Idaho – Most snow on the ground, any day of the year, any year

Boise sets TWO snowfall records 

This morning, the National Weather Service measured a record 15 inches of snow on the ground at the Boise Airport.

That breaks the record for total snowfall sitting on the ground, on any day of the year, in any year.

The previous snow-depth record of 13 inches was set on December 30, 1983 and again December 2, 1985.

Second record more than doubles previous record

Yesterday, Boise received 6.5 inches of new snow, the most snow ever recorded on January 4th and more than double the previous record of 3.2 inches set in 1951.

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Now Boise is preparing for flooding:
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3 thoughts on “Idaho – Most snow on the ground, any day of the year, any year”

  1. In the Northeast CA (and other western states) there are towns built by logging company’s that moved west from the great lakes regions in early 1900s. They piped the streets with steam lines from the mills and the houses had second story doors and stairs. These measures were so the people could function in winter because the snow would easily cover 6 to 8 feet and there was no place to pile snow. People only had to get to the wood pile and a reasonable path to get to school, church, store and work. for reference look up Westwood CA.
    Fast forward 100 years and folk are terrified that a few feet have fallen and they cant function without a snowplow. Its a good thing we didn’t have these folks around years gone by when life was a real struggle.

  2. E.Washington/W.Idaho border, this area has had snow on the ground now since December 6th. More on the way this weekend. Been very cold so far this winter.

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