Idaho Earthquake Swarm Continues

102 new earthquakes

As of noon on Tuesday, more than 100 additional earthquakes had hit southeastern Idaho since a 5.3 magnitude temblor hit near the town of Soda Springs early on Saturday evening, just three days ago.

According to the USGS, all of the earthquakes registered magnitude 4.5 or less.

As of Monday, there had been 78 earthquakes in the area.

Experts say the temblors could continue for another week or so.

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4 thoughts on “Idaho Earthquake Swarm Continues”

  1. Soda Springs is not very far from Yellowstone. This could be related to recent earthquake swarms at Yellowstone.

    Much of eastern Idaho is covered with fairly recent lava flows. It covers the landscape for mile after mile. There hasn’t been time for wind blown dust to cover it. You can see jumbles of lava beside the road on I-15 and other roads. It spread out for long distances and didn’t pile up into a mountain. I would have to look up to find out when the last flow happened. Times could get interesting.

  2. checked usgs a short while ago and shes ongoing and also utah, a large area -of multiple states near each other getting shakes..I hope it settles down for everyone sake.

    see today a HUGE X flare on the sun earth directed to hit tomorrow ,Robert ive sent a link by email.

  3. Scientists believe that all that lava came from the Yellowstone mantle plume. Those who think that because the plume is slowly going under the north american craton
    and will never erupt again may be underestimating what Yellowstone can do. Such an underestimation may indeed prove to be unwise.

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