.

  2. Yes, this is far more active than I have ever seen the map. I thought last night that with over 40 quakes in the last 48 hours, it was something, but it may had that many in the 6 hours between midnight and 6 am local. Not many, I suppose, compared to Krakatau or Hierro, still I have not seen that many here, and certain far more active than when Katla may have had a minor eruption this past summer.

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